How To Clean Rust From Grill Grates

Cleaning Rust From Grill Grates

How To Clean Rust From Grill Grates? Often this question creates problem and issue when it comes to clean rust from grill grates. A person always wants to cook food on a clean surface rather than a rusted grill grate. Your barbecue grill grates will sooner or later get rusty if you leave them outside. It might be difficult to keep your grill’s grates rust-free if it spends most of its time outside. Let’s find out various ways to clean rust from grill grates.

There are several ways that can be helpful in cleaning rust from grill grates. By using any of the method, we can grill hygienic food without worrying.

Grill Maintenance

The very first thing to keep in mind is that there should be regular maintenance of the grill. It is important that you clean your grill grates immediately after each use to maintain their condition. If you leave the burnt-on food on the grill grates for a long time, it will be hard to clean them. And this will result in rusting on the grills. 

Rusty Grill Grates – Ways To Clean It

Here comes ways to clean rusty grill gates that are essential to keep on using grill gates even after many use. After leaving your grill out in the rain all winter, you’re wondering how to clean it. There are different methods you can use depending on the materials. The grates on grills are often made from stainless steel or another form of metal. When cleaning their grill grates, most people use a stiff wire brush. 

It is effective for removing rust from most grill grates but may damage the finish of stainless steel grates. The following are a few ways to remove stubborn rust from grill grates. It may be wise to start with the mildest option and work your way down the list until all rust has been removed.

  1. Vinegar & Salt Mixture To Clean Rust From Grill Grates

It is crucial for you to know how to clean rusted grill grates with a non-toxic chemical because you will be cooking with them. Besides being edible, vinegar and salt also prevent rust. To prepare, combine three cups of vinegar with two cups of salt in a mixing dish. Put the rusted grates in a big heavy-duty rubbish bag.

The vinegar and salt should be put in a bag and tied shut. Set the trash bag flat on the ground overnight and let the grill grates soak. Wipe off the rust with an old rag after soaking. Salt will act as a light abrasive to scrape off the rust.

  1. Vegetable Oil To Clean Rust From Grill Grates

Grill grates, like cast iron skillets, must be seasoned. Grates are lubricated by the oil in meat, so the more you cook on them, the less meat you will stick to them. Additionally, fat prevents rust. Coat the grate with vegetable oil after each usage to lubricate and season it. Avoid using an aerosol can of vegetable oil. Aerosol cans explode when they come into contact with fire.

  1. Commercial Rust Remover To Clean Rust From Grill Grates

There are several commercial rust removers available in the market. These work well in general, but they may include hazardous chemicals that you don’t want near your food. In the barbecue area of any repair shop, buy a commercial rust remover designed exclusively for cleaning rusted grill grates.

  1. Baking Soda To Clean Rust From Grill Grates

You can remove any rust from your grill grates by brushing them with a soft brush. Place the grate on your grill and sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on it. Turn on your grill and watch the baking soda bubble up and clear the rust. Turn off the grill and leave to cool down. Once again, brush the racks with a soft brush.

  1. Wire Brush Method To Clean Rust From Grill Grates

The quickest way to remove rust from grill grates is with a wire brush. Place the grill grate flat on your concrete patio or driveway after removing it. Remove the rust using a strong wire brush. Turn it over and brush the rust away from the opposite side. Brush in between each metal rung of the grate while it is on its side. Wipe away any remaining rust with an old cloth.

  1. Sandpaper

Rubbing forcefully with sandpaper each rung of the rusted grill grate will help remove the rust. While this will effectively remove the rust, proceed with caution because it will also damage the grate’s surface.

Preventing Rusting – Grill Covers and To Clean Rust From Grill Grates

Investing in a grill cover will preserve your outdoor grill from corrosion. It is covered by flexible and long-lasting materials that can resist a variety of temperatures. Always cover the grill once you’ve used it. This reduces the grill’s exposure to air, hence extending its longevity.

Moisture may still sneak beneath the cover if you live in a humid location. In this situation, you must inspect your grill for moisture on a regular basis. I hope it is much clear now that How To Clean Rust From Grill Grates.

Preventing Rusting – Move It Indoors

Water is the most common cause of corrosion on grill grates. When the grilling season is over, cover it with a cloth-lined nylon or vinyl cover.

Bring the portable grill inside or store it in a covered shed if there is extreme humidity, heavy rain, or snow. If you live near the coast, it is especially necessary to clean and cover your grill since the high quantity of salt might damage it.


After each use, clean the grates; left-over food debris rusts the grill faster. Coat the grill grates with vegetable oil after cleaning them. Oil repels water and prevents the corrosion of metals. In the winter, inspect your grill grates for rust regularly. As soon as you notice any traces of rust, remove them to prevent further damage to the metal. Try these methods and see the results!


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