How to Juice Strawberries

How to Juice Strawberries Full of Taste

Wish to have something unique but healthy to gulp? Then gaze no distant! Strawberry juice is a vital fresh fruit fluid that is ample with vitamin C and antioxidants and a lot of stimulating aromas. Apart from new and ripe strawberries, this procedure also uses lime fluid to formulate them tantalizingly.

Strawberry Juice Recipe


  • 2 mugs ripe Strawberries
  • Beverage from 1/4 lime or lemon, discretionary
  • 1 tablespoon sugar, discretionary
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 2 ice cubes
  • 1 half of strawberry, for coating


Step 1

Soak strawberries, peel the stem, and chop them into minor pieces.

Step 2

Put in strawberries, sugar, and juice from lime in a blender.

Step 3

Stir until smooth puree. Enlarge water and combine furthermore for a minute.

Step 4

Spot a fine-mesh strainer over a huge container and pour capable fluid over it to discard the foam outcomes during blending. You can also use cheesecloth to eliminate the foam. This step is elective.

Step 5

Amplify one ice cube in each of the tumblers and pour sweet and sour small strawberry fruit fluid over it. Spot halved strawberry on the rim of each tumbler to give it a tempting gaze and serve.

Tips and Variations

Revise the abundance of sugar according to the flavor and sweetness of the strawberries.

Add 1 cup sliced watermelon for deviation.

Use organically accumulated strawberries to make organic strawberry fluid.


Mild tangy

Fulfilling Ideas

Apart from stimulating zest, there are many health windfalls of this fluid which makes it a choice drink to be assisted in the afternoon during heated summer. It is the exact beverage to drink at any time and particularly during breakfast or twilight garden receptions.

How to juice strawberries? This strawberry fluid recipe needs just one ingredient for a super new, fruity, and nourishing, real strawberry fluid. Nicest of all, strawberry juicing is dandy simple and can be performed with a juicer or blender. Plus, I have comprised tons of possible add-ins and formula deviations for tons of paths to relish a strawberry drink!

A Glass with Strawberry Juice

Does it sound overdramatic for me to explain that this strawberry fluid is overpowering?! Having already shared numerous summery juice recipes this summer (like this pineapple, watermelon fluid, kiwi juice, and orange carrot juice), this sacred strawberry beverage procedure is a new dear of mine. It’s exciting, sweet, flavorful, and so modest to make!

All you aspire for strawberry juicing is barely modern strawberries and either a blender (or immersion blender) or a juicer. In just limited minutes, you’ll have an amazing berry juice that you can relish as-is, pulpy, smooth, or blend with more components for a flavorful strawberry fluid drink blend (like strawberry kiwi juice, strawberry limeade!). You can use pureed strawberries to prepare flavorful natural strawberry syrup!

During the summer months, you will scarcely find my kitchen without strawberries, primarily when I can get my hands on the super juicy, sweet strawberries from my provincial farmer market. Then they’ll shortly be renovated into strawberry sorbet, a fruity vinaigrette salad condiment, added to a summery strawberry kale salad, or prepared into a smooth two-layer strawberry popover. I approve of saving some for this strawberry fluid mixture, though. Not only does it savor flavorful, but it’s also loaded with state advantages.

And if you expect more motivation for fresh summery beverages, you might admire this refreshing cucumber lemonade, bloody Mary, pineapple lemonade, coconut vanilla Frappuccino, or straight equatorial guava smoothie!

The Strawberry Juice Ingredients

Use green, mature strawberries in season for the ripest, most savory strawberry juice. I suggest using organic strawberries when reasonable.


If you’re making this fluid off-season or hardly have a sweet tooth, you can add a slight sweetener. I approve of using a fluid selection like maple, agave, or honey.

Strawberries on a Cutting Board

Lemon a slight tangy citrus fluid brightens up sweet strawberry fluid.

A small drop of salt is repeatedly expanded to the strawberry fluid to enrich the berry zest. If you crave a subtler strawberry fluid drink, you can curtail it. I suggest using coconut water for a reasonable flavor. However, you could also wield still or gleaming water. Alternatively, rather than the above, you could expand elements like celery or cucumber fluid to enlarge tons of freshness and water volume. For excess normal sweetness, add 1-2 good apples to the fluid. This strawberry fluid recipe pairs wonderfully with numerous green flavorings, comprising mint, rosemary, basil, etc. You can also wield various aromatic seasonings to add aroma comprising vanilla, tarragon, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. This might squeak a little odd, but a little tomato fluid helps to strengthen the strawberry zest. One smallish tomato thrown into the procedure should be sufficient.

Strawberry watermelon fluid for a refreshing summer strawberry fluid drink, blend the berries with watermelon, and serve in a keg. just a little rosewater will make for a more aromatic fluid that bites delightfully as is or with alcohol. Tons of fruits pair nicely with strawberries I will likely enlarge more formulae in the future. For forthwith, some of my distinguished pairings would be mango, melon, pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, other berries, apple, acai, orange, and cranberry. Without fulfilling a smoothie, you can adjust this into a creamy strawberry beverage with the addition of a little condensed milk or plain coconut milk.

Diversify this strawberry gulp into a delicious cocktail with the addition of rum, tequila, gin, and vodka.

How to Make Strawberry Juice

First, instruct the strawberries by scrubbing them well. Some people choose to reduce the green stems. These are nutritive and contain extra nutrients, so I usually vacate them on. Then substitute the strawberries to a high-speed blender or wield an immersion blender in a vast bowl of the strawberries. Blend until properly. You could then gulp the strawberry fluid as-is (pulpy), diluted scarcely, or you can sift the mixture. To strain the juice, squirt it through a nut milk pouch or layers on cheesecloth in a sieve. If using a nut milk bag, compress well to remove as much fluid as possible. Squeezing nut milk pouch to make a strawberry beverage.

Using a Juicer

Feed the strawberries into your juicer conduit no necessity to strain! Save any surplus pulp too. You can dry it out and cereal the seeds (if they’re not too broken up), carve fruit leather, add it to other smoothies and juices, etc. If you don’t want to use it instantly, I recommend freezing the strawberry pulp into a glaze cube tray to use delayed.

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