Will Air Fryer Explode?

Will the air fryer explode? Yes, it can. When you don’t follow the manual properly and use it out of the limitation, air fryers can explode. Although, this incident is pretty rare. But there is nothing to worry about it. Today, we are going to talk about what to do to keep the air fryer safe and explode-free.

There are a few steps that you can take to avoid accidents related to air fryers. In this article, you will get the key reasons for air fryer explosions. Along with that, you will also find a complete guide for using an air fryer in the right manner. So go with the article to know the detailed formula to avoid explosion.

Will Air Fryer Explode?

Extensive research has been done to find the causes of air fryer bursts. But I couldn’t find any specific reason. The only thing that is said is that the air fryer device may burst due to extra flame or heat. But the air fryer is operated through heat circulation. So I think the issue of flame here is a bit inappropriate. Although there may be some mistakes in my research or I have not found the real reason yet.

However, as understood through customer experience and reviews, it is understood that many machines have been damaged due to various reasons. Still, it is not uncommon for air fry explosions to occur. There may be something wrong with you or the machine. And 99.99% of users are responsible for this kind of unwanted incident.

What Can Cause Air Fryer Explode?

An air fryer can be a wonderful machine if you use it properly and with maximum power. In addition to pleasant and good dinner preparation, air fryers can cause similarly serious problems if you can’t avoid potential risks. There are some possible reasons behind the air fryer exploding. Hopefully, after that, your idea will be very clear. They are as follows:

Overheating Issue

The reason behind the overheating may be an accidental fault in the circuit that the manufacturers designed while preparing it. The truth is that all-electric devices produce heat when used. It looks like some of the electricity that runs through the day accidentally turns into heat.

As time goes on this amount of heat increases and the air fryer heats up. And when this amount of heat goes to unbearable levels it overheats and can cause big accidents like your air fryer explosion. If something like this happens to you then you may notice the following symptoms.

  • Smoke will come out from inside the air fryer device
  • The cords of the device will be damaged
  • You may notice some discoloration on the outside of the machine

Poor Maintenance

Improper or poor maintenance may be responsible for the air fryer burst. Many people forget to clean the air fryer after cooking. There is even someone who has been cooking for months without cleaning it for laziness. In this case, the food hiccups are deposited internally in the machine on the go fryer.

The performance of the machine may be affected by the remnants of that frozen food. And affecting the performance of the machine means problems in the machine. An explosion can occur if someone continues to run the machine without caring for this problem.

Failure of Electrical System

In most cases, electrical system malfunctions are the cause of air fryer explosions. This happens with faulty electrical outlets or old electric circuit systems. Symptoms of electrical system failure include:

  • Sparks can be created in electrical systems
  • Occasionally there is a burning odor that comes from plastic or metal. Moreover, it can be an electric fire
  • When you use your air fryer device, its breakers will keep tripping incessantly.
  • If any discoloration is noticed from the point or switch connecting the air fryer machine, fix it quickly.

Can Air Fryer Catch Fire?

The answer to this question would be yes. Note that the model of each air fryer device is different. So their build quality will be different. An air fryer will be responsible for catching fire in the machine depending on how it was programmed or how the unit was built. You may not believe an air fryer can catch fire from grease. Now, what does grease mean?

Typically, an air fryer is a closed container where food is heated or baked through a continuous circulation of the ceiling fan. When some residue is left behind after automatic preparation of food every day. This is called grease. It is very difficult to reach to clean it. When it is not possible to access this compartment, these residues become flammable. And that is a strong zone of fire.

Tips to Prevent Air Fryer Fire and Explode

If you want to keep your air fryer safe then the following solutions are for you.

Always Follow the Air Fryer’s Manual

Not all air fryer devices have the same function and operation. So you need to know how to manage them properly. And for this, you must follow the manual. Although it is huge and boring which no one likes to read but it is the only strong solution.

Many people do not want to follow the manual until something terrible happens. Just not taking a few minutes to read the manual can cause a lot of avoidable problems with your air fryer.

Clean After Each Use

You must clean the air fryer after each use. Because cleaning increases the durability of the machine and its maximum use can be accessed for a long time. And it does not take more than 20-30 minutes to clean. I recommend you use soapy water for cleaning purposes.

Use Moderate Amounts of Oil

The air fryer is the only device where the use of oil does not matter as it processes food with the help of hot heat. However, some foods use oil to bring crispiness. But it is rarely used. But giving extra oil can damage the machine. Excessive oil has a strong potential to cause air circulation problems. So you shouldn’t treat it like a typical oven.


So, we should understand that an air fryer is not a dangerous appliance for cooking. It’s all about using the product appropriately. Many people do not want to read the manual. And that’s exactly why so many problems occur. Besides it is better if you don’t touch the electrical mechanisms of the cooking appliance while you are cleaning.

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