How To Cook Frozen Tostones In Air Fryer

How To Cook Frozen Tostones In Air Fryer To Snack On When You’re Hungry

Are you unsure about how to prepare frozen tostones using an air fryer? Well, have I got the perfect article for you! Utilizing the air fryer allows you to create tostones that are both salty and crunchy with minimal effort. You can air-fry them with just a bit of oil using the air fryer instead of deep-frying in heavy oil. Find out the method for cooking frozen tostones in an air fryer here. And, don’t forget to whip up an easy yet tasty mayo ketchup sauce to accompany them.

It is well known that food brings us back to our childhood. For my future husband on our first date (at my house), I cooked tostones – double-fried, mashed plantains.

As I was cutting the plantains, I noticed he was just standing there staring at me from the threshold of my tiny kitchen. Taking the knife I had in hand a little tighter I asked if everything was okay because I assumed he was planning to attack me.

He said, “You look just like my grandmother.”.

I found out years later that was the moment he knew he was going to marry me.

Tostones: What Are They?

People who grew up eating tostones or patacones in some Latin American countries. Some people find the snack comforting. A tostone is a green (underripe) plantain that has been fried until it becomes soft, mashed, and refried like potato chips.

They are snacks; they can be added to heavier meals as an appetizer or served as a snack by schoolchildren.

Plantains: What Are They?

There are many varieties of bananas, but plantains are a particular variety that must be cooked due to their high starch content. Yellow plantains are ripe, while green plantains are unripe. As opposed to bananas, plantains are slimy and flavorless in their raw state; eating raw plantain is similar to eating hard paste. Neither the sight nor the taste is appealing.

Green, underripe plantain is more like a potato than a banana: low sugar, high starch. Consequently, bananas are not a suitable substitute for plantains because of their high sugar content. If you use ingredients, this recipe won’t work.

Plantains are too bland and fibrous to replace bananas in a banana pudding recipe. You should always remember to cook the plantains.

Plantains: Picking And Peeling

Tostones are made with plantains that are a verdant green in color and must be very firm. It is best to avoid yellow plantains because they are already ripening and will taste sweeter.

It’s easy to peel a green plantain. Trim the ends off the plantains, then score the peel on the “back” of the plantains. The fibrous skin of the plantain can be removed by using the fleshy parts of your thumbs.

How To Cook Tostones In An Air Fryer

I’ve started air-frying tostones much to my doctor’s delight instead of pan-frying them. This method reduces fat and mess that causes oil splatters while still producing crispy tostones.

Fry your tostones 375-degree in vegetable oil, as described above, in each of your frying steps. Each time you fry your tostones, be sure to dry them with paper towels.

Tostones Flattening

It is quite common to have one or more tostoneras in Latin American household kitchens. Plantains can be flattened with this tool after they have been softened. As well as being used to make tostones, tostoneras are often used to decorate the walls of houses.

Despite the cost of tostoneras being reasonable, it may not make sense to invest in one if one does not make tostones regularly. A soft plantain can be smashed with a coffee mug by placing it between a parchment paper or brown paper bag.

How Should Tostones be Served?

The most popular condiment for serving with tostones is “mayoketchu,” a dipping sauce made by mixing mayonnaise and ketchup. A seasoned garlic oil known as ajillo is also popular among some people. A quarter cup of warmed olive oil is combined with two garlic cloves and salt, and it takes about five minutes to prepare. Due to its strong flavor, garlic oil is not used as often.

Tip for Making Tostones Ahead

Two steps are involved in the cooking of tostones: the initial pan-fries, followed by the final crisping fry.

When you plan to make a lot to feed a large group, the first fry can be made in advance. The final fry is needed just before serving to ensure that the tostones remain crisp.

Place the tostones on a baking sheet in a 175°F oven if friends are late to the party.

Tostones Being Stored and Frozen

If you have leftover tostones, they may be kept in the fridge for 24 hours and reheated in the oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes or refried in the air fryer for 2 to 3 minutes at 350 degrees.

You should only make what you design to eat the same day, however, because the quality and crispness will significantly diminish with time.

In case of any cravings that you may be having, flatten plantains that were fried and let them cool completely before storing them. You may freeze them for up to two months by sealing them in a bag that can freeze. Before frying them a final time in the air fryer, let them completely thaw.

How To Cook Frozen Tostones In Air Fryer

Air Fryer Tostones

Make healthier tostones with this easy Air Fryer Tostone recipe. Tostones can be fried using a fraction of the oil as regular tostones. For a nutrient-dense side dish or snack that’s ready in just 10 minutes, you’ll need green plantains, oil, and salt.


  • 2 Plantains Green
  • 4 tbsp Avocado Oil
  • 1 tbsp Sea Salt


  1. Remove the ends of the plantains before preparing them. Create an opening for peeling the skin by cutting longways down the skin with a sharp knife. You will need to peel off the skin.
  2. Using the plantain slices, cut each round into 1″ pieces.
  3. Sprinkle salt on both sides of the green plantains after brushing them with avocado oil.
  4. Cook for five minutes on the air fryer.
  5. Place the sliced plantains on a cutting board or flat surface after removing them from the air fryer. Make sure each piece is flat by smashing it in the bottom of a heavy jar or cup.
  6. Using oil on both sides, brush again.
  7. Add another 5 minutes of air frying at 400°F.
  8. Alternatively, you can sprinkle more sea salt on top after removing it from the air fryer.

Final Thoughts

A tostone is a green plantain that has been fried until it becomes soft, mashed, and refried like potato chips. They are snacks; they can be added to heavier meals as an appetizer or served as a snack by schoolchildren.

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