How to Cook Frozen Chicken Tenders in Air fryer?

How to Cook Frozen Chicken Tenders in Air fryer?

If you are fitness savvy, you know what air fryer important. And the fun gets even higher when you prepare a batch of chicken tenders in this mighty kitchen vessel. Here I will provide a thorough guide on how to cook perfect chicken tenders in an air fryer.

Importance of Air Fryer

Air frying will assist you in preparing a supper that your whole family will enjoy. Preparing your preferred flavor of frozen chicken tenders in the air fryer would also spare you effort, calories, and cholesterol.

When cooked in the air fryer, these chicken bits are a better alternative for your family, lowering the number of harmful oils they are exposed to when compared to deep-frying. In reality, the entire procedure takes only 10-12 minutes, saving you both energy and cash compared to waiting for a reservation at a fast-food restaurant.

You may also serve them with such a healthful snack like salads, sweet potatoes, coleslaw, or broccoli instead of the traditional French fries. The outcome is a beautiful dish prepared and served in about 15 minutes, making it ideal for a quick everyday diet or a Saturday afternoon family dinner.

Why Airfry?

Air fryer frozen chicken tenders come out incredibly crunchy on the exterior and delicious and juicy when you put them in your mouth due to the air fryer’s power. Plus, Chicken tenders roast faster in the air fryer than in the microwave, owing to the charm of the air fryer.

Coated in my perfect tangy and sweet Wing Sauce or any other sauce of your choice, air fryer chicken tenders are incredibly delicious. And the best thing is that there no headache after clean with an air fryer.

Ingredients You Need For This Recipe

Frozen Chicken Tenders

It would be best if you got the frozen chicken tender first. That may be Tyson frozen chicken tender, or you can select any other from the grocery store. Most people prefer Tyson’s frozen food as of its ultimate taste and quality.

Dipping Sauce 

The dipping sauce is not a must ingredient since it only enhances the taste of chicken tenders. Although if you want to get the dipping sauce, it into barbecue sauce or honey mustard sauce. If you prefer to be more experimental, consider getting sweet and tangy Chicken Wing Sauce, which goes well with almost anything.

Pre-Heating Air Fryer

Pre-heating the air fryer is recommended if you want to cook the tenders faster. Although, If you do not wish to pre-heat, add 3-five minutes to your total cooking time. Check for crunchiness when the cooking time ends and add additional cooking time if necessary unless your chicken tenders attain the optimum crispiness amount.

To pre-heat the air fryer, you can turn on the machine and leave it for few minutes at 360-degrees. After that, you can proceed with cooking the batch.

How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken Tenders In Air Fryer


Turn on the air fryer and pre-heat for some time. When the air fryer is pre-hating, you can prepare the chicken tenders.

Oil Spray

This step is optional, but spraying oil is good since it does not allow the chicken tenders to stick to the air fryer or each other. Moreover, for a large batch of chicken tenders, you must spray the oil since they are more exposed to sticking to each other.

Lightly spray the oil on chicken tenders and onto the air fryer.

Arrange Tenders

Arrange the tenders one by one into the air fryer. Be mindful to leave a gap between chicken tenders because they will attain their desired crispness and not stick to each other.


Cooking chicken tenders might take 10-12 minutes at 360 degrees. Although if the temperature is set to low, then add a few minutes more. Plus, if you did not pre-heat the air fryer, it will need more time to cook perfectly.

Check Crispness

To attain the perfect crispness of the chicken tender, you need to look for few things. The size of the air fryer basket, the number of chicken tenders in it, and the heating temperature of the air fryer are core factors that work for perfect crispness.

You can check the crispness by shaking the air fryer basket. If it does not have the desired crispness, you can increase the temperature to 400 degrees in the last two minutes and air fry. This way, the desired crispness will be archived. Be mindful not to burn the chicken tenders during high heat frying.

How To Clean Air Fryer

If you want to extend the life of your air fryer, you need to clean it after every cooking session. For example, after cooking chicken tenders, you would also need to clean the air fryer, so here I’m mentioning how to clean the air fryer.

After clean

Cleaning the air fryer right after cooking makes it considerably handier due to not having to try extra hard to remove debris, sauces, and oil.


After cooking, the air fryer is hot for a long time. So do not haste to clean it the moment you cook. Instead, carefully unplug the air fryer and let it cool before you get to clean it.

Wipe Crumbs

First, clear the air fryer from all the crumbs and debris. You can use a paper towel to do so. Next, remove the pullout drawer and basket from crumbs thoroughly. A hand wipe can also come in handy to wipe excessive grease from the air fryer basket and drawer.

Clean with Soapy Water

After clearing crumbs, you can clean the air fryer with warm soapy water. You can use a soft sponge or cloth to do so. Make sure to use a soft cloth since an abrasive sponge will harm the nonstick surface.

Poke Food out from Holes

If the air fryer basket has food stuck, you can use a toothpick to poke out the debris.

Clean Interior and Exterior

Clean the interior of the air fryer by placing the baskets and drawer to one side. Clean the inside thoroughly with a moist sponge or cloth soaked in soap and warm water. Clean the heat source if it has any debris. Wipe the outside with a damp sponge or cloth as well.

Bottom Line:

To cook frozen chicken tender in the air fryer is the best way. It will help you in cooking delicious which will increase your appetite. Only you have to follow all the above-illustrated instructions.

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