How to Cook Chicken in a Pan without Oil

Guide on How to Cook Chicken in a Pan without Oil with Ease

Are you looking for some guidance to cook chicken in a pan without oil? Well. No worries.

This article will share the in-detailed cooking process Chicken without oil and many more informative things about the process.

Before we dive into the steps to cook Chicken without oil, we’ll give basic & informative details about cooking chicken differently.

Few Details to Start With

Cooking with oil goes against the healthiness of chicken. Chicken food items have low calories and fat. But, when you cook with oil or butter, extra fat & calories are adding up in the process.

Oil adds too many calories, but no nutrients, vitamins or minerals.  People having problems with their cholesterol levels should avoid oily foods. In general, it’s better to cook without oil, whenever possible.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can cook chicken without oil. We’ve come up with a great recipe & steps to cook chicken without oil. In our article, we’ll proved steps to cook chicken by simply adding water to the cooking pan.

Follow the article further to cook an exquisite chicken meal without any oil.

Steps to Cook Chicken without Oil

At first, we’ll mention the ingredients required.

  • Well sliced chicken pieces
  • Cooking Pan
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sliced Olives
  • Other seasonings

So, follow the steps below to cook chicken without oil.

Step 1: Cook using a skillet pan. They’re non-sticky. Add water to the pan. ¼ inch of water is enough.

Step 2: Keep the pan on a burner and let the water boil.

Step 3: Add chicken pieces to the pan. Don’t add too many pieces so that the boiling water covers the chicken thoroughly.

Step 4: Do seasoning on & around the chicken according to your preferences. You can salt, pepper, herbs, garlic, and other food items such as mashed potatoes, etc.

Step 5: It’s time to boil the chicken. Gradually increase the heat and add more chicken pieces as you wish.

Step 6: Flip over the chicken after each 4-5 minutes. Do this 3 to 4 times.

Step 7: Slice & serve.

That’s how you cook chicken without oil.

Benefits of Cooking without Oil

  • Food items turn out to be fresh & with original taste.
  • There are no extra cholesterol levels.
  • No extra calories.
  • Healthier heart as there’ll be no fats from the oil.
  • Helpful for people suffering from acne-related diseases

In addition, there are more benefits of cooking without oil. Avoiding oil helps against weight gain, heart diseases, and many more.

Cooking foods without oil make sure that you retain the original flavor. It results in natural taste of a food and keeps the food fresh.

We find that with each tablespoon of oil, 120-125 calories come up alongside. Compared to that, water comes with 0 calories. So, the advantage of cooking without oil compared to cook with oil is immense.


But, along with the benefits of cooking with oil, there are some disadvantages as well. Next, we’ll shortly discuss the disadvantages of cooking without oil.

Disadvantages of Cooking Without Oil

So, some of the disadvantages come up as well.

For example, people who usually eat oily foods might take some time to develop the new idea of cooking food without oil.

Oil, as expected, has higher smoking points. So, to cook or especially fry foods, oils are better than water. But, some technologies let you air fry the food you want to cook.

Grilling is a problem without oil. Sometimes, it’s better to grill with oil, although it’s a less healthy option.

Some oils are rich with antibacterial characteristics, for example- Mustard oil. It helps to protect your skin in the long run.

Furthermore, some oils have fewer amounts of fats and cholesterol levels which come up as a disadvantage to cooking with only water. Some oils have fatty acids that help prevent inflammation.

But, overall, we suggest cooking without oil as the advantages of cooking with water overcomes the disadvantages.

Tips & Tricks

If you follow some tips & tricks, then it’ll be easy to cook without oil.

Problems might arise if you don’t cook without oil, as chicken or other food items will stick to the frying pan. As a result, it’ll be hard to flip the chicken while cooking and after cooking.

So, our tip is to use Non-stick fry pans for cooking. Non-stick fry pans are made explicitly so that food items don’t stick to the pan.

Another tip is to use an adequate amount of water to avoid food sticking with the pan.

If you look back to the steps provided to cook chicken in our article, we’ve given an action to add a specific amount of water before you start cooking.

Final Thoughts

To the readers of this article, we leave it to you to use your preferences and creativity to cook chicken in a Pan without oil.

Why not taste a worldwide favorite meal like chicken by cooking differently?

It’s easy to cook without oil and very beneficial to health. People with health concerns, especially with heart diseases, should consider eating food cooked without oil.

You can use a lot of creativity can be used to produce different flavors and whatnot.

If you have any questions about cooking chicken without oil, feel free to let us know.

One more thing, check the video below to have a visual idea of cooking chicken without oil.




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