Does an Air Fryer use a Lot of Electricity?

Does an Air Fryer use a Lot of Electricity?

An air fryer is a relatively new technology introduced in 2005 for commercial kitchens, and it quickly became the choice of the majority of consumers. An air fryer is a common kitchen appliance used to fry items without submerging the food in oil.  An air fryer is like a small convection oven that is designed for deep frying without absorbing the oil in the food. A fan circulates with a fast speed that produces a crispy layer with brownish texture food color. Using a small quantity of oil, you can get a similar taste just you got with deep frying.

Is it healthier to cook a meal in an air fryer?

It is used to fry, and roast likes an oven, but the difference is that it cooks food from the top and is accounted with a powerful fan that crisps food in little time. Cooking food in the air fryer is healthier than that of the deep frying pan. It reduces the calories by 70 % to 80%, and cooking time is also less than other traditional methods of frying.

Is it costly to invest in kitchen appliances?

Thinking to invest in an air fryer is a good choice, but how much does it cost to run this appliance? Air fryer fries food by using little oil, and the cooking process is fast that items are getting ready just in few minutes. With overall functioning, this machine can fry and bake, grill, broil, and much more. The design and functions of the air fryer are considered to be important else with most people’s agendas are still attached to energy cost. If you want to use this appliance for the primary mode of cooking tasks, you must have to compare the price of cooking with ovens because our primary purpose is to maximize the output by minimizing the cost.

Derive comparative cost to use an air fryer:

For the sake of perspective, we will compare the air fryer’s energy consumption to other appliances.

The amount of energy an air fryer is using completely depends upon the model and brand. Any model you are using, take wattage, multiply it by the number of hours you are using in a day, and divide it by 1000. Thus, you will get a daily kilowatt-hour (kWh).

If you are using NuWave Brio 6-Quart Air fryer, this machine has 1500 wattage. You are using this machine 30 minutes a day and divide it by 1000; then, the answer will be 0.75 kWh. In comparison, an oven of 3000 wattages will be using 1.5 kWh per day during the same 30 minutes period. From the results, it is concluded that air fryers do not tend to use enormous amounts of energy.

By considering the initial cost and daily usage cost of both appliances (air fryer and oven), we comparatively drive the low-cost machine. The air fryer uses energy efficiently, and cooking time is 25% less than that of the stove.

Benefits of air fryer:

  • Save electricity
  • Less heat in the kitchen
  • Cook a wide range of meals
  • Fry your favorite meal faster
  • Eat healthier without compromising taste
  • Easy to clean than other appliances

Are air fryers important?

It is an excellent choice to have an air fryer if you have a small kitchen. If you taste conscious and health-conscious and interested in having a meal without affecting its taste and quality, then you can go with it; this is suitable for small families, and you love the taste of fried food, an air fryer can be of real value. To make the use of an air fryer worthy, you need to use it instead of an oven or stovetop regularly. To cook healthier food, you can use an air fryer for cooking your way to delicious food while saving energy.

What is Wattage dependence?

The air fryer wattage depends upon two factors i-e frying capacity and cooking capacity. If this appliance has many features and has a large cooking capacity, it will use high wattage. On the other side, an air fryer with fewer features and small cooking capacity uses low wattage. You can buy premium quality air fryers for between $ 400 to $500. Therefore, the use of an air fryer does not increase bills drastically.

How air fryer is energy efficient and economical:

An air fryer is so efficient, and its cooking time differentiates it from other appliances. The air fryer cooks food by circulating hot air; heat is produced, distributed throughout the machine by using a convection mechanism and a mechanical fan.

An air fryer is small in size than a convection oven. The bigger the size of the chamber, takes longer the time to reach the higher temperature, and if the space size is smaller, it becomes an advantage to get heated in a short time and quickly cook the meal. Therefore appliance takes less time, which equals less power used per session.

The energy efficiency doesn’t lie in the wattage; it means that the air fryer will take less time to cook food. On average, it is required to use an air fryer not for more than 20 minutes at a time.

The air fryers are home friendly appliance they are economical and convenient, and it offers you a lot of benefits. Unlike other devices, you do not need to preheat the air fryer. You have to plug in and start cooking. The multi-tasking unit increases the economic value. It can be easily cleaned up after each use. Most Americans can afford to cook using air fryers as they are not expensive to run like other kitchen appliances.

Limitations in the way of using air fryers:

Air fryers are too small for large families, and they can be noisy and loud. They are expensive than deep fryers and have longer cooking times compared to conventional deep fryers. Some things like battered food, fresh leaves, whole roast, and raw grains are restricted to cook in air fryers. It’s safe to open the basket to check or shake the content inside of your air fryer when you are cooking.

Bottom Line:

An air fryer does not use more electricity, and it will take less time to cook a meal. Thus, we can say time and money saver appliance. See the wattage before purchase it because wattage affects performance. However, the lower you go, the less power the air fryer has, and as a result, cooking time will be longer.

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