How to Make Crispy Tater Tots in Air Fryer

The Basics- How to Make Crispy Tater Tots in Air Fryer

The basics of how to make crispy tater tots in air fryer is quite straight forward. If you want to cook crispy food items, air fryer will eventually help you. Air fryers are best known for their ability to prepare crispy food items.

However, we’ll share with you the ultimate crispy tater tots recipe to cook in an air fryer in this article. Tater tots are best when they’re crispy on the surface. So, air fryers come to help. But, the time and temperature combination is necessary for the ultimate cooking result.

Now, the next section will introduce the tater tots food item in general. In addition, the basic ingredients for making crispy tater tots will follow accordingly. Then, we’ll proceed with the cooking steps. Finally, we’ll talk more about air fryers, in general and end with a concluding section.

Introducing the Ultimate Tater Tots Food Item

Potato or Tater Tots are sliced potato cuts. We broil or heat them. Nonetheless, you can broil them totally crude or fry while half-cooked.

Various nations follow various cooking formula of potato food items. Be that as it may, the fundamental cooking formula and cycle are something very similar.

However, the thickness of the potato slices to prepare tater tots depends completely on the individual users.

Ingredients for How to Make Tater Tots

You might need several components for cooking Tater or Crispy Potato Tots. It’ll help you in advance if you keep a pack of tater tots from the market.


  1. Pack of Tater Tots
  2. Rice
  3. Salt
  4. Pepper

As should be obvious, it takes just in excess two or three fixings to cook potato slices in an air fryer.

The Guide to Cooking Crispy Tater Tots

Essential Preparatory Steps

From the outset, it’s smarter to thaw out if your tater tos are frozen. Then, it’s better if you mix the potato slices with the seasonings.

Along these lines, get ready up to a pack of potato slices or more if your air fryer can deal with enormous food loads.

Presently, you can splash the blend with olive oil or another cooking oil spray.

Main Cooking Process

You’ll do the cooking in two sections. That is to say, quickly of cooking, you’ll mix and roll the potato pieces when you stretch around 10 minutes.

Thus, place the potato tots on the air fryer. Then, at that point, you cook for 15 minutes at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Presently, take a gander at the outside of the potato tots. In the event that you see a delicious surface, cook for 2-3 extra minutes, and it ought to be OK to quit cooking and continue to serve.

The Final Steps

As of now, you can add your imaginativeness to make the potato food recipe formula plans locks in.

For a special flavor, you can add a bit of salt, pepper powder, etc.

In this manner, following the cycle, you can cook one to two tater tots packs in different gatherings.

Not Many Suggestions to Cook Tater Tots in an Air Fryer

We have not many additional thoughts for cooking potato tots in an Air Fryer. But, look for the few tricks below.

Cooking in Small Portions

It’s best endorsed to cook franks in gatherings of four to six.

Additionally, Nuwave or PowerXL air fryers have adequate capacity to hold more franks.

Cooking in various gatherings will permit you to control the surface and nature of potato chunks.

Turn the Tater Tots

For the best cooking experience, turn the potato slices or pieces on the contrary side when you show up, generally in the cooking stage.

For example, in case you cook for five minutes, flip the pieces following more than two minutes.


Preheating is optional for the potato shreds’ recipe.

Regardless, expecting you need to preheat, then, do it at the temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Comfort in Cooking Tater Tots in an Air Fryer

Air fryers work beneficially and enjoy a couple of extra benefits. Find a part of the advantages in the accompanying areas.

Great Crispy and Brown Texture

Air fryers work with warmed air from a warm source. Also, the air spread is fast.

Thus, the warmed air goes to all through a food thing. Hence, you can achieve a fair new and natural shaded surface.

Easy to Operate and Storage Friendly

Air fryers have a simple to-go useful level. You can quickly preheat and set the temperature during the cooking communication.

Furthermore, air fryers have an ergonomic arrangement. Besides, it’ll take a tiny bit of room in your kitchen. Air fryers have a titanic breaking point and limit with regards to all around arranged kitchen mechanical assemblies.

Tater Tots and Fried Rice Recipe in Air Fryer

For additional food things, you can serve potato tots with seared rice and some more. Find another tater tots recipe here.

Seared Rice Recipe

First, gather some measure of rice in a bowl.

Add olive oil or cooking shower and spot the rice with the bowl on the air fryer.

In the wake of cooking for five to seven straight minutes, you can serve the singed rice with potato chunks.

Concluding Statement

As we continue with our article, it’s apparent that the potato tot’s cooking connection is immediate. You need a pack of potato chunks and some air fryer-safe oil to cook in an air fryer. After you cook the potato tots, you need to chill them off for few moments prior to serving.

Nevertheless, while cooking tots close by seared rice, recollect the temperature settings. You’ll set the temperature at 200 degrees while preheating. Moreover, while cooking, you’ll set the temperature at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, we have a supportive video for you. The video will lead you to the visual manual for cook potato tots in an Air Fryer. Regardless, we’d like to recommend you add a dash of creativity while setting up any food thing.

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