How Many Coals For Grilling

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How Many Coals For Grilling

How Many Coals For Grilling? Your barbecue grill is a tool that allows you to make your food taste amazing. When it comes to grilling, everyone wants their food to come out tasting absolutely delicious. What you might not know is just how many coals are needed for the perfect grilled meal.

The number of coals you need depends on the size of your grill and the temperature required for the specific type of meat you are cooking. Whether you’re grilling burgers, steak, or vegetables, here’s everything you need to know about how many coals for grilling.

How many Coals are Needed for a Grill

The size of the grill is considered when figuring out how many coals are needed for a specific meal. A medium-sized grill needs around 20 coals, while a large-sized grill needs around 35. For a basic steak, you’ll need about 16 coals, and for vegetables, ten coals are enough. In general, you can use about 20 to 25 coals for burgers and about 18 to 25 for chicken.

What Determines The Number Of Coals Needed

The number of coals needed for grilling will depend on the size of your grill and the temperature required for your specific type of meat. As a general rule, a grill with 10-14 inches in diameter uses one to three coals per side, while a grill with 15-19 inches in diameter uses four to six coals per side. When cooking vegetables, you need only one or two small charcoal briquettes.

Making Smoke From Wood Chips

Wood chips will be needed in addition to your normal grilling tools. The wood pieces will release the smoke we are looking for. If you use hickory, oak, apple, cherry, or mesquite chips, the meat will have a slightly distinct flavor and scent. You may play around with different types of chips to discover which flavor your family loves.

Soaking the chips in a liquid for an hour or longer will cause them to smoke rather than burn completely. Soak them in water, beer, wine, or apple cider if you want to add more flavor to your smoke.

Smoking Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

By using indirect heat, you can turn your charcoal grill into a smoker. To ensure that your hot coals are not directly beneath the meat you’re smoking, arrange them on either side of the grill.

Using a disposable aluminum pan, place coals on either side of where the meat would be placed in the center of the bottom grate. This pan doubles as a drip pan during cooking.

Check out how to cook ribs on a charcoal grill by trying these delicious smoked spare ribs.

What Types Of Foods Can Be Cooked On A Grill

The type of food you can cook on a grill depends on the size of your grill. If you want to barbecue meat, you’ll need to use a larger-sized grill that has three or more burners. For vegetables, a grill with two or more burners is perfect.

How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Coal For Your Grill

When it comes to choosing the right width for coals, first consider the size of your grill. The thickness of the coal will vary depending on how wide your grill is. A smaller grill will require thinner coals than a larger one. To find out what coal thickness you need for your grill, use this calculator from charcoal company Kingsford:

Coals for a large grill with a high cooking surface should have a diameter that is 1 inch across or about 47 centimeters (cm) in circumference; thick coals are better for strong heat transfer to the food and less likely to burn quickly. Coals for grills with smaller cooking surfaces should be around 0.75 inches across or 23 cm in circumference; they are better suited as more heat can be focused on the food without burning it too quickly.

How Many Coals Do You Need For Cooking Burgers

The number of coals you need depends on the temperature required for cooking your burgers. For medium-rare burgers, you’ll need about three to four coals per side. For beef eye fillets, you’ll need about five to six coals per side; and for a medium steak, eight to ten coals is necessary.

How Many Coals Do You Need For Cooking Steaks And Vegetables

Now that we know how many coals we need for different types of food let’s talk about how long it takes for the food to cook. The number of coals you need to cook vegetables and steak will depend on the size of your grill. If you have a big grill with lots of space, then you’ll need around 12-15 coals for grilling vegetables and about 8-10 for grilling steaks. The amount of time it takes to grill vegetables, in general, depends on the size and thickness, so it will take more time to grill them. For example, if you use a small grill with only one rack, you’ll need to use 3-5 coals for cooking vegetables.

Best Tips To Keep In Mind While Grilling

If you want to grill a steak, check the temperature of your grill with an instant-read thermometer before you add the meat. If it’s hotter than 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius), then keep the lid on and place a baking sheet or aluminum foil on top of the coals to create a barrier and reduce the heat.

So, how many coals are needed for grilling? Generally speaking, you need about 20-25 pounds of charcoal for cooking a medium-sized steak. For more information on how many coals are needed for various types of meat and vegetables, follow these links:

For grilling vegetables, 20-25 pounds of charcoal is enough. How Many Coals For Grilling?

25-30 pounds of charcoal is needed for grilling thick burgers or thick steaks.


Whether you are cooking burgers, steaks, vegetables, or something else, it’s important to pick the right number of coals for your grill.

If you are cooking burgers and steaks, you’ll need a few more coals because the fat from the meat needs to be seared off. You can also cook vegetables with fewer coals because they take less time to cook than meat.

There are a lot of factors that will affect how many coals you need. The thickness of the coal, the type of fuel you’re using (natural or briquettes), and what you’re cooking all play a role in how many coals you need.