How to Cook Chicken Leg Quarters in the Air Fryer

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How to Cook Chicken Leg Quarters in the Air Fryer with Perfection

A Chicken has many pieces. So, are you looking for how to cook chicken leg quarters in the air fryer? In accordance, you’ll get the ultimate chicken leg quarters recipe from this article.

At first, let’s talk about chicken leg quarters, in short. A leg piece consists of a drumstick and a thigh of a chicken. However, when the back of the chicken is there with the drumstick and thigh, the result is what we call Leg Quarters.

So, we’ll start with talking about different possible recipes for chicken leg quarters. Then, the ingredients and cooking process will follow accordingly. Later, we’ll also talk about extra tips and tricks to cook and many more.

Background of Chicken Leg Quarters Recipe

As we already said that you could find several pieces from a chicken. However, you need to slice a chicken uniformly to achieve the chicken leg quarter pieces.

You can oven bake or prepare in the air fryer. However, a roast recipe is best to process in an air fryer.

Yet, it’s necessary to follow some specific steps in cooking a chicken leg quarter in an air fryer. Find them out below.

Follow How to Cook Chicken Leg Quarters in the Air Fryer

So, the following are the required ingredients to cook chicken quarters. It’s better to keep them on hand before you start cooking

Ingredients for Chicken Leg Quarters

  •      Two Chicken Leg Quarters
  •      Olive Oil or Spray
  •      Garlic powder
  •      Salt
  •     Black Pepper (According to choice)
  •     Lemon Slices

Next, follow the cooking procedure to cook chicken leg quarters efficiently and with precision.

Steps to Cook Chicken Leg Quarters in the Air Fryer

Early Mixing Preparation

At first, defrost the chicken leg quarters if you had them on a refrigerator.

During defrosting and mixing, preheat the air fryer at a temperature of 300 degrees F.

Next, mix the leg quarters with olive oil, black pepper, and salt (1 teaspoon). Finally, allow the entire mixture to gain texture for a while.

Cook Chicken Leg Quarters

So, after preheating, you can proceed to cook the chicken quarter. In this step, set the air fryer temperature at 400 degrees. Remember that it’s a roast recipe and requires a higher temperature.

However, cook for 15 straight minutes, and then flip the quarter pieces to gain even heating on either surface.

After flipping on the other side, cook for additional 10 minutes. In this way, you should achieve a brown and crispy surface on the leg quarters.

Take Out the Chicken Leg Quarters from the Air Fryer

Next, it’s time to serve with some seasonings for extra flavor. However, allow the chicken leg quarters to cool down for 5-10 minutes.

Then, add lemon slices and salad around the quarters for the flavor.

This way, you can cook two pieces of chicken leg quarters in an air fryer.

Extra Suggestions for Chicken Leg Quarters

If you require a further convenient recipe, follow the tips and tricks below.

Chicken Leg Quarters Skin

It’s the best practice to remove the skin before putting the leg and thigh pieces on the air fryer. Besides, you can use a skin peeler to remove the skin easily.

However, you can remove the skin after cooking also. It’s up to individual choices. We recommend peeling off the skin before cooking.

Check Temperature with a Thermometer in the Air Fryer

A meat thermometer will allow you to check the temperature when you flip the chicken leg quarters.

The best practice is to check the temperature halfway through the cooking process.

Air fryers come with preheating facilities. Hence, preheat the air fryer to gain a faster cooking process.

Pros of Cooking Chicken Leg Quarters in the Air Fryer

Air fryers work efficiently and have several more benefits. Find out some of the advantages below.

The Ultimate Chicken Leg Quarters Texture

With air fryers, you can expect a visible crispy texture on roast surfaces. Moreover, with the even heating cooking process, air fryers are much compatible.

Besides, the basket holes in the air fryer allow redirecting heat all over the food items.

Easy Use and No Noise Levels

Air fryers are relatively easy to use. With a digital display (LED/LCD) on some air fryers, you can visualize temperature settings.

Moreover, you can also check the cooking condition inside of an air fryer with a transparent glass feature. To be noted that, they’re also easy to clean.

Chicken Leg Quarters with Fried Rice Recipe

For the best recipe combination, you can serve leg quarters with fried rice. The process of fried rice is the same. However, we’ll talk shortly about the fried rice recipe.

Fried Rice Recipe with in the Air Fryer

Keep some rice in a bowl, add soy sauce, veggies, and eggs (if you prefer).

Then, with a bit of oil, place the bowl into the air fryer and cook for 10 minutes.

It would help if you cooked correctly fried rice to serve with chicken leg quarters.

Final Thoughts

As we end up in the final section, it’s evident that chicken leg quarters are an appealing food item for many. You can add your creativity and make an exquisite chicken dish for your friends and family. Yet, you can follow our recipe for the simplest of recipes to follow.

When you cook chicken quarters, it’s the best practice to control the temperature settings accordingly. So, you can check our cooking procedure to understand preheat and cooking temperature variations.

Finally, it’s up to you to consider your recipe. With the proper ingredients and our cooking guide, you can easily prepare chicken recipes. Even so, cooking chicken leg quarters in an air fryer is accessible. So, check the video below gain more ideas on chicken recipes and air fryers.