How to Air Fry with Galanz Microwave

How to Air Fry with Galanz Microwave – Complete Guide

Recently, there has been a noticeable surge in popularity for air fryers. Individuals are gravitating towards this modern method of cooking as part of their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Air fryers, sophisticated appliances, are designed for air frying as well as roasting, baking, and heating up food. The latest Galanz microwaves now incorporate the option for air frying within their features.

Galanz is a Chinese based company that produces electronic home appliances and kitchen products. With in no time it has expanded much and now deals in air conditioners, refrigerators, bread toasters and washing machines. This company started producing microwaves in the year 1993 that made life easy for Chinese people, within a year it sold 10,000 microwaves. With the passage of time it had gained enough praises and got acknowledgement.

Air fryers are a healthy option for fried foods. If you love to eat fried food then you must get an air fryer. It helps in managing the kitchen load; it helps you in preparing the meals quickly, it helps in preparing the food with less oil or even without any oil, it reduces your gas bills and lastly it saves your utensils and it also reduces the mess in the kitchen.

Galanz Microwave with an Air Fryer

The company Galanz came up this amazing idea of putting together three functions in one microwave.  Galanz 0.9 Cu Ft Air Fry Microwave Oven has the functions of air fryers, convection oven, and auto cooking and auto heat. It has a stainless steel body with white led screen display. It weighs around 35.49 lbs and is perfect for a small family. It has a good technology that helps in circulating hot air evenly throughout the oven and gives your delicious, crunchy and crispy meals like shrimps, tender pops, chicken nuggets, fries and anything that you like.

It also has a unique function that is sensor heat and sensor cook which means that if the frozen food is in the microwave it automatically stops when you the meal is hot and ready to eat. It helps in preventing the food from over cooking. Hence, it makes cooking, baking and air frying easy for you.

Things You Can Air Fry in Galanz Microwave

You can very quickly and conveniently make fries in your Galanz microwave. You just have to put your fries evenly on the plate, make sure you are not over lapping your fries. Spray some oil and seasoning and then either you can use the automatic sensor function for this, which means you just have to set this function after that it is your microwave’s task to give you perfectly air fried fries.

In this microwave air fryer, you can very conveniently make chicken pops. For that you will need to cut the breast piece into one and half inch cubes then marinate it in 1 egg, ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp freshly grounded black pepper, ¼ tsp onion powder, ¼ tsp garlic powder, ¼ tsp oregano. Let it rest for 30-45 minutes and then toss each pop in panko bread crumbs. After that use your Galanz microwave and air fry the chicken pops on 350 degrees for about 12 to 15 minutes. You will get crispy golden chicken pops within minutes and then serve it with any did of your choice.

Making pop corns in this air fryer is super convenient. You just have to place your packet of pop corns in the Galanz microwave and then on the led display you will see an option for popcorn. If you press that button a timer will automatically start and within two to three minutes your pop corns will be ready. You can have them on any movie night or even if you have guests accompanied by kids.

Things You Should Not Air Fry

Some of the things that you should not try to air fry in this microwave are the typical foods with wet thick batter on them like zinger piece with thick covering on it. Avoid cooking rice in air fryers; they will not turn out to be good. Anything with loads of cheese will turn your air fryers in a mess. Usually, mozzarella sticks blast in the air fryers and they burden you with loads of utensils to watch then. Vegetables become soggy when air fried and vegetables like broccoli turns out to be dry when you air fry them. Also you should avoid cooking or frying foods with loads of liquid. Sometimes, if you try to air fry a whole chicken it turns out to be crispy from the outside but it stays raw from the inside.

If you try to cook green edible leaves or vegetables they will change colour and will not look good when you will serve it. Like if you air fry light weight greens they will quickly change their colour under heat. If you want to make popcorns in an air fryer then it is not possible because, air fryers cannot give the same heat as a microwave can and thus will ruin your pop corns. On the other hand, if you expect that an air fry will cook or air fry food for the whole family then this will be an exaggeration because it is usually perfect for a small family of two or three.


Galanz Microwave oven is a must have as it provides you with different functions like air fryer, microwave, defrost, cook, roast, bake, reheat, preheat and it has sensors which helps you even if you do not know how to cook. It has a good body and nice colour which will give your kitchen a stylish look. You can make different dishes for your family and it also reduces your workload as you can use your microwave as well as your counter top stoves.  Hence, if you look at the pros of this microwave then they are more than its cons. So, if you want to buy this microwave then it is a good choice; go for it.

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