How Big is the 1.6qt Air Fryer?

How Big is the 1.6qt Air Fryer?

Air fryers have become the best buddies of people who want to enjoy fried items healthily. Whether tired or running late for work, getting food on the table has become relatively easy now. From frozen foods items to fresh one’s everything is being cooked in air fryers in no time. Food items such as French fries, fish, steak, or even cupcakes can be easily made in an air fryer.

Why do people love Air Fryers?

Well, everyone has different choices when it comes to enjoying food. For example, some people love to eat deep-fried items, whereas others don’t. In addition, many people are health enthusiasts or have some health-related issues; they want to enjoy food less harmful. For that, the air fryer is playing a good part. Since air fryers cut down the excess amount of oil and fat, it is suitable for people who want to enjoy a healthier and peaceful life.

Physical Features of 1.6qt Air Fryer:

1.6 Qt air fryers are pretty intelligent and compatible. Let’s learn about their features;

  1. Powerbase:

The power base of a 1.6 qt sized air fryer comes with a heating unit and space for a base try.

  1. Base tray:

The base try is set in the power base where all the cooking happens.

  1. Frypan basket:

The air fryer’s basket is the essential central part of the whole system. It is where you put all your food for cooking.

  1. Crisper tray:

1.6 qt air fryers do come with a crisper tray. It is used so that air gets circulated well in the air fryer.

How Big is the 1.6qt Air Fryer?

Well, 1.6 qt capacity air fryers are perfect for small families and even those who live alone.  Its high technology system provides you crispy and healthy food every time. This trendy yet modern oven is quite remarkable that even if you want to travel, you can take it wherever you want with no hassle.

The Capacity of 1.6qt Air Fryer:

Well, 1.6qt air fryer can be comparable to a countertop toaster with ( 36cm tall and 25cm in width) size. This compact and unique air fryer comes with a capacity of 3 pounds, ideal for a family of two or three. So whether you want to cook French fries, vegetables, or chicken, it is pretty fantastic for small families.

Here is a small guide for you on how to use an air fryer;

  • Plugin the Electrical Cord:

The very first step is to plug in your appliance’s wire to the nearest switch.

  • Place the Food inside:

Carefully assemble the food in the fryer’s basket. While putting food inside, avoid dripping any liquid or batter in the air fryer.

  • Minimal Oil is Perfect:

You can use a tiny amount of oil in an Air Fryer, use an oiling spray or a brush to do the job if you wish to do so.

  • Do not Overcrowd:

Please make sure not to overcrowd your air fryer’s basket as it will lead to malfunctioning of your appliance.

  • Set time and Temperature:

Usually, the temperature ranges from (350 °-400 ° F), whereas the time ranges from 5-15 minutes. Well, it all depends upon the food type you are cooking. If you are not confident about the correct time and temperature to set, always read the appliance instructional manual for your guidance.

  • Shake your Basket:

You can shake your air fryer’s basket from time to time to cook your food perfectly.

Now, let’s look at some basic questions.

What Food items can we Cook in a 1.6qt Air Fryer?

The best quality of a 1.6 qt air fryer is the most innovative alternative to a traditional oven. So basically, anything which you can roast, sauté and bake can be cook in this air fryer. This air fryer is great for cooking steak, burgers, chicken breasts, chops, vegetables, or cookies. It cooks your food at the right temperature providing juicy and tender food.

Can we use Parchment in a 1.6qt Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use parchment paper in this air fryer. Just cut the piece according to the pan’s size and place it. Do not forget to spray oil before placing your parchment paper as it may get burn without it.

How much time is required to Cook in a 1.6qt Air Fryer?

The temperature and power dials at the top of this appliance are pretty easy to use. Cooking food will take around 5 to 10 minutes in this great air fryer. Time and temperature may vary according to the food type.

Tips to make a 1.6qt Air Fryer Last Long:

Well, owning a modern appliance is not so difficult, but to make it last longer is. Here are some helpful tips for you to make your air fryer last long;

Avoid Lightweight Items:

Make sure you avoid cooking way too lighter food items in your air fryer. Lightweight items tend to be swept away in the air fryer’s fan, which will result in the malfunctioning of your appliance.

Do not leave your Air Fryer on after Cooking:

Make sure your air fryer is turned off once the food is cooked.

Keep your Air Fryer Clean:

Cleaning your appliance is very important. Be it a simple blender juicer machine or an air fryer cleaning, it comes before everything. The excess oil and fat buildup are not at all good for your health.

To clean your air fryer, try to follow these steps;

  1. Disconnect the plug from the socket.
  2. allow enough time for the air fryer to cool down
  3. Remove the pans or basket
  4. Wash the dishwasher-proof pieces with mild soap.
  5. Clean the parts of the appliance with the help of a soft cloth.
  6. Make sure to pat dry all the parts before assembling them back.

Bottom line:

Well, a 1.6 qt air fryer is a fantastic option for people with a small family. A healthier replacement to the traditional oven, this air fryer provides you fast, crispy, and crunchy meals every time. So, people with a small kitchen or family 1.6 qt air fryer is the perfect choice for you.

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