How to Keep Meat from Sticking to Grill

Learn about how to Keep Meat from Sticking to Grill

Wondering about how to keep meat from sticking to grill? Well, it is the most common problem with grilling meat is that it sticks to the grill. This is a frustrating and often messy problem, but there’s an easy way to solve it. 

In this blog we are going to mention a few tips for preventing your grilled meats from sticking:

How to Keep Meat from Sticking to Grill

Sticking meat to the grill is a serious issue. It is because after sticking it may tear, fall apart, and ruin your whole presentation. It happens to all and everyone wants to avoid it. As it is not such a big science and you can easily prevent it with a little bit of preparation. Here is how you can do it. 

1- Oil the Meat 

The first method is to slightly coat your meat with olive oil before putting it on the grill. Applying a thin layer of oil can prevent the meat to get stuck to the surface or grates of the grills. 

You may know that we often use oil as a lubricant for the racks of the grill or any other cooking surfaces. But the main thing we mainly forget is that it is just half part of the equation. 

First of all, use a paper towel to slightly tap down your meat. Then apply the seasoning of your choice and next use a grill brush for applying a thin layer of olive oil to your meat before grilling. 

Now place the meat on the grill. If the meat has skin on it, then you have to put that layer first on the grill. It is because that side of meat having skin tends to have less flesh that may stick to the racks. 

With time, you have to leave this side to cook for a few minutes. And the other side may have started to dry out a little, which in turn makes it less likely to stick to the grill when you turn the meat. 

Cook the meat for at least 4 to 5 minutes on one side before turning it and then cook for more than 4 to 5 minutes on the other side. In case your meat still sticks to the grill, then allow it to cook for another minute before flipping it or removing it from the grates.

2- Apply oil with a high smoking point 

You may find a lot of guides on the internet that will tell you how to apply oil to the racks, keep in mind that it’s only half of the story. You will find it impressive and very effective to apply the oil that has a high smoking point. 

It might be surprising to know that oils that are at the lower end of the scale may smoke up before they reach the targeted temperature of 400 degrees F.Iit means that these oils turn to carbon and generate the binding agent that permits your meat to stick to the surface of the grill.  

However, oils such as palm oil or sunflower oil may have smoking points of about 450 degrees F that can be ideal for barbecue grilling. Along with it, canola oil also has a high smoking point of about 400 degrees F. 

3- Clean up the grill

We all know that cleaning the grill right after cooking is a duty and you can not make a compromise on it. Aside from it, with every use, the grill may develop various layers of dirt and chemicals that may affect your meat on every additional cooking. 

The grates of your grill are made up of metal that may be pitted with different pores. Your additional usage clogs up these pores and generates an additional surface area for your meat to stick to. 

To avoid this, allow your grill to cool down lightly after you have finished cooking. After that, you have to clean it when it is still fairly warm because oils, dirt, and other residue are a bit looser at that time. You can clean it with soapy water and a scrub pad. 

After cleaning make sure that your grates are completely dried out before placing them back in the grill. Otherwise, they can easily develop rust and get damaged. 

4- Prewarm the grill

To avoid your meat getting stuck to the grill, always preheat it. It may be fun to enjoy that beautiful steaming sizzling sound as you sit the meat on the grate. This sound makes sure that there is sufficient moisture in the air that prevents your meat from sticking to the grill’s surface. 

This moisture also acts as a barrier between the flesh and meat and prevents them both from gluing together. It is always very important to allow your grill to heat up to your desired temperature first before placing meat on it. It also adds a good flavor to your meal and allows it to cook quickly. 

Why does meat stick to the grill?

One of the main reasons behind the stickiness of your meat is that it’s not hot enough. However, it may be that your grill grates are either too dirty or do not have sufficient oil to act as a lubricant between meat and metal. 

In other terms, it happens when the proteins in the flesh make bonds with the metals of the grates. These bonds can only be undone when the outer layer of meat starts to dry and make some grill marks on your meat. 

Also, if your meat has seasonings or sauces on it, then the sugar content may turn to carbon. They can also stick to the rack of the grill. 

We hope that you understand how to keep meat from sticking to the grill by now.  You can always follow the few simple steps that we have mentioned above to save yourself from extra cooking time and effort.


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