How To Clean A Stainless Grill

Cleaning A Stainless Grill

How To Clean A Stainless Grill? If you want to enjoy the starting months of mild cold weather, stainless steel grill is the perfect thing to buy if you love spending time outside. With this machine, you can easily cook burgers, steaks, chicken, etc. And the good thing about this machine is that it comes in a budget-friendly price range. However, after using it, you need to know how to clean a stainless steel grill. If you are unable to clean your grill properly, you might not be able to take the full benefit of it.

Why It Is Important To Keep The Grill Clean

It doesn’t matter how often you use your grill; cleaning it should be your top priority. Below we have provided a few reasons why you should have a clean grill.

  • The fear of getting bacteria: Bacteria growth in the grill can be a problem for you. If the bacteria stick to the food, it can cause food poisoning. Therefore, keep the surface of your grill neat and clean otherwise, your guests might suffer from it, and they would never see you again. The choice is yours!
  • Improved efficiency: if your grill burners are all covered with grease, they might not give you the total efficiency. On the contrary, if we clean our grills regularly, we would get better results.
  • Better taste: No guest wants to know what you grilled in the last session. Therefore, keeping your food clean can also help you to keep the flavors of the food natural.

More about Stainless Grill

  • Extended life: if you have a habit of cleaning your grill regularly. There is no doubt you can use that grill forever. However, dirty grills tend to catch faults quickly, and you might have to buy a new grill.
  • Easy to handle: grills that are not neat and clean are very difficult to handle. They might burn the food more from one side and keep the meat uncooked from the other side, so if you want your grill to perform as if it’s new, please clean it properly before and after using it.

These were the few reasons you should keep your grill clean, but let’s now talk about the things available in the market for cleaning and Maintenance purposes of the grill. Before we get started, we would like to recommend that if you have not invested in a good grill cover, please invest your money in it. A grill cover always keeps the grill safe when it is stored somewhere.

The following things are safe to use on stainless steel:

  • Paper towels.
  • Smooth fiber clothes.
  • Less concentrated liquid dish wash.
  • Mild water.

Most of the experts recommend never using any hard material with a stainless steel grill. If the residue of the last meal is stuck on the surface, there are several easy ways to handle it, such as washing it with warm water at a high temperature.

How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Grill

This might seem unearthly, but it is a fact without a doubt that if you don’t want to spoil the quality of your stainless steel grill, you have to clean it with care and with tools that are not harmful to the steel.

You have to take a microfiber cloth and gently rub it on the surface with some warm water on it. Stretching it with a hard material can cause damage to the steel. Therefore, it is not essential to use only microfiber, but I always prefer to use soft material.

While every grill owner only knows about the inner body of the grill. You should also keep it clean from the outside as well. You can use light detergent on the outer body and clean it with the help of any cloth. This practice can help you maintain the knobs of the grill.

Below we have provided step by step guide to washing your grill:

  • Let the grill cool down if you have recently used it.
  • If the grills are totally neglected while the grilling, take them out and let them soak in the sink for a while.
  • Use some baking soda on the surface and gently scrub it with a brush or a cloth.
  • Once it is clean, you have to rewash it with water and let it completely dry.

Once the drying process is done, you can put the cover on it and store it anywhere in your house. However, a dry and cold place is recommended.

Can You Use Steel Wool For The Cleaning Purposes Of The Grill

Yes, you can use it for the cleaning purposes of the Blackstone grill. But we recommend you to use any hard thing like a metal spatula for that.


Stainless grill is a perfect invention for people who love food. It is extremely classy and convenient. However, the good use of the machine is extremely important, and if you fail to use it in a proper way, you might not get addicted to the grilled food. Above, we have provided all the necessary details about the stainless grill. Now it’s your turn to show how well you can treat your grill for happy meals.


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