Which is Better Air Fryer or Halogen Oven?

Find Out Which is Better Air Fryer or Halogen Oven

Are you wondering which is better air fryer or halogen oven? If yes, you’ll get the right guide in this article. We’ll discuss in detail air fryers and halogen ovens. Finally, we’ll come to a solution on which is better between the two.

We want to state that halogen ovens and air fryers have similar functionalities. But their features set them apart from each other. Halogen ovens use infrared energy to cook, while air fryers use conventional methods and heated air to fry or cook foods. That’s the main difference between them

However, we’ll talk about more differences later on. In the following two sections, we’ll start introducing the air fryer and halogen oven one by one. Finally, by discussing their features, we’ll conclude which is the better of the two cooking appliances. So, let’s start.

Introducing the Air Fryers

Air Fryers

Air fryers aren’t like traditional ovens. They operate by generating high-speed heated air and frying food items. There’re air baskets or holes in an air fryer from which air comes out evenly.

The even heated air distribution circulates uniformly and touches every part of food items. Hence, they’re much preferred over traditional ovens.

One of the critical features of an air fryer is that it can cook without oil. So, without any trace of oil, the food items cooked in an air fryer are healthy. Further, due to no-oil cooking, it’s easy to clean the air fryer. The notable feature of an air fryer is that it doesn’t require much amount of space.


  1. Air fryers cook faster than traditional ovens, including halogen ovens
  2. Air Fryers are efficient cooking appliances and cuts out up to 75% of energy consumption.
  3. You can consider losing weight loss advantage if you cook with an air fryer.
  4. Air fryers don’t accumulate toxic or harmful substances over a long period of use.
  5. You can expect fewer deep-fried food items, so air fryers are compatible with health safety.

Introducing the Halogen Ovens

Halogen Ovens

Halogen Ovens work uniquely. The ovens have halogen bulbs inside them. So, when you turn on a halogen oven, it’ll produce heat from the halogen bulbs (infrared ray radiation) and use it to heat foods.

In this way, hot air circulates throughout the oven and reaches every particle of a food item. So, you can say it’s pretty much how an air fryer works. However, the difference is that halogen ovens use bulbs to produce heat.

There’re several benefits of a halogen oven. However, halogen ovens are perfect for producing brown and crispy textures on the food surface. Not to mention that there’s a glass bowl inside the halogen oven to place the food on.


  1. Halogen Ovens can cook up to 50% faster than traditional stovetops or ovens.
  2. Halogen Ovens are also energy efficient and pretty much saves the same amount of energy as air fryers.
  3. They come with a great deal of time-saving and cook with precision.
  4. Nearly all halogen ovens have transparent glass outside. So, you can monitor the cooking condition of your recipe.
  5. There’re no smell concerns for a halogen oven. Moreover, it won’t produce smoke while you cook.

What Differentiates Between Air Fryers and Halogen Ovens?

As we move on with the discussion, air fryers and halogen ovens have similar features. But, the question, “What sets them apart?”

Heat Production

Air fryers use convection to produce heated air. I’d say that air fryers have heat from coils. That means air fryers use a heat source to heat food items.

However, halogen ovens use infrared radiation from halogen bulbs to produce heat. Thus, the heat from the bulb makes the air hot enough to cook or fry foods.

Lid Assembly

Air fryers don’t come with a glass lid. Instead, they’ve got a basked. You can easily slide out the basket after you’re done with cooking. And, the basket handles are ergonomic and stays cool.

On the contrary, halogen ovens have a glass lid. It’s removable, but it can get hotter as you cook food. Hence, you can get startled if you don’t touch with an extra piece of cloth or rack.

Which is Better Between an Air Fryer or Halogen Oven?

So, we’ve talked about the working process of an air fryer and halogen ovens. Moving forward, we’ve also given the differences between these two cooking appliances.

From our discussion, air fryers come on top easily. The reasons are as follows:

  • Air Fryers are safer to handle than Halogen Ovens.
  • Air Fryers are faster than Halogen Ovens.

Besides, air fryers come out on top when considering the space-saving facility. It’ll take only a bit of space in your kitchen. Finally, air fryers are durable than most halogen ovens.

Final Thoughts

So far, we’ve talked about air fryers and halogen ovens, in general. Then, we’ve moved on to discussing the difference between them. In the difference section, we’ve talked about their features and typical working process.

Finally, we’re confident to conclude that air fryers are the best in comparison with halogen ovens. But, halogen ovens are one of the best cooking appliances, if not the best. Air fryers are an example of innovative technology. They can cook foods faster than most of the cooking appliances out there.

So, if you’ve any more confusion regarding which one is the best, consider air fryers as the best. There’s many air fryer in the market with unique features. If you require buying one, make your choices particular and go for the buy. We’ve got a video for you to learn more about air fryers and halogen ovens.

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