How Long to Cook Frozen Hashbrowns in Air Fryer?

Hashbrowns are a popular breakfast in America that consists of potatoes. Nowadays, the pre-made and frozen Hashbrowns are commercially available in the super shops. Although you can cook the Hashbrowns in many ways, the best way to cook them will be an air fryer. How long to cook frozen hashbrowns in air fryer?

Compared to the other ways of cooking, air fryers can cook the Hashbrowns super-fast. In this article, we will let you know how to cook, how long to cook, and what temperature to cook the Hashbrowns. Keep reading to find all the important information to prepare the best Hashbrowns with the least effort.

How Long to Cook Frozen Hashbrowns in an Air Fryer?

The question that may arise in your mind while cooking the food is exactly how long it takes to make perfect hashbrowns? Well, the frozen hashbrowns require around 15 to 25 minutes to be prepared in the air fryer at 400 F. Compared to the other methods of cooking, then you will find the duration is less. Remind that, the duration of cooking frozen hashbrowns in the air fryer can vary for numerous reasons. You should be aware of this.

Some high-quality air fryers can complete cooking much quicker compared to the others. Besides, cooking time can be changed depending on the category of hashbrowns you are using. So, make sure that you are repeatedly checking the ingredients while cooking.

How to cook Frozen Hashbrowns in Air Fryer?

Air fried hashbrowns are so delightful and addicting. Once you make frozen hashbrowns in the right way, you will love to taste them again and again. You will find this food is very distinctive and sophisticated that is very difficult to avoid. Keep going through these steps to prepare the perfect batches of the hashbrowns in the air fryer.

Step 1: Decide How Much You Want to Cook

First of all, you have to decide on how many hashbrowns to cook. Based on this decision you can measure the cooking duration. If cooking times are not fixed accurately, there would be a threat of food burning which is not acceptable for anybody. Naturally, a single batch will take less time and multiple batches will consume more than double the time than the single batch.

If you takings enough quantity of frozen hashbrowns, then check the other instructions and follow them to complete the cooking.

Step 2: Preheat the Air Fryer

Before starting the cooking process you must preheat the air fryer. It’s required for maintenance and balancing the standard of the foods. So, you should do this carefully to get the best possible outcome. Now, turn on your air fryer machine and linking to the electrical source. Then use the correct switches to begin the preheating and set the air fryer 370F for around 2 to 3 minutes to preheat the air fryer appropriately.

Step 3: Put them in the Air Basket

You already know that hashbrowns are quite similar to crisp-fried potatoes according to their sense of taste.  It would be best if you stock these hashbrowns in the fridge in an air-fitted bowl or container for up to 5 days. How many hashbrowns can prepare together? Well, the hashbrowns size and capacity of the basket of air fryers will tell you that answer. Because all hashbrowns are not equal in size.

You can do another task for the convenience of hashbrowns. And that is to cut the full hashbrowns into small pieces. After doing so, you have to place the hashbrowns slices in a single layer and put the basket into the air fryer.

Step 4: Adjust Time and Temperature

Every model of the air fryer is unique and consists of different features as well. Therefore, you may have to adjust the cooking time rendering to the model you use. Depending on the size of your hashbrowns you may possibly need to adjust the cooking time. Another thing is if you purchase pre-seasoned and pre-oiled hashbrowns then you will not require to use oil or salt and pepper.

Hence, you need to set the cooking time and temperature. The desired taste and flavor will not be available at hashbrowns unless you select the actual cooking session accurately. So, choosing cooking time is obviously important. As we said before, you have to set specifically 20 minutes for the cooking duration and 400F for cooking temperature.

Step 5: Complete the Cook

Check to make sure they are fully cooked before removing them from the air fryer. Adding extra cinnamon or chili powder can give you another level of taste to the frozen hashbrowns. Flipping halfway for nearly 8 to 10 minutes and spraying with olive oil to bring some better appetite. You see how easy cook hashbrowns in the air fryer and it will confirm you to well-cooked without any sort of hassle.

What to serve with hashbrowns?

After completing the whole process of cooking, transfer them into a bowl or plate and wait 2 minutes to allow them to cool slightly. Lastly, it’s ready to serve and enjoy. You can serve with the chicken omelet, bacon & veggie casserole, air fryer sausages, and so on. That’s it, enjoy the meal.

Why make the Frozen Hashbrowns in Air Fryer?

The hashbrowns are extremely easy to prepare by using an air fryer. There is no necessity to thaw the hashbrowns first. As a result, it will save you valuable time. You will also get impeccable textures by cooking in the air fryer. Compared to the other ways of cooking, the air fryers assure you the perfect outcome. The food looks fine and crispy on the outer side yet soft on the inside. Just exactly how fried hashbrowns should be.


As we said earlier, the frozen hashbrowns arrive in different shapes and sizes. Eat them the way you like to eat. They are extremely crispy, soft and everybody loves to eat at any time. You can easily get them from the market and make them absolutely perfect according to your taste or other’s choice. We hope that you will be able to successfully cook the frozen hashbrowns by following the above information.

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