How To Grill Soft Shell Crab

How To Grill Soft Shell Crab

Grilling provides us abundant opportunities and ways to grill food. It doesn’t only restrict us to cooking or grilling steaks or meat but also provides broad spectrum grilling options. You can grill meat, chicken, fish, seafood, veggies, pork and many other items on a grill. Grilling allows us to eat food in a healthy and a better way as it uses low to minimum amount of oil.

Seafood items are one of the most common food items which are grilled every now and then. However, like every other grilling technique and rituals, you also have to do the same when grilling seafood. One of the first steps you have to do is preheat your grill well. The preheating temperature of grilling every food is different as some require highly heated grill while some work good on low to medium heated grills too. Preheated grills allow your food to be cooked in appropriate time. In addition to this, you also have to season your grill well. Seasoning the grill is also important when grilling any food. As grilling food items on raw grill has high probability that the food will ultimately stick on the grill. Ensure to season your grill well to provide a smooth surface for food grilling.

In addition to this, grilling food on seasoned grill will also allow the food to be cooked with better penetration of flavors and spices. You can also season your food well with spices you have. This will add flavor to your food and will also make it appetizing.

Guide On How To Grill Soft Shell Crab

Amongst seafood, crab is one of the most popularly grilled food items all around the world. However, the most common problem arises with the soft shell of crab. So below is a complete guide in form of recipe on how to grill soft shell crab.

·        Total Time To Grill Soft Shell Crab

The total time required to grill crab is around 30 minutes. Amongst these 30 minutes 10 minutes is the prepping time while 20 minutes is the cooking time.

·        Ingredients You Will Need To Grill Soft Shell Crab

The ingredients you will need to grill soft shell crabs include 18 soft shell crabs thoroughly cleaned and washed and unsalted butter. You can also use any neutral oil as a substitute for unsalted butter.

·        Steps To Grill Soft Shell Crab

First, you have to clean the crabs really well. To do so, run cold tap water over the crabs. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the sand or dust trapped in the crab. Next you have to preheat your grill to medium heat. The grill should be well heated such that you are able to hold your hand 3 to 4 inches above the grilling grates.

Dry your crabs using paper towels and then brush the crabs generously with lots of melted butter or neutral oil. After seasoning the crabs generously, place the crabs over the hot grill. Now cover the lid of the grill and allow the crabs to grill for 5 to 8 minutes until the grill exposed side turns light brown.

After this side has turned light brown, flip the crabs and grill the next part for about the same time until it has turned light brown. After both sides have turned light brown, take the crabs off the grill using tong and serve them with some sauce.

How To Clean Crabs

Cleaning crabs is an essential process before grilling crabs. You should ensure that the crabs are well cleaned to be sure that there is absolutely no sand like feeling when you eat grilled crabs. Following are the measures you can take to clean the crabs before grilling them on the grill.

·        First use sharp scissors, knife or the best option is to use kitchen scissors. Cut the faces with the kitchen scissors behind the eyes. After doing so, move on to the next step.

·        Now lift the top shell by lifting the edge. As you lift up the edge you will notice the beige gills. Pull the beige gills out of the body of crab.

·        Repeat this process on the other side too to remove the gills from the other side as well.

·        Now flip the crab and pull the triangle at the bottom. This triangle is called apron, this is wider in females and narrower in the males.

·        Now finally rinse the crab under running cold water.


Health Benefits Of Crabs

Although seafood is well known for providing energy and giving strength to your body. Below are the most common health benefits of crabs.

·        Improving Heart Health

Crabs are saturated with omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids helps in improving heart health by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol or triglycerides, it also decreases the chances of blood clotting and also decreases irregular heart beats. This way, it opts for multiple ways to improve heart health

·        Preventing Anemia

Crabs are saturated with healthy nutrients such as folate and vitamin B12. Both of these vitamins helps in preventing anemia. In addition to this, these vitamins also help in curing or overcoming anemic conditions in people by restoring the number of red blood cells or enhancing the synthesis of red blood cells.

·        Stronger Brain

Crabs also helps in maintaining healthy functioning of brain by making it stronger and enhances its critical thinking ability. Crabs reduce the risk of brain related diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and also temporary or permanent loss of memory.


Conclusively, grilling soft shell crabs is simple and easy it involves just few steps which are easy to follow. In addition to this, you can also add spices and flavors to your crabs to allow them to taste better. Moreover, one should always incorporate seafood such as crabs in their diet to avail their uncountable benefits such as enhancing brain function and its ability, enhancing the heart function and also reducing chances of anemia and low red cells level.


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