How to Use a Smoker Grill Combo

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Want to Know How to Use a Smoker Grill Combo to Get Flavorful Meat?

Using a smoker while grilling adds wonderful flavors to your meat, which you can enjoy during your parties or simply at home. But as it using it while grilling may be daunting for people. Therefore, in this article, you will see how to use a smoker grill combo to achieve the best results while grilling.

What Is Smoker  

A smoker is an outdoor appliance for cooking, preserving, and

flavoring food. It maintains the slow cooking process at a low temperature for

an extended period. Moreover, it also produces a smoky flavor for any


Types Of Smokers

There are various types of smokers, such as   

Charcoal smoker  

Wood smokers  

Gas smokers  

Pallet smokers 

Electric smokers  

Each type of smoker has its advantages and disadvantages.   

What Should You Know About Grill 

A grill is an appliance that is used for cooking food. Some of the

grills use propane gas, while others use charcoal or wood for this purpose. The

grilling process uses dry heat that applies above, below, and to the sides of

the food surfaces. The grilling process adds a smoky flavor to the meat or

vegetables as well.   

Types Of Grills  

Like the types of smokers, grills also have types. These are  

Gas grills  

Charcoal grills  

Wood grills  

Pallet grills  

What to Know About Smoker Grill Combo  

As we already know, smokers tend to have a slow and low method of

cooking. This slow method makes the food tender and soft. While grilling is a

hot and dry method of cooking. This method is ideal for cooking meat, fish,

vegetables, etc. So, the smoker grill combo is the best combination for

cooking. This combination allows both methods of cooking on a single outdoor


A smoker grill combo saves money and space in the yard. Moreover,

this combo saves you time from slow cooking methods. A summer grill combo is

easy and straightforward to use. So, here we will discuss how to use a smoker grill


How To Use A Smoker Grill Combo 

The following are the steps to properly using a smoker grill

combo. A smoker grill combo is a temperature control process.  

Step 1: Get A Smoker Grill Combo 

First, you have to buy the best quality smoker grill combo. Then,

let it rest. Using a smoker for the first time can be a bit difficult. But

don’t worry at all, and follow the steps.  

Step 2: Prepare The Smoker Grill Combo 

Remove the firebox from the smoker grill combo and place it on the

charcoal pellet. Then, turn on the fire to smoke up the grill. Keep the wood in

water for 30 minutes before starting the process. This step helps to produce

smoke. Start the process with a 400°F temperature. Then, let it down to the

internal temperature of 200°F.  

Step 3: Marinate Or Season The Meat 

Before cooking the meat on a smoker grill combo, moisturize

  1. In a hard foil bowl, whisk together herbs, water, spices, salt, etc. Then

put the meat in this mixture and let it rest for some time under the cooking

surface of the grates. This step helps to moisturize the meat, and the meat

absorbs some. That is the way to produce a smoky flavor in the smoker and grill

combo. Moreover, it gives a juicy, tender, delicious flavor to the meat.  

Step 4: Place The Meat On The Smoker Grill  

Now, put the meat on the grill. Make sure to put the meat cuts at

a distance of 1 inch from each other. Check the temperature to see whether it

is suitable for meat or not. Close the lid of the grill combo to retain the smoky

flavor. Keep checking the temperature every hour to 90 minutes, placing the

meat on the grill.  

Step 5: Keep The Temperature Consistent  

Regulating the temperature is the most important step and is

difficult to handle. Here, you need to control the airflow of the smoker grill

combo to regulate the temperature. The dampers in the combo help to regulate

the temperature. Open the above and below dampers for this. To check or control

the temperature, you should use a digital meat thermometer.   

Step 6: Open The Lid And Check Food 

Now, open the lid and check the doneness of the food or meat.

Also, check the fuel in the smoker and the water under the grill. Fill them in

if you need to continue. Keep checking the doneness of the food every 30

minutes. However, the doneness depends on the type of food that is grilled.  

Step 7: Remove And Serve  

After cooking, remove the neat cuts on a serving plate. Rush the

grill and meat after removing it. Then, relish your juicy, tender, and smoky

meat cuts with your loved ones. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use smoker and grill at the same time?

Yes, you can. It is absolutely possible to do this, and you can get totally delicious and flavorful BBQ with this process. However, when barbecuing or smoking various types of meat, there are some things to consider always when using this method.

Where should I put the smoker box?

You can put the smoker box somewhere closest to the heat source. If you use a gas grill, then place it on the top of the burners. Whereas, in charcoal grills, you can directly place the smoker on top of the charcoal. Apart from this, to get the most out of the smoker, set the burners at the maximum highest setting to avail good smoke.

How do I make the meat moist while smoking?

Well, in order to get moist meat, good steps which you can consider prior to smoking are marinating, wrapping in foil, and cooking at indirect heat. Moreover, allowing the meat to sit for a good three to five minutes will also help in making it perfectly moist.

Will I get more tender meat if I smoke it for a long time?

Smoking usually refers to the BBQ, which is all about the perfect texture, smoky flavor, and moistness rather than to make it last longer. Smoking is pretty much an ideal step because it makes the meat quite tender and adds robust flavors, which lets you enjoy the worst type of cuts too.

Why my smoked meat is so hard?

Well, if you are using too hot a smoker, then it will definitely dry out your meat. Why does this happen? Because the heat level forces the moisture to come out from the meat. However, losing a bit of moisture while cooking is totally fine. But if your meat loses a lot of it, that will make it quite hard or difficult to eat.


Overall, a smoker grill combo is the best option to get smoky and

temperature-controlled food. Because it offers both slow and fast methods

of cooking. I hope the above guide will help you use a smoker grill combo.