How to Toast Bread in Air Fryer

How to Toast Bread in Air Fryer

Interest and enthusiasm for air fryers have dramatically increased in recent years. These top-notch devices are crafted to assist individuals in modifying their lifestyles for the better, encouraging healthier eating habits and enhancing the enjoyment of cooking. Despite their higher price tag, these air fryers outperform many other kitchen appliances, capable of preparing a variety of dishes such as toast, bread, and fried chicken. By choosing the right air fryer, you can secure a high-performing model at an attractive price point. This piece will highlight one of the most beloved recipes: toast! Stay tuned for an outstanding toast recipe! Your basket-style air fryer is perfect for whipping up bread, bagels, English muffins, and beyond! The air fryer offers a simple and convenient way to produce all kinds of toast, consistently delivering perfect results with minimal cleanup. Just add butter for that melting goodness in the air fryer and simplify your breakfast routine. Air fryers come primarily in two styles: basket and oven. With an oven-style air fryer, you can easily apply grease to items like bread and buns, similarly to how you would use a toaster oven. If you’re new to using air fryers, you might question, “Can you cook bread in an air fryer?” The answer is an unequivocal yes, offering a quick and straightforward method akin to baking a cake in an oven.


Because bread is weighty, and as long as all the moisture has left the bread, they can quickly move in a regular air fryer. Although this is not a significant undertaking, you should be aware of this case. Some sources have suggested that you should use an air fryer liner to prevent this condition, but I recommend against this statement when baking bread. Because if your bread goes around the basket, the liner will also easily come into contact with the heating element.


  • Two slices of bread
  • One egg
  • ½ a cup of milk

Kitchen Tools:

  • Air Fryer
  • Spatula
  • The knife
  • A bowl
  • Self-Cutting Board
  • Shayla
  • Used cooking spray


Step 1

Step 2

  • In a medium or large bowl, pour in the milk and cracked egg, and mix well until combined.

Step 3

  • Cut each slice of bread into two triangular loaves of bread. So, with two slices of bread, we have four triangular pieces in total.

Step 4

  • Dip each slice of bread in half of the milk and egg on both sides, just enough to soak them in water. Shake lightly to reduce the excess mixture in the bread. But, place your slices of white bread on the top shelf of your air fryer, making sure you arrange them so that they fit perfectly in a single layer.

Recommend: If you prefer, you can garnish with butter, margarine, or olive oil before applying it to make your bread more palatable. Don’t upset these aspects can result in the dirt because cleaning an air fryer is as easy as a piece of cake. Learn how to clean an air fryer through the manual given at the time of purchase.

Step 5

  • Set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and air fry the sliced ​​bread for 4 minutes (no need to heat). Once you have cut the sliced ​​bread, you only need 3 minutes to make your toast well made. If you like your bread dark, add 30 seconds.

Step 6

  • Take those slices of sliced ​​bread from the air fryer and use a spatula to insert them. Then, impose it back in the air fryer and cook for the exact amount of time to make them on both sides.

Note: You should be careful with your air fryer wattage. The higher the irrigation of your air-fryer model, the cooking process can be done faster.

Step 7

  • Withdraw the fried bread from your air fryer and serve immediately. If you wish, you can add anything you want, like toppings or seasonings, to satisfy your desires.

You can use butter, avocado, jelly, peanut butter, syrup, or sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar to top your bread. The soups are highly recommended because the bread always goes well with the soup, especially tomato soup, milk/cream soup, and seafood. But above all, enjoy your art of making toast!

How to Cook Bread in an Air Fryer?

To make the toasted bread, place the bread in an air fryer perfectly to not move. I can add four slices of sandwich to my 5.8-quart air fridge or 2-3 slices of large bread. Set the air fryer to 400 degrees F for 3 minutes on thinly sliced ​​bread or 4 minutes of thick bread. There is no need to add more bread; it will be brown on both sides.

Does Toasting Bread change its Nutrition Values, or it just Remains the Same?

The calories of toasted bread are no less than the calories of fried bread. Making toast also does not affect carbohydrates or gluten that can lower the index of bread nutrition, which is beneficial. Making toast bread does not change the amount of healthy food, but it can reduce the glycemic index.

Bottom line:

For some people, breakfast is never complete without fried bread. So, can you prepare a toast with an air fryer? An air fryer can be another perfect way to make toast bread because of the benefits of an air fryer if you do not have a particular toaster. Making toast in an air fryer differs because you can customize them by changing its inputs for a different morning flavor. To make toast bread in your air fry, your imagination has no limit to your cooking. I hope my current instructions will help you get the best experience on your own. Would you please comment below if you wish to find out more details or have benefits? Enjoy your toast art!

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