How Long to Cook Filet Mignon in Air Fryer?

Filet mignon is a luxurious dish we often enjoy at steakhouses or upscale dining establishments. It’s exciting news that you can now prepare filet mignon in an air fryer right at home. While there are numerous methods to cook filet mignon, utilizing an air fryer is optimally beneficial. Continue with the guide to learn the duration it takes to cook filet mignon in an air fryer.

The air fryer filet mignon is not only easy to prepare but also extremely fast. You can make it almost effortlessly in the kitchen appliance. Our today’s guide will let you know how to prepare the filet mignon in the air fryer, how long it takes, and the suitable temperature for cooking it. Keep reading the article to become an air fryer pro.

So, How Long It Takes?

The filet mignon requires only around 12 to 15 minutes to cook in the air fryer. That is comparatively less compared to the oven and the stovetops. So, if you want to prepare the restaurant-style filet mignon from the home without any flaws and superfast, you should consider utilizing an air fryer.

Note that the cooking time in the air fryer may vary a bit based on the unit you are using. Moreover, it can also vary based on the selection of the cut and the quality of the meat. So, consider these factors while cooking the filet mignon and check frequently to cook it right.

While preparing the filet mignon for the first few times, you should be aware of the time. Follow the time of the successful outcome every time.

How to Cook Filet Mignon in an Air Fryer

It is pretty easy to cook the filet mignon in the air fryer. Keep reading to find out the detailed steps you need to follow for this recipe.

Steps 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

While preparing food in the air fryer, the first thing you need to do is to preheat the device in most cases. Preheating makes the air fryer ready for cooking and assure a perfect cook. Begin with connecting the air fryer to an electric outlet by putting it on a flat surface. This should turn on the air fryer and you can turn on the preheating by selecting preheat preset (if it is available).

If your air fryer doesn’t equip a preheating option, then you will need to set the temperature and time manually for the step. Use the temperature control and time control knob to adjust the temperature to 375 F and select 5 minutes of the duration. Let the machine preheat for the time and then you can add the food.

Step 2: Add the Food to the Air Fryer

The next thing you need to do is to add the filet mignon to the air fryer. You need to take off the frozen filet mignon if they are in the freezer around 15 minutes earlier before cooking. Then take out the air fryer basket and add the fillets in a single layer. Don’t add multiple layers of the food as it can cause uneven cooking.

If you require preparing a large number of the filet mignon, you should do it in smaller batches. Avoid cooking all of them at once as this will cause issues like undercooking and overcooking. The key to perfect cooking is to keep the air circulation inside the machine efficient. Before putting the food inside the machine make sure to coat the filets with light olive oil. You may also sprinkle some seasonings as you desire.

Step 3: Set the Temperature and Time

Now you can set the temperature and time of the cooking. The cooking temperature should be the same as the preheating temperature. The cooking time should be 12 to 15 minutes. Use the time adjustment knob to change the time. Begin the cooking after you have set the time and temperature for the cooking.

The next thing you need to do is to allow the food to cook properly. Make sure to flip the filets in the half time of cooking, possibly during the 6th minute. Pause the operation and take off the basket for this. Put back the machine and resume the cooking again.

Step 4: Completing the Cooking

Once after allowing the food to cook for the recommended period, you should check the food thoroughly. If they have cooked as you wanted, you can take them off. If you think that they require a bit more cooking, you can let the food cook for a few more minutes.

While you feel that cooking is complete, take out the air fryer by turning off the device and put the basket on a heat-resistant surface. Do this carefully as touching the hot air fryer basket can burn your hands. Also, don’t touch the filet instantly. It is recommended to wait around 5 minutes before serving the filet mignon.

Tips for This Recipe

Here are some tips for this recipe that you may find useful:

  1. Instead of the oil, you may also utilize the butter. You can also customize the seasoning for the recipe as you prefer.
  2. Use a kitchen thermometer to check the inside temperature of the filets. The temperature should be around 130 to 135 F.
  3. If there is adequate space in the air fryer, you may add some side dishes like veggies to make the recipe healthier.
  4. You can utilize different types of sauce for the recipe or even make your own by mixing preferred ingredients.
  5. You may marinate the steak before cooking to get a better flavor and taste.
  6. Choose the right quality of meat from a reliable butcher for the best taste and flavor.


Your air fryer can be a great way to prepare any dishes you want easily and effortlessly. We hope that you will find the above article useful for preparing the filet mignon in the air fryer. Let us know about the outcome if you are doing it in the future.

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