How to Cook Air Fryer Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and eggs can be a quick breakfast to deal with the rush. You can make the cooking faster by utilizing an air fryer device. Check out the article to know how to cook air fryer bacon and eggs.

An air fryer is one of the most convenient ways to cook your food. It is suitable for a lot of recipes including bacon and eggs. In fact, the air fryer allows you to get the best cooking possible compared to the other appliances. Besides, it takes 2x to 3x less time compared to the conventional ways of cooking the recipe.

In this article, we are going to tell the step by step process of cooking bacon and eggs in an air fryer. You can also know the cooking time, temperature, and some other tips to make the process easier. Keep reading to be a pro cooker of air-fried bacon and eggs.

Why Try This Recipe?

The air fryer bacon and eggs are one of the easiest recipes out there that takes a minimal amount of time. If you don’t have any prior idea about the recipe, you should try out this healthy snack. Still not convinced? Let’s see some other reasons you should try this air fryer recipe.

  1. It’s a healthy snack consisting of eggs and bacon. These ingredients are high in protein while being low in carb. They also made you full longer while also being impressively tasty.
  2. This recipe can be a great choice for your keto diet. Moreover, it is suitable for your kids.
  3. The bacon and eggs leave less mess when cooked in the air fryer, compared to the usual procedures of cooking.
  4. You can easily customize the flavor or taste of the air fryer bacon and eggs by adding your preferred seasonings.

How You Can Cook Air Fryer Bacon and Eggs

To make this recipe, you will require some common ingredients that include eggs, bacon, salt, and pepper. Now, let’s see how you can make delicious bacon and eggs on an air fryer.

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

You can pick the turkey bacon for the recipe as they are comparatively healthier than the pork. You can select any type of large and fresh eggs for it. The seasoning includes salt and pepper will depend on your preferences. Use cupcake wrappers or silicone molds and line the bacon around the wrapper.

Step 2: Preheat the Air Fryer

The next thing you need to do is to preheat the air fryer device. At first, put the machine on a heat-resistant surface and then connect it to a nearby compatible electric source. Then press the power button to begin the operation. Now you can set the duration and temperature for preheating the machine. You can preheat at the default temperature of something around 350F for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 3: Put them Wrapper in the Air Fryer

Now position the bacon-lined wrapper inside the air fryer basket. Organize them in a way so they don’t block the air circulation. Also, put them in a single layer to assure better cooking. After putting the wrapper in the fryer, crack an egg on each layer carefully.

If you require cooking a lot of these, you can consider cooking them in a smaller batch. Your air fryer cannot assure even cooking if you overfill the basket. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the ingredients if you want. Be careful while closing the air fryer as you can topple over the cups.

Step 4: Time to Cook

Now you can begin the cooking. The recipe typically requires around 10 minutes to cook at 330-degree F. Note that the time will vary based on the variation of ingredients. Moreover, you can adjust the cooking time based on your preferred consistency of the yolk.

Use the respective buttons for setting the cooking time and temperature. As we said, you will require setting the cooking time for 10 minutes and the temperature will be 330 F. Once you set it you can begin the cooking by pressing the start button.

Step 5: Let them cook

Once you put them for cooking, there is nothing much you need to do. However, make sure to begin checking the food for 8 minutes. Check how well the bacon and eggs have cooked. Check the yolks. If you feel it will require a bit more time, then put it back.  Or, if they are done, you can stop the cooking.

Step 6: Complete the Cooking

Take the air fryer basket out carefully by holding it from the handle. Don’t touch the food or the basket as they will be very hot. Put the basket on a heat-resistant surface like your kitchen’s countertop and wait for a few minutes to let them cool down. After that use tongs to carefully move them to the serving plate.

Avoid using tongs in the air fryer as they can peel off the non-stick coating of the air fryer’s surface. You can serve them by adding toppings or sauces.

Tips to Make your Air Fried Bacon and Eggs Better

Here are some tips related to the recipe that you may find useful:

  1. You can use different types of bacon for the recipe as you want. If you find the bacon too big for the wrapper, you can slice them into two.
  2. You may also add cheese to the snack. You can use any type of shredded cheese on the bottom after adding the bacon.
  3. The recipe can be greatly customized by adding different types of seasoning apart from salt and pepper.
  4. You can dice up the eggs with onions, mushrooms, green chili, and others to make the recipe interesting and healthy.


An air fryer can make your life easier. It can be especially useful when you want to prepare snacks in quick order. Bacon and eggs are one such snack that takes only around 10 minutes to prepare. We hope you will find the recipe useful and effective.

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