Best Indoor Grill for Korean BBQ in 2024

Grilling is one of the best cooking methods that enable you to get the most from your food. It can be used to make meat more tender and delicious. When it comes to hosting at home, indoor grilling is an ideal way of ensuring you serve your guests with the best meals, even in harsh outdoor weather conditions. If you fancy the idea of dining with your friends at home as you enjoy tasty barbequed meals, you should consider getting the best indoor grill for Korean BBQ. These are high-quality grills created in a way that makes sharing food an intimate affair.

If you are in the market for a Korean BBQ grill, the first thing you need to understand is that these are very different grills from the normal grill types. Here is everything you need to know about buying the best indoor grill for Korean BBQ.

Factors to consider when buying an indoor grill for Korean BBQs

The plate diameter and material

One of the first things you need to consider is the diameter of the cooking plate. This is determined by the number of people you intend to be cooking for using your indoor Korean style grill. Most models range between 12 to 14 inches in diameter, which is an ideal size for a normal size family. The right plate diameter will make the grilling process easier and shorter.

Apart from the diameter, you also need to consider the material the grill plate is made from. This will determine how long the grill lasts an also dictates the quality of your grilled foods. The best material should be easy to clean. When choosing a material, also consider where you intend to use the grill as different materials can deliver different outputs for indoor and outdoor setups.

The grease system

Generally, grilling is a messy activity that has juices dripping and smoke filling the air. The best indoor grill should come with a grease plate that holds the liquids as you grill. This will ensure you protect your indoors from messy juices that can damage your floors and surfaces. Apart from offering protection and reducing the grilling mess, a grease system also prevents flare-ups.

The heat source

When looking for the best indoor grill for Korean BBQ, the heat source is a very important consideration to make. Some BBQ grills come with an inbuilt burner, while others require a portable stove to function. BBQ grills can be electric or gas. Your choice is determined by the type that will be most convenient for your home, depending on the heat source you use around your house.

Heat range and BTUs

The BTUs determine the power of a grill. Basically, the larger the cooking plate of your grill, the more BTUs you’ll need to heat up the plate effectively. When compared to traditional BBQ grills, the Korean style BBQ grill is smaller in size, which makes it perfect for indoor setup. This means that they do not require high BTUs to work.

It would be best if you also considered the heat range as this determines the types of foods you can cook using the Korean grill. Each food type comes with a different temperature level recommendation for cooking. Choosing a grill with a high heat range will ensure you can make most meals using it.


The non-stick coating is a new-age technology used today by most kitchen cooking appliances manufacturers. The best BBQ grill should be non-stick on the grilling surface. This makes it very easy to clean and also prevents burning of grilled food. The non-stick coating also guarantees the longevity of the grill plate since there is less corrosion.

The dimensions

In terms of size, Korean style indoor grills come in different shapes and sizes. The best grill for your indoor kitchen is determined by the amount of space you have for it. Ensure the grill you go for fits perfectly into your kitchen. You can be sure that there is a Korean grill ideal for your needs.

Recommendations for the best indoor grill for Korean BBQ

The Ultimate Pizza Making Toolset

The most common complaint about “pizza sets” is that they are made of inferior components that lower the quality of the grilled food. If you are interested in a slim stone that doesn’t break after a few uses, or a peel made from high-quality wood (pine or bamboo) and has a long handle for safety, the ultimate pizza making set is the best grilling choice for you.

This pizza making set comes with a proprietary ceramic ThermaShock Cordierite 16″ Round pizza stone with Core Convection Technology, a 14″ aluminum, nano-ceramic coated, non-stick Pizza Peel with a 10″ handle, and an incredibly sharp, stainless steel 14″ rocker style Pizza Cutter. All these tools are guaranteed to give you a long time of delicious, crunchy, melty pizzas straight from your home kitchen.

This kit will resist temperatures of up to 1500 degrees, making it perfect for your oven and grills.

Baking Steel, 16″ Round Steel

This is the perfect baking steel if you prefer to make larger than life pizzas at home. It comes in an indestructible grill plate that is pre-seasoned using proprietary oil. It can store up to 18 times more energy when compared to other ceramic pizza stones. You will enjoy crispier crust pizzas in shorter cooking times. The quarter inch steel ensures it can heat up faster and maintain the right temperatures for longer. It is easy to clean with soap and water, and this product is manufactured in the USA.

NerdChef Steel Stone

The NerdChef Steel Stone is made with up to 20 times higher conductivity than ceramic baking stones and twice the heat capacity. This allows it to send much more heat energy to your crust, delivering the great performance of a 1000F oven while using a home oven at 450F. It will give your pizza crunchy crusts, better blistering, and faster cook times. The Low-friction surface is textured, sanded smooth, and seasoned with flaxseed oil. This grill plate is made from solid steel that is unbreakable and guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Whether you are looking for a simple to use and long-lasting grill pizza stone or an affordable grilling plate, any of the recommendations above are the best choices. You will never have to worry about burnt pizza or going back to buy another pizza stone.




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