How To Keep Ribs Moist While Grilling

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How To Keep Ribs Moist While Grilling

How To Keep Ribs Moist While Grilling? may still be cooked on a gas barbecue if you take special precautions to cook them low and slow. The heat from the grill is directed away from the baby’s back ribs and toward the opposite side of the grill in indirect cooking. Otherwise, if the temperature is too high, the ribs may burn.

Ribs are a great food to grill. You can serve them as a meal or as an appetizer. Getting moist ribs is the goal, but it’s not always easy. It requires close attention and some patience to cook them just right. But there is a way to keep your ribs from drying out without any hassle at all. By prepping the grill with water before you start grilling, you can ensure that your ribs will be juicy and delicious every time! Scroll below for more details on this technique and how to use it.

The Reason Why Your Ribs Are Drying Out

You’ve tried everything to get moist ribs, but they keep drying out. The reason for this is the lack of water in the grill.

Water is a key component in cooking and grilling. It keeps all your foods nicely moist and juicy, preventing drier meats like ribs from drying out and becoming tough.

When you prepare your grill for grilling, be sure to fill it with water beforehand. This will create a humid environment perfect for cooking delicious ribs that stay juicy and moist throughout the grilling process. Place a pan filled with water under your main cooking grate before you start grilling, and this will add moisture to the air so your ribs can cook with optimal flavor!

How You Can Keep Your Ribs Moist 

There are multiple ways to keep ribs moist when cooking. One way is to use the pre-grilled water technique.

This technique involves spraying your grill with water before adding the ribs and vegetables for cooking. The water will help create steam, which will help keep the meat from drying out.

This is a great technique for any grilling! You can use it for beef, pork, or chicken and vegetables. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you spray with water before putting anything on the grill and after removing it from the grill.

Another way to keep your ribs moist is by adding some liquid to the bottom of your foil pack before wrapping your ribs in foil. This ensures they’ll stay juicy while still getting charred on the outside.

So don’t be afraid to put some effort into cooking your ribs right! It takes a little bit of patience, but you’ll have delicious results for dinner tonight, no matter what!

How To Prep The Grill With Water To Keep Ribs Moist While Grilling

Start with a full water bottle. Spray the grill with water before you put on any food. You can do this before or after you light the grill. The goal is to create a moist cooking environment for your food.

Why does this technique work? Grilling without a layer of water between the meat and the grill’s heat will cook out any moisture in your meat, leaving it dry and tough. So, by spraying some water on your grill before you start grilling, you’ll add flavor and moisture to your ribs or other food!

You can also add some flavor to your ribs by mixing up a marinade with seasonings like garlic salt, onion powder, and brown sugar. The flavors from the rub will penetrate the meat while it cooks over indirect heat on your grill. Now that’s an unbeatable rib recipe!

Tips For Grilling Your Ribs To Keep Ribs Moist While Grilling

If you’re looking for moist ribs, the best way to get them is by prepping your grill with water. Grilling ribs is a lot of work, especially if you want to keep them succulent. The last thing you want is to spend hours grilling your meat only for it to turn out dry and overcooked.

You must know how to prep your grill with water before grilling! This method will eliminate the possibility of your meat drying out in just a matter of minutes.

Simply pour about one cup of water onto the hot coals in your grill and close the lid for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, your grill should be nice and hot and ready for whatever you need grilled! You can also add some liquid smoke, which will add great flavor while keeping the meat moist. If you don’t have any liquid smoke on hand, substitute apple juice or bourbon whiskey instead!

Important Gadgets To Have A Successful Grilling Experience

Grilling ribs can be a challenge. But, if you prep the grill with water before you start grilling, your ribs will stay juicy and delicious without any hassle!

To make this technique successful, you will need to have a few gadgets on hand. They include:

– A pair of tongs for turning the meat

– A long-handled spatula for flipping the meat

– A set of grill gloves to protect your hands from heat while handling hot food

– A wire brush for cleaning the grill rack

It’s also a good idea to have a few extra pieces of meat if one gets overcooked or is longer than expected.

Lastly, make sure that your grill is clean and free of debris before grilling. This technique will work best when everything is ready!

How Long to Grill the Ribs

The time it takes to cook ribs on a grill varies depending on the grill and the type of ribs. As a result, a precise cooking time for a rack of ribs does not exist.

If you stick to the typical grill temperature range, medium-sized meat should be ready in around 3 hours. Cooking time for smaller ribs should be around two hours. A thick slab of ribs should be cooked for 4 hours, whereas a thick slab with a vertical rack should be cooked for 30 minutes to an hour longer.


Grilling ribs is a great way to enjoy an outdoor barbecue, but it can also be a daunting task. There’s a lot of information about how to do it, and many of those tips aren’t that helpful. We’re going to share some of the best tips for grilling ribs that will keep them moist and delicious every time.