How To Remove Rust From Cast Iron BBQ Grill Grates

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Removing Rust From Cast Iron BBQ Grill Grates

How To Remove Rust From Cast Iron BBQ Grill Grates? Cast iron grates, unlike stainless steel, are incredibly durable. No matter how hard we scrub, scrape, or apply other chemical treatments, it will not budge. A cast iron grate may rust if not correctly cleaned and stored with moisture. So, the most fantastic method to eliminate rust is to prevent it from developing in the first place.

How Do You Keep Cast Iron Gates From Rusting

You must clean the grates after each usage. How are your cast iron grill grates being cleaned?

To remove rust from the grates after usage, use these steps:

  • let the remaining heat within the grill burn off any remaining food or sauces trapped in the grate.
  • Scrape and clean them with a wire grill brush after that. Make use of the hidden weapon
  • Cover it with a thin layering of vegetable or cooking oil.

Requirements To Remove Rust From Iron Grates

You’ll Need The Following Supplies:

Cleaning the rust that has formed in our grates is a simple task. It will, however, take some time. We’ll need the following items to complete this process:

  • Vinegar
  • Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda)
  • Soapy Water
  • A steel brush, scraper, steel wool, or crumpled aluminium foil are valuable tools.
  • Cleaner for the oven (Optional)
  • Garbage Bag (Optional)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Let’s get started removing the rust now that everything is ready!

Getting Rid Of Rust On Cast Iron Grates: (A 5-Step Guide)

  1. Soak the grates in warm, soapy water for a few minutes.
  2. Soak the grates in a mix of vinegar and baking soda.
  3. Clean the oven with an oven cleaner.
  4. Allow it to dry in the oven.
  5. Cleaning and re-seasoning the grates

Cleaning Your Cast Iron BBQ Grill Grates Is Important

Unless you are using your cast iron grill for cooking steak, you’ll probably be using it for something else. And, one of the most important parts of cleaning it is getting rid of any food particles still stuck on the grates.

You can do this by scrubbing the grates with a coarse sponge or dish brush before heating them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Once they’ve cooled, use a nylon scrubber to clean off any remaining particles. However, be careful not to use anything hard on the grill, hard materials can eventually ruin your grill, and it won’t stay the same.

Remove any Rust With a Wire Brush

If rust is the problem, you will need to remove it before cleaning. Remove any rust with a wire brush and hot water. Once the rust has been removed, scrub the surface of the cast iron grill with dish soap to remove any remaining residue. Rinse all surfaces thoroughly with hot water, then dry completely. And if you want to avoid rust in the future, there is a proper process you have to follow. We have mentioned everything in this article, so stay with us till the end to know more about rusting and its solution.

Prevent Rust From Coming Back

Cleaning your cast iron grills is essential to keeping them looking nice. But, if you clean them too harshly, you might make the cast iron rust again. It’s important to know how to clean your grill without causing rusting properly.

For example, using vinegar or lemon juice will help remove tough stains from the bottom of the cast iron grill. If you’re worried about removing too much seasoning, try scrubbing it off with a scouring pad before using any cleaning solution. And, if that still doesn’t work, then try rubbing some coarse salt on the stain and then wiping it off with a damp cloth before rinsing with water.

The more often you clean your grill, the less likely it will get rusty. You should also avoid boiling water in your cast iron skillet or placing it in the dishwasher, as these methods can cause rusting over time!

Cleaning The Inside Of The BBQ Grill Is Also Essential 

You want your grill to look as good as new as possible, but it’s also important that you clean the inside of the grill. Wiping down the inside of the grill after every use will make sure that food isn’t sticking to it. If you’re going to cook food with a lot of greases, be sure to use a non-stick spray beforehand. The grease won’t stick, and you’ll have a much easier time cleaning up after grilling. How To Remove Rust From Cast Iron BBQ Grill Grates? 

Clean The Oven With An Oven Cleaner

We can always use an oven cleaning if the rust buildup on our cast-iron grates is at its worst and none of the preceding methods have worked. It’s a chemical that will give our grates the deepest clean possible. However, we must exercise caution when handling it because it is a chemical.

Here’s how to get the most out of your oven cleaner:

  • Spray a suitable amount of oven cleaner on the grates in a well-ventilated area. Check to see if everything is well-coated.
  • Place the grates in a garbage bag and lock it tightly.
  • Place them in a container or a secure location.
  • Make sure they aren’t exposed to excessive heat.’
  • Keep it away from the reach of children and animals.
  • Take it out and rinse it with warm soapy water after a few days (or according to the oven cleaner’s recommendations).


Cast iron grill grates are a great cooking surface for several reasons. From the longevity of the grill to the way that the food tastes when it’s done, this type of grill grate is a great choice.

But it’s important to keep your grill grates clean. That way, the food you’re cooking gets a lot more flavour from being cooked on a well-seasoned surface, and you avoid dangerous bacteria from forming on a dirty grill grate.

Above, we’ve outlined a few tips and tricks for keeping your cast iron grill grates clean and well-seasoned throughout the season. Now, if you want a perfect grilling experience, follow these simple steps, and your grill will last for years giving you healthy food. However, if you fail to take care of your grill, it will not last long, and you might have to purchase a new one soon.


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