How To Start Propane Grill

Starting A Propane Grill

How To Start Propane Grill? Grills are the perfect way to cook for large groups of people, but there are some things you need to know before you light it up!

Propane grills are one of the best alternatives to charcoal grills. It is made for the people who are not a big fan of massively smoked food. Some people buy propane grills because they are convinced that charcoal grills have certain health hazards.

Undoubtedly they are right about it; although charcoal provides harmful chemicals that are not suitable for your health, they are still considered best because you get to eat the real flavor. Well, if you are a person that is afraid of the health hazards of charcoal, this article is absolutely for you.

We have covered it all for you, beginning from how to start a propane grill; we have solutions to all your problems. So let’s start!

Process To Start A Propane Grill

In this blog, we have especially focused on starting a propane grill. We will try to cover both of the methods in detail. The first one is an automatic way of lighting up the grill, and the other one is manual. All you have to do is follow the easy steps, and you are all done.

Automatic Method To Start The Propane Grill

Once there were only manual grills, you had to turn them on using the manual method. However, with the development in the industry, grill manufacturers now have started making grills that have an automatic system in them. This invention has made things easier for people who have no idea about grilling things. Without any further ado, we should directly move to the process now.

Step # 1: Leave The Grill Lid Open For Few Minutes

The first thing you have to do when you start the grill is to remove its lid. Why do we remove the lid? The primary reason behind opening its lid is to give the gas particles present in the grill escape to the air. Otherwise, it can cause an explosion in the grill, and you can be harmed. Therefore, to safely handle this, you have to open it for at least 5 minutes before starting anything else.

Step # 2: Open the gas supply 

Propane grills are usually portable, and you need a gas tank to supply the gas to them. Supplying gas to the propane grill is a very dangerous task. The connection of the gas and grill is not easy for those who are handling it the first time. Therefore, if you have never used it before in your life, you can use the step-by-step guide given in the grill’s user manual to understand each and everything.

If you have lost the user manual while unboxing the grill, it’s not a big problem; you can always search it on google with the model number and manufacturer name. You will see a lot of results. Or maybe you can search it on Youtube as well. Most manufacturers upload a video of the setup before they throw the product in the market.

If you plan to set the grill in your kitchen, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is supply gas to the grill from the pipe attached to the stove, and you are all set to light it up.

Step # 3: Turn On The Gas Button

When you have safely connected the grill with the gas, the next step is to turn on the gas and wait for 10 or 15 seconds before pushing the ignitor. Let the gas fill in the grill so it can be turned on perfectly.

Step # 4: Ignite the Grill

This is the final step when light up an automatic propane grill. The last thing you have to do is push the ignitor that will spark inside the grill and light it up perfectly.

Process To Start A Propane Grill Manually

Sometimes propane grills are not easy to operate; they come in manual handling, which is tricky. But don’t worry, as mentioned earlier, we have a solution to most of your problems.

Follow the simple steps provided below to light the propane grill manually:

Step # 1: look For The Ignition Hole In The Body Of the Grill

Look at the grill’s exterior and find that where the lighting hole is located. You can look for it in the user manual if you can find it.

Step # 2: Fire A Matchstick

Once you have found the lighting hole, you can light up a matchstick and put it in the holder. If your grill doesn’t have a holder, you can easily buy it from the market. The primary purpose of the holder is to keep your hand away from the heat when you fire up the grill.

Step # 3: Put It Inside The Hole 

Make sure you turn on the gas before putting the match stick inside. If your grill gas supply is working properly, it will be ignited in seconds. However, if there are any grill or gas supply issues, you might have to try again.

Tips On Using A Propane Grill For The First Time

Before You Use a Propane Grill for the First Time, Here Are Some Pointers.

  • Most people recommend a portable barbecue since it can simply be moved to an open location or pushed against the wind.
  • Light your grill with the lid open at all times. When you light a gas grill with the lid closed, gas can build up within the grill, posing an explosion risk.
  • Place your gas barbecue in a well-lit place. Because leaking propane can ignite and create a fire, ventilation is required.
  • To avoid gas leaking, always check the gas line connection.
  • Turn everything off if the ignition fails or you smell gas. Wait 5 minutes to ensure the gas is turned off while inspecting the connection, then attempt lighting again.
  • When lighting the grill, do not lean over it.
  • Before attempting to fire a gas grill for the first time, always read the instruction handbook. If you’re buying a used grill, always get assistance from the company’s customer care department.


The above guide briefly explains the steps you have to do while lighting up the propane grill. You can easily ignite your grill following these steps, but following the precautions is very important. People who don’t follow the instructions on the user manual face accidents. Therefore, you should always wear proper equipment and take safety precautions before you start grilling. Last but not least, keep your kids away from the grill. It can be deadly for them.


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