How to Smoke Country Style Ribs on the Grill

How to Smoke Country Style Ribs on the Grill

Are you going to cook country-style ribs? Well! You are wondering about how to smoke country-style ribs on the grill.  You might be surprised to know that it is very simple and straightforward to smoke this style of ribs.

And amazingly, you do not even need a lot of ingredients to make this dish. The spices and seasonings in the rub and sauce are enough to make these family-favorite ribs extremely delicious.

In this blog, we are going to share an easy recipe for smoking country-style ribs on the grill.

How to Smoke Country Style Ribs on the Grill

Here is the recipe, along with the ingredients and all the necessary directions for you to smoke country-style ribs.


  • Country-style ribs (must be boneless and cut from the pork butt)
  • Rub for seasoning
  • Barbecue sauce of your choice
  • Yellow mustard

Step: 1 Wash and Pat Dry

get out the country-style ribs from the packet and wash them under cold water. Then pat them dry with the help of a paper towel and put them on a cutting board or in a large enough pan. Make sure your pan is big enough to contain all the mess you have to create by seasoning them.

Step: 2 Mustard and Rub the Ribs

You are going to smoke the pork ribs and you may know that a sticky base of yellow mustard helps the rub stick to the flesh. But you have to be very generous so that the ribs would not taste like mustard as well as yellow when they are all done.

However, you can also consider some alternatives to regular yellow mustard. These alternatives are olive oil, spicy brown mustard, and even barbecue sauce. All of these may work the same as yellow mustard as well as give you some delicious and variety of flavor options.

Rub it all over the ribs with your hands. You can also use a basting brush if you do not want to rub it with your hands. As long as the yellow mustard is thoroughly covering the meat, it does not matter how it gets there.

Now sprinkle the rub you have brought for seasoning onto the flesh and ensure that you have fully covered all sides of the meat. It is recommended to rub the ribs a little so they turn into a paste along with mustard.

Step: 3 Place the Meat on the Racks

This step is optional but if you have pans or racks, put them on the rack with a little bit of space between each one to permit the smoke to get in there a little. You may also consider Weber grill pans or just ordinary cooling racks if you want.

Step: 4 Make your Smoker Ready

Now light up your smoker. It’s all up to you whether you light the fire or just plug it in and dial in some settings. Do whatever suits your smoker and increase its temperature to about 225 degrees F.

Ensure that the heat is indirect. You can also use the water pan in case your smoker has one. Cherry wood for smoke is also recommended if you find it. If not, just take one of your other favorites that are easily available.

Step: 5 Smoke Up the Ribs

Now your smoker is ready, put the pork country-style rib directly on the grate. You may also use the pan directly on the grate of your smoker. Keep the heat at almost 225 degrees F, and smoke them for at least 2 hours but an extension is fine. Even the recommended time is as long as the smoke is thin and nice.

You may have a super-fast Thermapen to get a fast check on the temperature when you are adding wood or any other task that needs you to have the door open.

Along with it, you have to expect that these ribs may take about 4 hours if you can maintain 225 to 240 degrees F. But some other factors may also play a role and these are:

  • The temperature of the flesh when it is placed into the smoker.
  • How many times do you open the door of the smoker?
  • How well your smoker can maintain the set temperature
  • Wind, rain, temperature changes, etc.

When your ribs are about half an hour away from being done, you can sauce them up if you like to. You may like the sauce on the ribs but they are also very good in taste with just the dry rub.

While another option is to place the ribs into a foil pan and cover with a foil as they reach about 150 to 160 degrees F to help them get done quickly. It will also help them to end up more tender. This style of ribs is perfectly done and steak tender at almost 180 to 185 degrees F.

Step: 6 Allow them to Rest and then Serve

It is better to rest for about 10 minutes before serving them so that they do some good. Then serve them as a whole. There is no need to slice or cut them until you are portioning them for small eaters.

We hope you are clear about how to smoke country-style ribs on the grill. They are fun to eat! So, forget the mess and let your fingers sticky and enjoy the smoked country-style pork ribs. Have a look at this video to learn how to grill country style ribs recipe.

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