How to Clean a Griddle with a Grill Brick

How to Clean a Griddle with a Grill Brick

A grill brick is often utilized for scrubbing grill and griddle surfaces clean. It provides superior cleaning advantages over many standard cleaning products. Moreover, its non-toxic nature makes it a favorite choice for those concerned with health and safety.

They are usually pumice, which is a naturally occurring light-weight rock. Some of the grill bricks can be made from compacted sand of fine grains for improving the abrasive capabilities. These grill bricks are used in homes and other commercial areas to clean the cooking surfaces, particularly where other abrasives do not work effectively.

In this blog, we may learn about how to clean a griddle with the help of a grill brick along with advantages and some other interesting facts about grill brick.

How to Clean a Griddle with a Grill Brick 

Generally, grill bricks are used to clean the grills and griddles (their leftover grease) after cooking some oily food. Carbon may get deposits being a result of an overused grill or griddle. So paint, rust, lime, or any other such kind of stains must be removed before your grill or griddle is again to be usable.

Grill bricks can easily be used on their own, but you may also use them in combination with every mild abrasive. For your ease of use, you may find a handle (made up of aluminum) attached to the brick through removable screws.

This aluminum handle can make using it much easier and safer on hot surfaces. In addition, you do not have to end up getting your hands dirtied with the paste of grease, carbon, and grit that may form during cleaning. However, the handle may come already attached or you have to do it yourself.

Materials that are required 

  • Griddle brick
  • Vinegar
  • Cooking oil
  • Two medium-sized pieces of cloth


  1. Heat the griddle if it is not already hot.
  2. Then put some oil on its surfaces.
  3. Now scrub the surface with the help of griddle brick gently. You can scrub in by moving the brick in a circular motion unless all the stuck food deposits are no more.
  4. Remove all the oil from the surface of the griddle and allow it to get cool.
  5. Now pour some vinegar and allow it to spread unless each part of the griddle’s surface is covered with vinegar.
  6. Then rub the surface with one of two pieces of cloth unless it gets clean.
  7. Rack everything off the surface.
  8. Dip the second piece of cloth in oil and rub it on the surface of the griddle until it is well-polished.

Cleaning the Grill with the Grill Bricks 

You know what commercial chefs and cooks are using grill bricks to clean the grills and griddles for ages. Because they are affordable and easy to use at the same time. Therefore, grill bricks are getting very popular along with home grill masters as it is a safer alternative to wire grill brushes.

The grill bricks will not shed tiny pieces of metal, and not get clogged with grease or absorb carbon or any other food odor just like wire grill brushes. These bricks are more sanitary and environmentally friendly, too. Moreover, it also makes your grilling cookout a cut above the rest with above mentioned amazing grill tips.

Materials you may require 

  • Grill brick
  • Grill scraper
  • Cooking oil


  1. Before starting to clean, make sure that your grill is only warm, not too hot. You can check it by throwing water at it to see whether it produces a sizzling sound or not.
  2. After being sure that your grill has the right temperature, drag the stuck food particles and other deposits off your grill with the help of a grill scraper.
  3. Now coat the grill with some cooking oil.
  4. Then scrub the grill by using the grill brick in a to and fro motion unless you feel it is clean and free of any deposits.
  5. Drag away and rub off everything before rinsing your grill with water.

Note that when you are using a grill brick without a handle on some hot surface, it is better to use a towel to hold it. So that you may not end up burning your hands.

However, all of the grill bricks are made from the material that is safe as well as gentle on both your hands and the product being cleaned. All you have to do is use it lightly because much pressure may end up with unnecessary wear.

Advantages of Using a Grill Brick 

Following are some of the exciting advantages of using a grill brick

  • It is non-porous so that it will not absorb any carbon or food odors.
  • Grill brick is all-natural, therefore it is safe to use it as it is non-toxic.
  • It may not get clogged with grease.
  • When your griddle is non-stick, it does not damage the coating that makes the griddle non-stick.
  • It wears a new surface every time it cleans the item.
  • You can easily use it on hot griddles and grills without any problem.
  • Grill brick has mild abrasive characteristics so the product will not result in scratches.
  • It may not require any special storage or care to use.

Where can you buy them?

You may easily find grill bricks wherever you may get the grill accessories whether it is a hardware store or you are doing online shopping. Small grill bricks can be a good size for anyone to handle, so you may prefer to buy them while shopping.

We hope that you know how to clean a griddle with a grill brick by now. Follow our guide to take care of your griddle pan so that it can last longer.


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