How To Cook Steamers On The Grill

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How To Cook Steamers On The Grill

Grilling is one of the most common methods of cooking food. There are multiple types of food items which can be cooked on the grill. These items include seafood, meat, chicken, veggies, pork meat and many other food items too. Apart from these food items, fast food can also be cooked on the grill. There are multiple options available to cook food on the grill. Nowadays, the basic types of grills have greatly evolved. There are multiple options available for people to choose from. These include gas grills, charcoal grills and many other types of grills too.

You have to take multiple steps when grilling any type of food on the grill. At first, you have to season your grill well so that there is no to minimum friction between the food item and the grill. In addition to this, you also have to season your food or marinate it too. Marinate the food allow better penetration of flavors in the food. You also have to preheat your grill with seasoning it. Preheating your grill ensures that the food does not stick on the grill or the skillet pan. In addition to this, preheating the grill also ensures that the food is cooked appropriately in the right time too

Guide On How To Cook Steamers On The Grill

Cooking steamers on the grill requires certain steps. As cooking steamers on the grill is not much common hence, you have to ensure that you have to follow certain steps so that your steamers are cooked appropriately and are soft with the right texture.

·        Time Required To Cook Steamers On The Grill

The cooking time of the steamers on the grill is just 15 minutes. However, the preparation time can greatly vary as you can marinate the steamers or give them the hint of flavor as per your choice.

·        Ingredients You Need To Cook Steamers On The Grill

The ingredients you will need to cook steamers on the grill are 1 cup water, 2 lemons cut in half or in quarter, 2 dozen Mahogany or clams soaked in ice water for 30 minutes.

·        Instructions To Follow To Cook Steamers On The Grill

To cook steamers on the grill, you have to follow certain steps with appropriateness to ensure that the steamers are perfectly cooked or tender. At first, you have to preheat your grill to medium or either high heat. Next, pour water into aluminum pan and add lemons in it. Next, add in the clams in the water and then cover with aluminum foil. Now place this pan on the grill in the center and close the grill cover.

You should allow your steamers to be grilled for 8 to 11 good minutes. When the steamers wide open themselves, you’ll be sure that the clams have cooked properly and are ready to eat. After you notice the clams which open themselves, put them aside to serve and discard those which haven’t opened as they are not edible.

Health Benefits Of Eating Clams Or Steamers

Clams or steamers are widely eaten food items. They are more commonly eaten in countries like Japan, Korea and China. However, the popularity is widely growing in countries like America and Asia too. However, the popularity of eating steamers is greatly attributed to the advantages and health benefits of the clams.

Following are some of the health benefits of the clams and ways how they effect your body.

·        Source Of Vitamin B12

Steamers or Clams are a great source of Vitamin B12. In addition to this, the daily intake of vitamin B12 is apprehensive and hence, it gives a greater RDI value. Most of the people think that beef or lean meat has the greatest amount of vitamin B12 however, this is wrong. 49.4 mcg of vitamin B12 is present in clams or steamers.

Vitamin B12 has many benefits for our human body. It helps in the normal metabolism of the body. In addition to this, vitamin B12 also helps in the synthesis of DNA and RNA. It also helps in ribosome functioning and the normal protein synthesis too.

·        Source Of DHA, EPA and Omega 3

Steamers or clams are a great source of DHA, EPA and omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are extensively available in clams. In addition to this, the bioavailable forms of omega 3 fatty acids which are DHA and EPA are also available abundantly in the steamers or clams. The body can easily use these forms of omega 3 fatty acids to perform normal body functions such as maintaining the growth and development, reduce the inflammation inside the body, providing energy to the body and also maintaining and providing insulation to the body too.

·        Source Of Iron

Iron is a major nutrient in our body. Apart from being a nutrient it has many benefits associated with our body. One of the major benefits of iron is in the synthesis of hemoglobin which transports oxygen all around our body. Hence, you should always consume food items which have abundant amount of iron in it.

Steamers or clams have abundant amount of iron in it. The RDI of iron in steamers is around 132 percent. Hence, steamers can be easily used in cases when you have anemia, lack of oxygen transport, less number of red blood cells and also in related conditions.


Conclusively, cooking steamers on grill is simple and easy. You just have to follow certain steps to ensure that the clams or steamers are well cooked and tender. In addition to this, you can exclusively add the flavors of your choice to the clams to enhance their flavor.

The steps to cook clams on the grill are simple and easy. One should always incorporate the use of steamers or clams in their diet to gain the benefits associated with it such as omega fatty acids and its bioavailable forms, iron and its benefits, vitamin B12 and also other types of vitamins such as vitamin B and proteins.