How to Air Fryer Tgi Fridays Poppers

Learn How to Air Fryer Tgi Fridays Poppers Perfectly

Do you want to know how to air fryer tgi Fridays poppers with perfection? We provide a helping hand for the perfect Tgi Fridays Poppers recipe. You can add a lot of creativity to a recipe. But, the essential ingredients and the cooking process are the same.

We’ll at first introduce TGI Fridays Poppers and give extra details. Then, we’ll move on to the recipe and provide the cooking steps. Finally, with some recommendations or tips, it’ll be a perfect cooking guide for you.

Besides, we’ll give you a list of the best air fryers to air fry TGI Fridays Poppers. There’ll be a detailed discussion on the benefits of Air fryers and more. At the end of this article, we’ll suggest a video for you to carry on with the perfect Friday’s Poppers recipe.

Introduction of the Tgi Fridays Poppers Recipe

Tgi Fridays are Jalapenos. They’re jalapenos with stuffed cheese and cream. Usually, they’ve got a crispy texture with raspberry flavor.

You can find the TGI Fridays Poppers available in the market in packets. All you need to do is buy, unpack, and cook accordingly.

However, with creativity and secret seasonings, you can make a good recipe out of a TGI Poppers’ recipe.

What is the Air Fryer Process of Tgi Fridays Poppers

Not much is necessary to air fry the TGI Friday Poppers.

You need a pack of them and some olive oil spray.

However, look for the complete list below.


  1.     A Pack of TGI Fridays Poppers
  2.     Olive Oil Spray
  3.     Raspberry Habanero Dip
  4.     Salt (Only if you require)

So, with just four simple ingredients, you can start the cooking process.

Steps to Air Fryer Tgi Fridays Poppers in the Air Fryer

Early Five Minutes Preparation

We assume that you bought the TGI Fridays Poppers from the market, and they’re frozen. So, defrost them before you place them in the air fryer.

Preheat your air fryer at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, arrange the jalapenos in a single line.

Now, you can spray the jalapenos with olive oil and put them into the air fryer.

Cook and Fry

After the preheating, place the TGI Fridays Poppers on the air fryer. Keep them side by side and set the cooking temperature and 300 degrees.

Now, cook for 10 minutes. When you reach five cooking minutes, flip and turn the jalapenos.

So, in this way, cook for ten whole minutes. After you gain a brown texture, you can expect to take out the jalapenos.

Final Touch

Now, the cooking is complete. Rest the Fridays Poppers on a plate and allow them to cool down for a couple of minutes.

You can add honey for extra flavor for seasonings.

Hence, you can cook multiple packs of TGI Fridays Poppers in 10 minutes for each packet.

Convenient Tricks and Tips for Air Fryer TGI Fridays Poppers

We’ve got some recommendations for you to follow to make the recipe perfect.

The Amount of TGI Fridays Poppers

A pack of TGI Fridays Poppers will be best for cooking in one batch. However, you can cook a couple of packets if your air fryer has a good capacity.

Air fryers with a capacity of more than 10 quarts can hold two packets of Fridays Poppers easily.

Flip the Jalapenos

When you cook, the best practice is to flip them with a spatula halfway through the cooking.

Hence, you’ll be able to achieve even heating on either side of the TGI Fridays Poppers.

Preheating Properly

It would help if you did the preheating for ease of cooking.

For our recipe, preheat at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of Air Fryer TGI Friday Poppers

You can cook TGI Friday Poppers in oven or air fryer. But, doing it on an air fryer comes with some benefits.

The Best Crispy Texture

When you want to cook jalapeno, it’s evident that you’d love to have a crispy texture.

Air frying will ensure the highest quality, crispy texture on the jalapeno surfaces.

Air fryers have a way to make sure the heated air reaches all particles of a food item.

Simplicity in the Cooking Process

Air fryers are very simple to use. They’ve got multiple cooking functions, but it’s elementary.

You require cooking by preheating and setting a temperature during the cooking process.

Besides, the storage-friendly feature of air fryers is appealing to many.

TGI Fridays Poppers with Honey Recipe

For the ultimate taste and side flavor, you can add honey to the poppers after cooking.

The key is to add honey after you let the jalapenos cool down for a couple of minutes.

The Recipe

Keep on hand a couple of teaspoons of honey.

After you’re done with the cooking, you can apply the honey to the surface.

However, you can add the honey before cooking as well. But, the best practice is to do it after you air fry the Fridays Poppers.

Final Thoughts

The creativity in the recipe can be extensive. However, it would be best to keep in mind that the actual cooking or frying process is the same.  Besides, the cooking time and temperature are two essential factors in frying TGI Fridays Poppers.

So, when you cook Friday’s Poppers, make sure to preheat your air fryer in the proper temperature range. In total, you shall require 15-20 minutes to cook a pack of TGI Friday’s poppers.

As we plan to end our discussion regarding the popper’s recipe, we recommend you watch the video at the end. The video contains a TGI Fridays poppers recipe and the detailed cooking process. So, for a visual representation of the recipe, make sure not to miss the video.

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