How to Grill Red Snapper Fillets with Skin

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Do You Love to Eat Red Snapper?

Red snapper is a popular game fish, and it is a terrific fish to make to remember your time on the sea. It is a juicy, lean fish with a solid texture and a sweet, nutty flavor. Because of its texture, it can be grilled without damaging the fish, making it an excellent choice for a summer seafood grill out. Here is an easy recipe for grilled red snapper that tastes great!

A simply grilled snapper has clean flavors and a nice char flavor from the grill. It’s well seasoned but not overly spicy. Serve along with grilled veggies or a fresh green salad to make it a meal.

The striking appearance of red snapper makes it a perfect option for grilling the entire fish. Leaving the skin on the fish makes it easier to grill and also helps to keep the fish moist. Follow the instructions step by step to grill red snapper.

Red Snapper Flavor Profile And Nutrition Information

Red Snapper has pinkish flesh that is delicate and sensitive. While most marketplace types measure about two pounds, Red Snapper in the wild may weigh up to 50 pounds and live up to half a century! This fish has a nutritional profile that is low in calories and high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Red Snapper has a mild, pleasant, nutty taste and a juicy, firm texture when cooked. Red Snapper is a diverse fish that adapts nicely to a number of cooking methods, including grilling.

Red Snapper Nutrition Information

Red snapper is high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are proven to improve heart health. This is the nutritional information for one 6-ounce serving of uncooked Red Snapper:

  • 171 calories
  • 35 g protein
  • 2.2 g fat
  • 0.5 g Saturated fat
  • 110 mg sodium
  • 63 mg cholesterol
  • 7 g Omega-3 fatty acid

How To Grill Whole Red Snapper And Fillets With Skin

Red Snapper’s eye-catching look makes it ideal for cooking whole fish, while fillets can also be grilled. Leaving the skin on the fish makes it easier to grill and helps to keep it moist. Check out the following step-by-step directions for grilled Red Snapper, whether you’re preparing fillets or a whole fish, then be sure to try our other grilled Red Snapper dishes. When you order Red Snapper from, you have the option of having the fish descaled and/or filleted to order. It’s time to fire up the grill and cook some Red Snapper!

Equipment Required

  • A grill
  • A spatula or tongs to handle fish

Ingredients To Use

  • Whole Red Snapper, descaled and butterflied, or if grilling Red Snapper fillets, pick descaled fillets with the skin on.
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • Seasoning with salt and pepper
  • 12 lemon juice

Important Instructions to Follow

Step 1-Preheat the grill to medium.

Step 2-Red Snapper should be seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Step 3-Cook the skinned side of the fish on the grill until the flesh is opaque (about four minutes per side).

Step 4-If you’re cooking Red Snapper fillets, simply grill until the flesh is opaque on either side (about four minutes per side).

Step 5-Enjoy with tropical fruit salsa or your favorite summer salads!

Note-As you are all aware, we are huge fans of grilling anything, and there is nothing better than grilling up a basic fish fillet. Red snapper is a tasty white fish that you should try if you haven’t before. This fast and easy dish is a family favorite and can be cooked for a quick evening meal.

If you have frozen snapper it will also work. Just thaw it overnight in the refrigerator and really make sure it is dry before grilling the fish.

Why You Will Enjoy This Recipe

  • Simple: You can simply keep this dish simple by flavoring it with only salt and pepper!
  • Red Snapper is one of the greatest fish to grill since it is solid and does not fall apart easily (but is flaky and delicious after it cooks).
  • Keep it simple or season with a charred rub or a delectable lemon garlic marinade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to Prep the Grill?

Ans: Make sure to thoroughly clean your grill grates before preheating to 450 degrees. You may also use a nonstick spray to keep the food from sticking to the grill.

Q2: Do You Remove the Skin from the Red Snapper?

Ans: The skin may be left on for cooking and is truly edible. You may also purchase red snapper without the skin for this dish.

Q3: How to Tell If It’s Fully Cooked?

Ans: Cook until the fillet reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, or until the flesh is opaque and readily separated with a fork.

Q4: How Does Red Snapper Taste Like?

Ans: Red snapper is a popular white fish with rosy skin. It has a subtle, nutty taste that is not excessively “fishy.” It has a juicy, lean, and firm texture. However, its flavor is mild.

It’s a good starter fish for kids and people who might think they don’t like fish. It is typically easy to find at your local grocery, especially at the fish counter

Q5: What to Serve with Grilled Red Snapper?

Ans: Busting out your grill for this recipe? It is great to use it to make a few side dishes at the same time. Or, mix up an easy salad!

To Wrap it Up

Cooking Red Snapper on the barbecue sounds so delicious and fresh as spring approaches! The allure is both exotic and gastronomic, creating ideas of laid-back beach gatherings centered around grilling Snapper with friends, a bottle of wine in hand, and the ocean in the backdrop.

Red Snapper is an aptly called fish, with brilliant pink and red skin and a large set of teeth. Today’s post was all about Red Snapper, and it included nutrition facts as well as practical grilling advice, such as how to cook Red Snapper fillets with skin.No one can deny the nutritional benefits of Red snapper, it is full of nutrition and a proper meal to take.

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