How to Air Fry Leftover Pizza

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Pizza is one of the most popular first food in the world. It is so popular that you will hardly find a town in the world where there are no pizza shops. There are a lot of us who order pizzas from outside almost every day. If you are like me, then chances are high that we often end up with the leftovers. Do you know you can air fry leftover pizza and eat them whenever you want?

When it comes to reheating your foods, nothing can beat the air fryer. This little appliance allows you to reheat your food perfectly with rapid air circulation actions. As it cooks the foods without any cooking liquid while, the foods come out perfectly crispy and well-cooked.

So, how to reheat the leftover pizza in the air fryer? Well, it is extremely easy. In the below parts of the article, we will let you know of the steps you need to follow to air fry the leftover pizza. Along with that, we will share some important tips about the recipe which will be helpful for you.

Why Air Fry Your Leftover Pizza?

Air fryers use a different mechanism for cooking food which makes it equally perfect to cook, reheat, roast, and toast your food. The technology behind the air fryer is rapid air circulation. There are heat sources and fans inside your air fryer which mainly does the work of cooking. The heating elements produce heat while fans circulate the heat all throughout the basket. The hot air cooks your food while traveling through the basket.

As a result, the air fryer doesn’t require any oil to cook the food. For the same reason, the air fryer is also capable of cooking the food perfectly from all sides. Now let’s see some of the benefits of air frying your food.

  1. First of all, the entire process of reheating your pizza slices is extremely easy and fast when you utilize an air fryer. It will take around 5 minutes at maximum to reheat the food. And, the time will become half if you preheat the oven before cooking.
  2. This process doesn’t require much cleaning. As the air fryer cooks the food in a closer compartment and doesn’t use any grease, you don’t require going through a lot of cleaning work while cooking in the air fryer.
  3. The pizza slices are cooked perfectly and become crispy even if they were frozen before cooking. Your usual stovetop may not always make them crispy. You will get almost fresh pizza when you reheat it in the air fryer.

How to Air Fry Leftover Pizza

Well, the entire process is extremely easy. All you need is the leftover pizza that you might have preserved in the freezer. Then you will require an air fryer which you should already own. Apart from these, you will not require any other thing. Keep reading to find out the steps you will require following for the cooking.

Step 1

Turn on your air fryer after connecting it to the electric outlet. You might want to preheat the air fryer for the cooking but it is not that necessary. However, if you want to preheat, simply put the machine in the preheat mode and move forward. When you preheat the air fryer, you will require cooking the slices for less than the recommended time.

Step 2

Now take off the pizza slices from the freezer and remove them from the container. Take off the air fryer basket and add the pizza slices to the basket. Simply add the pizza slices in a single layer in the basket of the air fryer. You shouldn’t stack them in the basket even if you have a lot of them to cook. Cook in multiple batches if you cannot settle them in a single layer in the basket. Put back the basket inside the machine for the cooking after doing this.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is to set the time and duration for the reheating process. The rerecommended duration for the cooking is around 4 minutes at 400 F. Note that the cooking duration might vary a bit based on the variation of the pizza. If the pizza has a thin crust, it should be ready within 3 minutes. The pizzas with thick crust might require around 5 minutes. Use the time and temperature knob to set them.

Step 4

Let the pizzas cook after setting the time and temperature. After cooking for around 4 minutes, open the basket and check how well the slices have cooked. If requires, adjust the cooking duration after checking. Note that you should begin checking from 3 minutes if you have preheated the air fryer basket.

Step 5

If you find that the pizza is cooked perfectly, you should take off the air fryer basket and put it somewhere heat resistant. Then wait a while until the slices become cool to touch. You may also use tongs to transfer the food from the air fryer basket to the serving plate. That’s it; your leftover pizza is now ready again to be enjoyed.

How to Preserve Leftover Pizza?

The taste of your leftover pizza will depend a lot on how you are preserving it. Don’t simply throw the leftover pizzas in the freezer directly. Put them in a sealed container to keep them in the best shape. Else, the moist from the freeze will degrade the quality of the pizza. Apart from pizza, you should use a sealed container while preserving other cooked foods in the fridge. This keeps the food in the best shape.

Make sure to enjoy your food within two-three days. The food may start spoiling after that time and it may not taste good even if you reheat it correctly.


By following the above steps, you can easily air fry leftover pizza and bring back the taste and flavor. We hope you will be able to implement this recipe successfully.