How Long to Air Fry Cut Up Sweet Potatoes?

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There are a lot of ways to cook your sweet potatoes. Some people love to simply boil them while others enjoy the fried version more. If you prefer the fry, an air fryer will be the best way to cook it. An air fryer allows you to cook the fries within the shortest time while also preparing the food perfectly from all angles. Below, we will discuss how to and how long to air fry the cut up sweet potatoes in the air fryer.

An air fryer is the best way to fry your foods as it doesn’t require any oils. That means your food comes out healthier compared to the usual technique of cooking. Keep going through the article to find out how everything about the air fryer sweet potatoes recipe.

How Long to Air Fry Cut Up Sweet Potatoes?

The cut-up sweet potatoes usually require around 10 minutes to be cooked in the air fryer. However, this may vary based on different factors. Such as, if you have cut the potatoes like French fries, they might require a bit more time. On the other hand, if you cut them into smaller cubes, they should be ready within the mentioned time. Sometimes, the cooking duration may also vary depending on your air fryer.

Note that the time will vary within a small scale and it should be something around 10 minutes. So, we recommend you not to worry about the duration much. After cooking the dish in your air fryer for the first few times, you should be able to find the perfect cooking duration for the sweet potatoes.

How to Air Fry Cut Up Sweet Potatoes?

When it comes to the air fryer, the cooking method is almost the same for most recipes. As a result, if you have prior cooking experience in the air fryer, then it should be easier for you to cook the sweet potatoes easily in the appliance. All you need to be aware of is the cooking duration and the cooking temperature. If you can manage these perfectly then your sweet potatoes will come out efficiently.

If you are still skeptical or a novice to air fryers, keep going through the article. We will discuss the exact steps you need to follow to cook the food with an air fryer.

What You Will Need

For this recipe, you will not require many ingredients except the air fryer itself and the sweet potatoes. So, begin with collecting the potatoes at first. The quantity will depend on how much you want to prepare. One large sweet potato is enough for two persons. Prepare the potatoes by peeling them first and then cubing them. After the potatoes, you will require some olive oils. They are not really important but they help the seasoning to coat properly in the cubes. For the seasoning, you can use the things you desire.

However, we will love to recommend you kosher salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, etc. Create a mixture in all of these and then add the cubes to a different bowl. Now toss them with the oil. Then add the mixtures of seasoning to the cubes. Coat the seasoning properly by tossing the sweet potatoes.

Steps you need to follow.

Step 1

Begin with putting your air fryer basket on a heat-resistant surface. If your kitchen countertop is heat resistant, you can put it there. Else, use a countertop protector and put the air fryer on it. The next thing you need to do is to plug the air fryer into the electric outlet. This should power up the device.

Now if you prepare crispy potatoes, then preheat the air fryer. The preheating duration will be around 3 minutes while the temperature will be 400 F. Use the preheat button for this. If it is not available, you can utilize the time and temperature control buttons to set up the preheating.

Step 2

Once preheating the air fryer, take off the air fryer basket and add the coated potato cubes in the air fryer basket. Organize them in a single layer to assure even cooking. If you want to prepare more at once, you will require cooking them in multiple batches. Don’t try to prepare a lot of them at once by stacking as it will cause undercooking in most parts.

Step 3

After adding the potatoes to the air fryer basket, put them back in its compartment. Now you will need to set up the cooking duration. As we discussed earlier, it will require around 10 minutes to be perfectly cooked. The cooking duration might vary and hence you should check the items frequently. The cooking temperature will be the same as preheating. You don’t need to change it.

Step 4

After cooking the potato cubes for around five minutes, open up the basket and shake the basket to flip the cubes. This is to ensure proper cooking on all sides of the sweet potatoes. After that, put back the basket to the air fryer compartment and let them cook for the remaining duration. Once you are close, open the basket again and check the condition. Remove them if they are perfectly done. Else, adjust the cooking duration as needed.

Step 5

If you feel that the sweet potatoes are perfectly cooked, you should take off the air fryer basket from the machine. Put it in a heat-resistant surface or cabinet protector as it will be very hot. Don’t touch the basket or the sweet potato cubes in it instantly as they can burn your fingers. After waiting a while, they will be ready to serve. Use non-stick tongs to remove them from the basket and transfer them to your serving plates.

That’s it; your cooking is done. Now you can enjoy the crispy sweet and seasoned potato cubes. You can enjoy them without anything else. Remember that they taste best when hot.


When it comes to cooking your sweet potatoes, the air fryer will the best method. As we discussed above, you will require around 10 minutes to air fry the cut up sweet potatoes. This duration might vary slightly.