How To Grill A Cowboy Steak

How To Grill A Cowboy Steak

How To Grill A Cowboy Steak? Suppose you are a fan of grilled non veg food, then you couldn’t deny that steaks are the most loved dishes around the globe. One can’t sacrifice steak for any other grilled dish, which is why they are heavily demanded. Furthermore, the inelastic demand for steaks is why they are sold for as high as thousands of dollars. 

No matter what, you always think twice before spending huge sums of money on a stake. Some of us have the urge to know the perfect recipe to grill steaks and save that money. so this article is a gift for those willing to try grilling steak at home. 

This article details how to grill cowboy steak and all the recipes to make the grilling process simple and perfect. Read out the following article to be a skill ful chef. 

What Is Cowboy Steak

Before you get too confused, let’s just look into what cowboy steaks are. They are a bone-in ribeye cut that has several other names. You can also call it New York steak or the tomahawk steak, but the end product will be a cooked ribeye on the table after you’ve ordered it. It’s considered one of the tastiest steak cuts that are juicy and thick. 

So no matter what name you give it, it’s sure that cowboy steaks are huge. The ribeye is the breast muscle of the animal, so, surely, it’s among the thicker meat cuts.  

What Type Of Grill To Use To Grill A Cowboy Steak

Grilling the steak starts with picking the grill of your choice. Some people may find it weird that you have to choose the grill, but it matters a lot. Grills come in various types like charcoal, gas, and electric grills. 

The charcoal grill is the traditional type of BBQ. It uses coal to light flames, and the food cooked with the pleasant smoky charcoal aroma enriches the taste. Using a charcoal grill gives a special taste to the steak, but you have to keep an eye on the coals all the time. Furthermore, it’s challenging to light up charcoal and control the flames as there is no regulator. 

So if you want comfort in the first place, then using a gas grill is recommended. It allows you to control the flames using a gas regulator, so the concern of handling burning coals is eliminated. 

Furthermore, the electric grills give you the option to grill indoors in the comfort of your kitchen. Electric-powered grills control the temperature, and you can cook steak conveniently. 

So it’s up to you which grill you are willing to use for cooking the cowboy steak. But for the finest taste, a charcoal grill is the best. Nevertheless, all types of grills do the job equally. 

Grilling The Best Cowboy Steak 

So if you can’t hold the excitement to grill the best cowboy steak by yourself, then here are the instructions that will guide you through the process, and you will be 

Before setting the flames, you must read out the following instructions to ensure that you are doing everything right. Following are the steps to know:

  1. Cut the meat that’s suitable for a steak cut. You can keep the thickness between ½ inches to 1 inch depending upon how thicker you like it to be. 
  2. Afterward, marinate the meat with any recipe that you desire. There are various recopies to marinate meat in a different part of the world to follow the one you prefer. The grilling process is similar, although. 
  3. Leave the marinated meat in a freezer bag for 12 hours so that it absorbs the spices, and the marination can be at its finest. 
  4. Turn on whatever grill you are using and preheat for 5 minutes. Moisturise the grill using cooking oil to avoid gluing the steak with the grills. 
  5. Place the steak onto the grills and cook for 5 minutes on direct flame. Rotate 45 degrees for cross marks and flip to cook the other side the same way.
  6. Afterward, move the steak to indirect heating and cook for 6-7 minutes. 
  7. Take the steak off the grill once evenly cooked on both sides and serve. 


Grilling steak isn’t much of a challenging task. You can grill it at home once you know how to grill it properly; simply follow the simple instructions and that all with the cooking. It will give you the comfort of eating grilled steaks at home and save you from spending too much on steaks at restaurants. Enjoy your grilled cowboy steak!

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