How To Use Kamado Grill

How To Use Kamado Grill

How To Use Kamado Grill? Since ancient times, grilling food has been a common practice, but the modern world has brought in advancements by introducing portable grills that are convenient and easy to carry. Above all this, grilling food is the tastiest option to cook. If you are a BBQ lover, you must have a special affection for grilled food. 

Furthermore, people love to carry portable grills along with them during summer camping and vacation trips. But you always need the right grill that you can carry conveniently. So here in this article, we have chosen a famous charcoal grill that is portable and can be carried with ease during your trips. 

The kamado grill is the best partner for your vocational trips as it’s made to assist you in grilling anywhere in the world, as long as you can take it. So read out this article to know more and learn about how to use kamado grills. 

What Is A Kamado Grill And How To Use Kamado Grill

You must be picturizing something like a martial art when reading this word “Kamado,” but that is just a name given to these grills because they originated in Japan. Its name means “stove,” which refers to a place for the cauldron. 

Kamado grills caught fame when their portable version was introduced. The US soldiers first used it to cook food on battlefields in World War Two. With time, it evolved into an oval-shaped grill that is available on the shelves of supermarkets today. 

Why Kamado Grills Are So Famous To Use Kamado Grill

A kamado grill is different from the grills that you have tried before. You can say it’s a game-changer for outdoor grilling products. This is the compact oval-shaped design that makes them suitable for mobility. The effective frames deliver heat perfectly so you can grill swiftly without burning countless coals. 

You can grill anything on a Kamado grill that can be cooked this way. The kamado is your best grilling partner for every food, from vegetables to chicken and meat. 

How Do Kamado Grills Work

The kamado grill comprises different materials that include stainless steel and aluminum. However, the top-quality kamado is made up of a ceramic frame. 

The robust design and top-quality material used to make Kamado grills provide it with a durable design. It also makes it a perfect heat conductor, so it is cooked efficiently. 

The kamado grills have a separate firebox that holds all the fuel like charcoal. The base of the grill’s frame draws air from the bottom vents and provides oxygen to the fire. There are no unnecessary holes that lose heat so that lessor fuel can do the job effectively compared to other grills. 

The cooking chamber on the top draws heat and smoke that cook the food properly and give it a smoky odor. 

You can use the kamado grill in different ways. As they can deliver high heat, you can use them for searing and standard cooking. The food is ready in less time with the perfect brownish texture. In short, these grills are much more effective and efficient than their substitutes. 

You can carry slow cooking and use it as a smoker for cooking low and slow briskets, ribs, and hams. Furthermore, the kamado grill can make the best hamburgers for you. It comes with a heat deflector that helps you cook at indirect heat. So you get a mimicked oven, too, in these kamado grills. 

How To Use Kamado Grills

It’s not as challenging as learning rocket science to use a kamado grill. These grills work similar to the standard grills but more efficiently. However, there are certain things to consider while using these grills. 

Kamado grills are a good conductor and looses less heat, so you won’t have to use more fuel in cooking food. Otherwise, it may burn the food due to excessive heat. 

Keeping this in mind, follow the steps below to start cooking on kamado grills:

Step 1: wrap the charcoals in a newspaper and fire the newspaper; after you see the coals turning grey, they are ready to be placed into the fire tray.

Step 2: place the grey burning charcoal into the fire cabin. The heat will move up to the grills, where you will be cooking food.

Step 3: regulate heat by adding more charcoal when needed, but that all with setting up the grills to cook.


Kamado grills are an effective way of cooking food outdoors, especially at places far away from your home. You can take them anywhere. The best-insulated material makes it efficient, so your food won’t let you wait for long. Just keep in mind to maintain the grills regularly or after every cooking. The grills should be kept clean and dry when not been used to prevent them from rusting.


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