How to Air Fry Gorton’s Fish Fillet

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How to Air Fry Gorton’s Fish Fillet – a Complete Guide

The trend in eating habits of people is changing rigorously, with each passing day people understand the need to switch to healthy eating habits. The love of fried food is something which you cannot ignore even if you want to. In such cases, air fryers are so helpful in giving you healthy fried food with fewer calories, less fats and carbohydrates. The best thing about air fryers is that the taste remains the same crunchy and crispy from the outside and juicy and tender from the inside. Air fryers are advanced gadgets that circulate hot air to give you healthy food. It uses less or even no oil to give you crunchy and crispy food.

In past few years the sale of air fryers have increased and reached new heights. People are turning towards the healthy options, because the taste does not differ even if the food is air fried, your food has the same golden brown colour, it remains crunchy from the outside and juicy from the inside.

Now these days the kids are also adapting and liking this new way of fried food. On the other hand, the food industry is also coming up with new frozen foods every now and then. You can get every meal in frozen form ranging from nuggets, chicken pops, and all kinds of curry, frozen chips, wonton, fish fillet and many more meal like this. Not only this, but you can get frozen vegetables and fruits and the good things about this is that the nutritional values remains the same as of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Frozen food industry has reached new heights past year as 21% increase was seen in sales in the year 2020. This would be probably because of the pandemic that all the restaurants were closed and people had to cook at homes. Most people do not know how to cook so for them frozen food are very helpful as you just have to follow the instructions and within no time you meal is prepared. You can easily have delicious burgers, fish fillet, wonton and all kinds of curry on your table. You can very conveniently serve your guests as well.

Gorton’s Frozen Food

The tagline of this company is “If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” And since 1975 they have proved to win the hearts of Americans. This company has a wide range of sea food available in frozen form. They cater to a large variety of species and get different species from many different water bodies. Mainly, they get in from the Bering Sea that is between Russia and Alaska, Barents Sea, the North Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. They also get some sea food from China, India, Ecuador, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The best thing is that it does matter where they get the sea food from because all the sea food goes through strict check to maintain the taste and the nutritional value of the food. It is preferred to cook the food before the ‘Best if used by’ date because after this date it is not recommended to use the food.

They provide classical taste to their clients with a variety of seafood. They offer popcorn shrimps, beer battered fish fillet, grilled tilapia, fish sticks, parmesan coated cod and many such variants of frozen food. If you have the option of buying Gorton’s frozen food then you must go for it as it delivers the best taste.

The best thing about Gorton’s fish fillet is that they do not use any filler, no preservatives, no artificial colour and flavor and no hydrogenated oils. They have four categories; gluten free, grilled sea food, under 200 calories and natural rich. After choosing the category you are given a choice of spices from which you can choose your favourite spices and you are given a wide range of options. These fish fillet are rich source of protein and are also rich in natural omega 3’s. These fish fillet are packed in resealable bags which retains the taste fresh and delicious for you, with all these qualities there remain no doubt that why Gorton is everyone’s favorite.

How to Air Fry Fish Fillet

Frying any fish fillet might be difficult for some people, but if you have the option of air frying then you must go for it. Air frying Gorton’s fish fillet is very easy, convenient and healthier option as it require very less amount of oil to air fry them. Firstly, preheat the air fryer at 450 F for 10 minutes and after this you just have to place Gorton’s fish fillet in the basket of your air fryer. You can put a maximum four fish fillet (make sure you are not over lapping any of them). Air fry at 400 F for about 11- 17 minutes, when you are half way through just flip the sides of the fish fillet so that they even golden colour.


Gorton’s just use a few ingredients to make their fish filled. The things requires are Alaska Pollock fillets, some batter coating and vegetable oil.

For batter coating

You will need water, rice flour, wheat flour, corn starch, salt, whey, onion powder, baking powder (baking soda, sodium aluminium phosphate, and cream of tartar), dextrose, sugar, sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum, yeast, spice, natural flavor.


Frozen foods have made life easy for everyone especially during the pandemic. The sale surged 21% in the past year. Gorton’s frozen seafood is of best quality, taste and full of nutrients. You can choose your favourite seafood from their wide range of frozen foods; you can experience the tastes of different continents through their frozen sea food. Air frying fish fillet is super easy as you can manage to cook and prepare other meals with it.It saves time and energy as you do not have to stand in the kitchen for hours. You can serve a large number of guests easily using their frozen seafood. It leaves a great impression on guests with its taste and presentation.