How To Cook Biscuits On A Grill

How To Cook Biscuits On A Grill

Grilling is one of the most common techniques to make food items such as meat, chicken, seafood and many other forms of meat as well. However, making bakery items such biscuits are rare to be grilled. Well this is true, you can surely grill or cook biscuits on a grill. This is because grill gives the optimum temperature for the biscuits to cook.

Most of you have already tried many other dishes which are easily grilled or cooked on a grill. Cooking on a grill has become common by its virtue to handle temperature. This is because cooking is all about temperature itself. Even when you cook on a stove, you certainly manage the flame which gives out heat necessary to make the temperature rise.

The grilling rituals to cook the biscuits is same as that of cooking other food substances. You should ideally have a clean and non sticky grill this is because your biscuits will not bake properly. Ensure that you preheat your grill well when you intend to cook the biscuits on the grill. It will need a high preheating temperature as that of grilling meat, chicken or any other seafood.

You should always have the biscuit cooking essentials with you. These essentials include the pan seasoning brush, whisker for mixing ingredients or you can even use beater for this purpose.

Guide On How To Cook Biscuits On A Grill

Cooking biscuits on a grill might seem odd. However, once you cook biscuits on a grill you’ll want to have them every now and then due to its incredible taste and aroma. There are many recipes you’ll find to cook biscuits on a grill.

Following is one of the most common recipe to cook biscuits on a grill.

  • Time To Cook Biscuits On A Grill

The preparation time to cook biscuits on a grill is 5 minutes while the cooking time is 15 minutes. Hence, within 20 minutes you’ll get the most soft, tender and delicious biscuits ready.

  • Ingredients You Need To Cook Biscuits On A Grill

The ingredients you need to cook biscuits on a grill include 2 cups of all purpose flour, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 6 tablespoons butter, and three-fourth cup of buttermilk.

  • Instructions To Follow

First, you have to get your grill ready. To do so you have to preheat the grill to medium heat. The temperature of the grill should be 400 to 450 degrees centigrade. However, if you have your grill on and automated then set the temperature to 400 to 450 degrees.

Meanwhile your grill is being heated, mix 2 cups of all purpose flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder and 1 tablespoon salt. Cut your butter into 6 to 7 small pieces using the fork. Brush your cast iron skillet with any type of oil you have. Next, mix the three fourth cup of butter milk into the dry mixture you’ve prepared. Mix the whole mixture until it turns soft and moist.

Use a large teaspoon or an ice cream scoop to make 7 to 8 equal sized biscuits from the mixture and place them on a skillet pan. After doing so, place the grill on medium heat and let the biscuits cook. Rotate the pan every 6 to 7 minutes. Keep rotating the pan and cook till the biscuits turn golden brown to light brown.

Precautions While Cooking Biscuits On A Grill

Although cooking biscuits is simple and easy but if its your first experience of cooking biscuits on a grill then you surely need to follow the recipe strictly with some precautions. Following are the precautions which you should follow while cooking biscuits on a grill.

  • Room Temperature Ingredients

Biscuits get their fat from the butter or the butter milk. However, mixing the ingredients at room temperature or waiting for them to come at room temperature will surely disrupt the process of cooking. This is because the fat makes the outer layer while the inner remains the soft and tender due to the dough.

Always mix the ingredients in a metal bowl or place the metal bowl in the fridge before the night you’ll be making biscuits as this will ensure that the biscuits retain the outer crisp while are soft from the inside.

  • Using A Stand Or A Hand Mixer

While mixing all the ingredients you’ll only need to give a good hand to mix the ingredients. You don’t have to get too tough on the ingredients. If you intend to use a mixer just use a hand mixer or stand. However, if you intend to cut your biscuits or pastries use a knife or a ice-cream scoop for making the shape of your biscuits. However, don’t forget to chill your knife and ice-cream scoop before you do so.

  • Rolling The Dough

Although making biscuits is quiet simple and easy but the recipe evolves around precision. Amongst all the other things rolling the dough is also a precautionary measure. You do not have to roll your dough many times as this will disintegrate or set your biscuits apart. However, the ideal times you can re-roll your dough is twice. In addition to this, there are many recipes which will guide you about how thick your dough should be. Stick to the measurements to ensure that you make the best biscuits.


Conclusively, cooking biscuits on a grill is simple and easy but you have to ensure that you follow all types of measures to cook biscuits on the grill. This is because oven has an automated system but grill doesn’t. In addition to this, stick well to the measurements of the ingredients as they matter the most in a recipe.

Always follow the precautions while cooking biscuits on the grill. This is because the biscuits can significantly fall apart if you do not follow the stated tips and precautions.


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