Best Juicer For Dieting in 2024

Top 3 Juicer For Weight Loss

Are you in search of a perfect diet plan to control your obesity? Apart from getting the exercise you also need to perfect your food selection. A diet plan not only comprises your calorie count by also indicates your nutrient requirements. You need the recommended dose of vital nutrients for normal body functioning. If you are planning to start your diet, A healthy meal includes both solid and liquid food items. A vast majority of nutritionists recommend you take more fluids than solid food to lose body fats. Juicers have a vital role when you plan to have more fluid intake and for that, I recommend you a list of the 3 best juicers for dieting.


The recommended daily intake of food varies from person to person and it depends on age, gender, physical activities, BMI, and other parameters. If your BMI chart indicates you as obese, there is a dire need to reduce weight because of a no of reasons. High weight and obesity cause many serious problems including cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney disorders. The weight-loss experts give two routes for the weight loss journey. The first route is to control your diet, limit sugar intake, take a protein diet and stop using fats in your diet. The other route is exercise including jogging, cycling, swimming, and cardio.

AICOK Slow Centrifugal Juicer BPA free

Slow masticating juicer means taking all the juice from the raw foods and very little maintenance for daily usage. Are you in search of a reliable brand of juicer for your diet plan journey? I suggest you look at AICOK centrifugal juicer. AICOK is a quality brand when it comes to juicers due to their efficient functions and brand dominance due to the people’s reliance on them. The device is designed for all types of juicing experience and kept in mind all the aspects.

The AICOK BPA-free juicer not only does extraction 26% extra than the other traditional centrifugal juicers. Save your time with a wide feed chute for putting the entire fruits and veggies into the juicer machine. The brush made cleaning easy for both men and women. The best thing is the safety lock, maintaining the safety of the individuals operating the AICOK juicer. 

Our verdict

Very affordable, modern-looking design, Reverse Speed with slow version to avoid heat production while juicing with preservation of vital vitamins.


Excellent Customer Support solving problems round the clock.

Plastic material is of BPA-free grade for more safety.

Safety Lock to operate the risk-free.

Quality materials used with stainless steel body parts 

450 ml juicer jug and 1600 ml pulp collector included in the package.



The juice-making speed is a bit slower.

No juicer filter present. 

The juice contains some amount of pulp.

Megawise Cold Presser Juicer

If you are looking for a trending design then get the mega wise slow masticating juicers, with double speed control for 99% juice extraction. It is way easy to clean and all of the components are made of BPA-free plastic materials for family safety. The parts assemble and disassemble way easier than the other cold presser juicers.  The 2-speed control is made for both types of foods with soft made for soft foods like oranges, grapes, and celery. The other mode is hard and it is designed specifically for food items including some vegetable carrots, beet, hard nuts, and apple, pineapple, etc.   

The mega wise 9 spiral system masticating juicer yields more juice and doesn’t create havoc in the form of a pile of pulp to create a mess while cleaning. It is much easier to use and boosts natural healthy with healthy juices in daily meals. One of the interesting things is that the leftover pulp is stored in an external vessel for easy disposal. The box comes with the cleaning brush and the presser to aid in a fast juicing experience.

Our Verdict

Competitive price, advanced function, easy in using, and cleaning. Advanced 9 spiral system for efficient extraction. Decrease your weight with a healthy dose of vital nutrients with a low-calorie count.



Don’t make too much noise while juicing.

The residual pulp is stored in an external vessel for easy disposal

Cleaning is way easier with removable parts safe to put in the dishwasher.

Way easy in handling routine juicing is simple

.Dual speed control options for soft and hard food types.

Assembling and Disassembling parts are quite easier.



Speed isn’t fast as compared with other alternatives.

No recipe book includes but only a few alternatives include a recipe book.

Nutribullet Double Speed Jucier

You can make your weight loss journey more easy and comfortable by getting a Nutribullet juicer designed specifically for fruits, vegetable juices, and various food items preparation. The 2x speed slices all types of food items at an equal pace, saving a considerate amount of time.

The majority of juicers take much time after finishing the juicing process, due to complicated design and difficulty in cleaning. The stainless steel sieve, BPA-free material basin, and pitcher make the Nutribullet juicing machine long-lasting with more durability than the other options.

The best thing about it is the 3” feed chute, storing almost all of the food items like veggies and fruits without the worry of slicing and preparing.

You can store the juice for later as the detachable pitcher gives you comfort for storing. You need to cut an apple into two or three parts for making juice.


Our Verdict

A perfect health partner, easy to set up and disassemble. A powerful motor with double speed saves time. Very easy to clean.  A pitcher attached could store juices for 48 hours.



Easy to clean

Fits the counter without taking much space.

It makes very little amount of noise during the operation.

Elegant design and LED display beneath the buttons

Very easy to operate.


Small chute for fruits and need slicing of the food items

The waste storage box is small and needs to be emptied.


Final Thoughts

A healthy diet comprises vital nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, and healthy minerals. The best thing to control weight is to take all the necessary food items required for normal body functioning. But you need to control the amount of food you take on a regular basis and with severe weight loss exercises. If you are on a weight loss journey, I recommend you to do include vegetable and fruit juices in your diet. For this reason, I recommend you to get AICOK because it is the best juicer for dieting purposes and also very easy to operate.


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