How To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill

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Smoking A Ham On A Pellet Grill

How To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill? Those who like BBQ dishes can relate to how tasty it is to grill a ham on a pellet grill. Ham is a well-liked dish, especially during the summer holidays. People love to grill ham and enjoy it with family and friends. It is often on the table during Christmas and thanksgiving events. 

Grilling Ham is the best way to cook it as you get the authentic charcoal aroma and juicy taste from it. But if you are new to pellet grills, you must know how to smoke a ham on a pellet grill. It’s simple and easy, so you don’t have to worry about grilling it to perfection. This article will let you know how to examine Ham perfectly, so give it a read. 

Choosing Pellet Grill For Grilling Ham 

If you want an authentic BBQ experience, choosing a pellet grill is the best option. It gives the authentic smoked flavour to the Ham that taste exceptional. Grilling ham on a pellet grill might take a bit of your extra effort to stand with the grill and keep an eye on it, but the final side you get is worth it. 

You can also cook Ham in an oven, as it’s a swiffer method to carry out. But it will eliminate the smoky taste and BBQ aroma that might make it feel tasteless to BBQ lovers. So, it’s up to you which grill you are willing to choose to depend upon the effort and craze for the food but grilling it on a pellet grill is expert advice. 

Things You Would Need While Grilling To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill

To grill the best Ham on a pellet grill, you would require the following things:

  • A pellet grill that is clean and prepared to cook food 
  • A proper cooking guide to keep everything perfect 
  • The ingredients you want to use 
  • A thermometer to measure the grill temperature
  • The side dishes of your own choice 

With all the things mentioned above, having patience is an additional aspect of grilling Ham as it takes time for a perfectly grilled ham to be ready. 

Choosing The Ham For Grilling To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill

Grilling the perfect Ham starts with choosing the right one. There is a variety of hams available in the market, but how would you choose one suitable for your taste? Readout about the following types of hams.

  • Fresh Hams To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill

It’s an uncured leg of pork that should be cooked well before eating. You won’t usually get a fresh ham in a grocery store as most people prefer cured hams. The best place to buy fresh Ham is directly purchasing it from a butcher or farmer. Keep in mind that a cut of Ham can last up to 6 months in a freezer but only 5-6 days in a refrigerator. 

  • Country Hams To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill

Country ham has been dry-cured, which means that it’s heavily salted, smoked and then kept for three months before being sold. Cured Ham is preserved to last a longer period. In addition, it also yields a salty flavour that gives it a nice cook during grilling but may not suit everyone’s taste. 

  • City Hams To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill

City ham is a bone in bone out cut popular among ham buyers. It can be easily found in grocery stores. City ham is also cured and injected with brine and salt to give it a longer life. It gives the Ham a mild, juicy flavour, which enhances its taste while you grill it. The bone-in hams are more popular in grilling as it cooks evenly due to the heat conductivity of the bone. Furthermore, unlike country hams, less water is used in city hams, making them more tender and moist. 

How To Smoke Ham 

Follow the steps below to smoke the perfect Ham:

  • Preheat the pellet grill for 7-10 minutes 
  • Moisture in with oil using a brush 
  • Read the cooking instructions 
  • Place the Ham on the heated grills
  • Cook the Ham for 2 hours
  • A thicker ham might take up to 3 hours to cook 
  • Enjoy the perfectly cooked Ham.

Follow these simple instructions to get your Pit Boss smoker or smoker grill up and running:

  1. Make complete sure the hopper is full of high-quality wood pellets.
  2. Inspect the firebox for cleanliness and leave the door or lid open.
  3. Connect your smoker to an electrical outlet.
  4. Double-check that the dial is set to SMOKE.
  5. Turn on the computer. You should hear the party started.
  6. The first few pellets may take a few minutes to ignite, then smoke will begin to appear. Keep the door open until the smoke has cleared, which might take up to 3-5 minutes.

How Long Should You Wait Before Smoking Meat

It takes around 12-15 minutes to get everything up and to run. When you turn the unit on until the smoke clears and you close the door, it usually takes around 4-5 minutes. After that, wait 6-10 minutes for the smoker to achieve smoking temperatures. Obviously, the hotter you plan to smoke, the longer it will take.

Allow your smoker to attain a temperature of at least 250 degrees (F) before baking it for a few minutes to finish and remove any bacteria left over from the previous time you used it. To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill is an easy way now to cook and enjoy the meal!


Grilling Ham is the best idea to enjoy a BBQ dish at home, but you need to consider that hams are not a quick dish to cook. This meat takes between 2-3 hours to grill, and it depends solely on the thickness; thicker Ham takes 3 hours to cook. After waiting for long hours, the grilled Ham is worth every bite. Enjoy the best smoked Ham on a pellet grill.  To Smoke A Ham On A Pellet Grill is not a difficult task. One can easily use Pellet grill and get the tasty ham without having any problem.