How to Air Fry Quorn Nuggets

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Do you want to know how to Air Fry Quorn Nuggets? Well, you have turned up at the perfect place. In today’s article, we’ll be going to show you how to air fry Quorn Nuggets.

Quorn nuggets are plant-based, meatless chicken nuggets. They practically look like chicken nuggets. They can be an excellent alternative for those people who are not interested to eat chicken. Air fry Quorn Nuggets are the perfect snack for a leisure period. You can easily say that this is your perfect TV partner. Also quick-witted and trouble-free swap for all of your family members to love and a perfect treat for the kids at dinner meal.

Quorn Nuggets are extremely popular in the UK. These air fryer Quorn Nuggets are always crunchy, crispy, and superbly cooked within a short time. You don’t have to bother too much to get this delicious snake. You can get it in packaged condition at your nearby super shops. Also, you don’t need a lot of time to prepare this snack. Air fried Quorn Nuggets are very delicious and healthy. This can be cooked in a variety of ways, but air frying is the easiest and healthiest way. Below the article, you’ll discover how to air fry Quorn Nuggets.

How to Air Fry Quorn Nuggets?

The special thing about nuggets, you can effortlessly desire at the home. But the homemade nuggets toasting method is a little messy. In this type of situation, you can think about picking up the frozen Quorn Nuggets. You will get it in packaged condition for frying.

Why use an Air Fryer for Quorn Nuggets?

You may have found out about air frying Quorn Nuggets but still, think about the importance? When you start frying the Quorn Nuggets with your regular cooking method, it needs more oil.  Excess oil is very harmful to your body, health, and skin. The air fryer recommended very small-scale oil for frying the Quorn Nuggets. Furthermore, it will not make off any type of messiness, that’s why it will be shorter cleaning work. You can easily control the temperature & cooking time with this air fryer. That’s why Quorn Nuggets will come out crispy & delicious as you want.

Frying the Quorn Nuggets in the air fryer is comfortable than your thought. It is also infrequently quick. If you are a beginner at cooking that also you’ll get a perfect outcome. Now, we’ll talk about the steps you require following for air frying Quorn Nuggets.

Things You Need for Air Fry Quorn Nuggets

1st you will need the Quorn Nuggets. It should be obtainable in your near grocery shop or supermarket. You will receive it in packaged condition, which is frozen. Take as much as the quantity you need. As the nuggets are frozen, you can take a lot of these and can store them in your refrigerator. After that, you need the air fryer. Hope you have already one air fryer. The third thing you need is Olive oil spray. You can take a spray bottle & put some olive oil in it. That’s all you don’t necessary anything else for air frying Quorn Nuggets.

Step 1

The first activity you need to do that is preheating the air fryer. This is most necessary because it assists to make this air fryer prepare for frying. Moreover, through preheating this air fryer, the Quorn nuggets become very crispy, crunchy, and delicious. As well as being cooked very quickly. For preheating the air fryer machine you have to connect this with power and turn the switch on. Put down the clean and empty box inside the air fryer and preheat this. Preheating time will be near about 4-5 minutes.

Step 2

Now you need to remove the frozen Quorn nuggets from the packet. One great piece of news that is, you don’t need to wait until the nuggets are melted. It’s not necessary to melt nuggets because the air fryer can also fry these frozen items. Normally take off the Quorn nuggets from the packaging. And then get rid of the air fryer basket. After that, you have to place the Quorn nuggets in this air fryer basket

Step 3

Once you have done to place all of them perfectly, but it again the air fryer basket in the air fryer machine. It’s a necessary point that you have to adjust the frying duration perfectly. Normally, it requires 12 minutes to fry. First, keep the air fryer temperature at 180c/360f and fry for 6 minutes.

Step 4

Open the basket of the air fryer and shake it a bit. Then spray extra virgin olive oil and this will become a coating. Turn off the basket. Leave the air fryer at 180c/360f and fry for another 6 minutes. If you want to make the Quorn nuggets more crunchy, you can give the temperature at 200c/400f. When the nuggets become golden then it’s fry done. Switch off the air fryer & take off the Quorn nuggets carefully. Now they are perfectly ready for serve.


Are Quorn Nuggets Vegan?

Of course, Quorn Nuggets are 100% vegan. It’s ideal and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. They can eat & enjoy Quorn Nuggets without any hesitation.

Do Quorn Nuggets Taste Like McDonald’s?

Yes, Quorn Nuggets are almost tasted like McDonald’s. I want to say that they are amazing such as chicken nuggets at Mcdonald’s. They remind me of chicken nuggets. It’s a very weird thing that when Quorn nuggets are not deep-fried, they are almost the same to look.


Quorn Nuggets are becoming popular day by day. If you are tired of eating regular snacks, then you should try these Quorn Nuggets today. You have seen how easy and time-consuming it is to make with an air fryer. If you have an air fryer at your home, then this is one of the perfect snacks for you and your family members. It’s also much healthy. Hope you will try and enjoy a healthy snack.