What Is the Best Indoor and Outdoor Electric Grill in 2024

You know it is the good weather season when you smell smoky goodness in the air around you. Whether you are looking for a portable indoor grill or an outdoor permanent patio grill, the best indoor and outdoor electric grill can make your Sunday barbeques the best. It is commonly believed that an outdoor chef is only as good as his equipment, and the most important equipment in outdoor cooking is a grill.

Buying the best indoor and outdoor electric grill is not always the easiest decision. It requires time and effort to ensure you choose the best one in the market. Stainless steel is one of the most long-lasting materials used for the construction of grills and is preferred material for most high-end grills.

The basics of electric grills

If you do not have a big back yard for a standalone outdoor gas grill, investing in an electric grill is the best way to ensure you can enjoy grilled foods from your kitchen or patio. These are especially ideal for buildings and living places where the management prohibits use of open flames for safety purposes. Compared to other types of grills, electric grills do not produce the char and smoke common with gas and charcoal grills. This makes them perfect for someone concerned about the carcinogenic properties of smoke. Most new electric grills make use of infrared heat, which is very consistent in grilling meat than other forms of heat.

Infrared electric grills

Grilling through infrared heat occurs through the discharge of electromagnetic waves from a heating surface. These waves move in light speed in different directions to ensure efficiency when grilling. Because of the rate at which heat is emitted, infrared electric grilling method is faster when compared to grilling using other methods that use direct heat.

When using an infrared electric grill, infrared plates are heated using the electric currents under the plates. This heat is emitted from the plate in the form of infrared to the food on the grill.

Finding the best indoor and outdoor electric grill

Every grill is made differently, and finding the right one is sometimes overwhelming, especially if you are not sure about what to look for. Stainless steel is one of the best materials for indoor and outdoor electric grills.

Why choose stainless steel?

There are numerous benefits offered by indoor and outdoor electric grills made from stainless steel. The first benefit is the fantastic finish stainless steel offers, regardless of the grade of stainless steel used in the construction. The polished and shiny finish can look good in any patio or garden. With the right stainless steel construction, your grill can be used in high temperatures without being damaged. In addition, stainless steel is a non-porous material, making it bacteria and germ resistant. This makes it the perfect material for a grill since it is used to make food. High-quality indoor and outdoor electric grills last for years without needing replacement. It can also withstand various weather elements, making it the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor grills, and it is a perfect heat retainer.

The only downside is the care, and maintenance requirements for indoor and outdoor electric grills made from stainless steel. They needs to be cleaned and polished often to retain the shiny finish. It is advisable to clean an indoor and outdoor electric grill after each use.

What to look for in the best all indoor and outdoor electric grills

The stainless steel grade

Stainless steel is a material that comes in different grades. The 304 grade is the most commonly used type for grills. 304 stainless steel is of very high quality, which makes it the most expensive category. Most indoor and outdoor electric grills are constructed from the 304-grade material. Even so, you will also find other grills made from 430 steel, which is ferritic steel. This is more affordable than 304 steel, but is harder to mold and weld.

The thickness

The thickness of the stainless steel metal works to increase the durability of the grill and protects it from discoloration. The thickness of a grill is measured in gauges, with thicker grills graded as low gauges. For instance, 10-gauge stainless steel has a thickness of 0.135 inches, while an 18-gauge stainless steel metal has a thickness of 0.048 inches.

The best indoor and outdoor electric grills should have heavy gauges construction and not just on the lid. For instance, the best all indoor and outdoor electric grills should be made from 304, 16-gauge stainless steel metal. Ensure you check the overall thickness of the different parts, including the grates.

The number of people you plan to feed

The cooking space is a significant factor to consider when choosing an indoor and outdoor electric grill. No matter how efficient the grill is, it will not serve your event well if you can only make food for one person at a time. On the other hand, you will be wasting money by getting a grill that is too big for your family. When considering the size of the cooking space, ensure you also consider the number of people you host for barbecues on average.

The grates

The durability and performance of your grill are highly dependent on the type of grates in the appliance. The best material for grates is cast iron since it can withstand high temperatures, and ensures even heat distribution. The only downside to cast iron is that it is highly perceptible to rusting. An indoor and outdoor electric grill will usually come with stainless steel grates. These are also rust resistant and deliver excellent heat retention.

The finish

Rust usually forms because of the imperfection on the surface of your indoor and outdoor electric grill. Parts of the grill that were not appropriately coated can be entry points for moisture and chemicals from the air, which cause rusting. The best way to ensure your grill is safe from possible rusting is to check that the finish is even, clean and smooth. Avoid a grill that shows unevenness on the surface, as this is an indication of poor quality stainless steel.

The design

For an indoor and outdoor grill, you will need to go for one designed to fir an indoor setup and an outdoor setup. The best types of indoor and outdoor electric grills are tabletop grills that can be used in indoor and outdo setups.

What is the best indoor and outdoor electric grill? It should be one that offers all the features highlighted above. The best electric grill should be able to meet your grilling needs in an indoor or an outdoor setup.




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