How To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

How To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

How To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill? You are ready to start working on your barbecue. The first step is to decide if it is preferable to repair or replace the item. This is, by a majority, a matter of personal preference. Many of today’s lower-end grills are of poorer quality than those manufactured ten years ago. Many manufacturers have used shortcuts to reduce costs and increase profits.

You should be able to get components for practically every grill built in the last ten to twenty years, so unless you have something extremely ancient or uncommon, you should be able to acquire the parts you need online, albeit at a high cost.

When a gas grill is in good operating order, the flame is uniformly spread over the burners, the flame is blue with yellow points, and it heats up rapidly on the high setting. With all of the burners turned on, there should be no change in heat anywhere on the cooking surface. If your grill doesn’t function like this, you’ve got a problem. Let’s now have a look at the anatomy of a gas grill to get you started.

The Floating Tank To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

Years ago, your grill’s propane tank was nothing more than a tank. An Over Fill Prevention (OPD) Device is included in modern propane tanks, as the government requires for safety. This avoids the propane tank from being overfilled.

Fuel Hose And Regulator

The regulator regulates the quantity of fuel that may flow to your grill since the outside of a propane tank or your gasoline line is significantly larger than you require for grilling. A flexible hose with an O-ring creates an airtight seal between the regulator and the tank (or natural gas line). Regulators are pre-customize by the manufacturer and should not be changed. You’ll find a little vent hole in the center of your regulator if you look closely.

Valves Of Control To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

Controlling the fuel flow to the burner is exactly what the controls accomplish. You will install a control valve on each burner on your barbecue. The valve is made up of numerous components that you can tailor to a variety of conditions. You cannot repair a faulty control valve, and if necessary, you should replace the entire machine. Remove the control pipe from your grill and check it before proceeding. Like other sections of your grill, Insects love to crawl in and build their nests here. The orifice is in the center of it all. The orifice, which regulates the flow of fuel, might clog. If it is, use a tiny wire to clear out.

Burners To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

Burners come in a variety of forms, sizes, and materials, depending on your grill. The material that the burner is constructed of will determine how long it will endure. Aluminize steel is there on the low end because it is less expensive, but cast brass and stainless steel are utilize on the high end. Low-end burners will normally last approximately three years under normal circumstances. Because the burner is there within the grill, it is prone to be covered in scorch grease and eroding fast. To avoid difficulties, inspect and clean your burner regularly. You will need to replace the burner if it is broken or highly rusted. If feasible, choose a burner that is the same size and form as the original but made of a higher-quality metal. Otherwise, make sure the control valves and venturi tubes are clear and aligned. Ensure that the fuel supply is never interrupted.

Check for blocked gas holes on the burner. You are observing how the grill burns will generally reveal this issue. If there are areas where there is no flame, you most likely have a block burner.

The “Fix It Home Improvement Channel” on YouTube has one of the easiest ways to estimate the fill level of a propane tank. All you’ll need is some hot water.

  • Fill a cup or a small bucket halfway with hot tap water.
  • Pour the water down the tank’s side.
  • Run your hand down the tank’s side, looking for a cool area.

The tank’s fill level is at the top of the cool spot. The liquid propane inside the tank absorbs the heat from the water, making the tank’s metal wall cold to the touch. However, the tank wall above the fill line will be hot to the touch. This is not an exact measurement of how much propane remains, but it is a good approximation. It’s more than enough to tell you whether or not you should go to the grocery before you start cooking.

How Much Grilling In A Tank Of Propane in Terms Of Weight

If you’ve been working with propane tanks for a while, merely lifting it will give you an idea of when it’s time to replenish it. However, you’ll need a scale to have a clearer understanding of how much gas is left.

All propane tanks have a few numbers imprinted on the handle, the most frequent of which are the WC (water capacity) and TW (tank weight when empty). When empty, most propane tanks for grilling weigh roughly 17 pounds and store around a pound of propane.

Weigh the tank and deduct the tare weight to determine how many pounds of propane are left. For example, if you weigh the tank and find that it weighs 27 pounds (12 kilograms) overall with a tare weight of 17 pounds (8 kilograms), you will find that you have 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) of propane left — around half a tank.


As gas grills get increasingly intricate, attempting to repair one on your own might seem overwhelming. The basic architecture of gas grills, on the other hand, hasn’t altered all that much. Sure, there are now five burners where once there was only one. However, most gas grills are metal boxes made of stainless steel or cast aluminum, with burners, regulators, ignitors, and fittings that are quite similar to those seen on older grills. Gas comes from your tank or the gas line if you have a natural gas grill tied to your home.


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