🥇🥩How to Use a Grill Press for Hamburgers

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Hamburgers are some of the most popular foods in most American households. It is impossible to get enough of perfectly made hamburgers, especially when they are perfectly grilled. According to statistics, Americans consume 25 million hamburgers per year, making it one of the most commonly eaten foods in the fast-food market. If you want to make your hamburger experience even better, consider making your patties at home. To be able to do so, you will need to invest in the best hamburger press in the market. This tool will make it easy for you to turn minced meat into a burger patty straight from your kitchen. A hamburger patty is the easiest way to fix burgers for your guests when hosting a cookout in your backyard.

To be able to make the best burgers at home, it is essential to ensure you invest in the best grill press in the marker. Here is everything you need to know about how to use a grill press for hamburgers.

What exactly does a hamburger press do?

If you have ever tried to make a hamburger by hand, you know it can be the most time-consuming meal to prepare. With a hamburger press, you can make patties that are perfect in shape, and it speeds up the cooking process. Also, you do not have to use your bare hands to shape the patty as the press does all the work for you. Burger presses are a hygienic and fast way of making perfect hamburgers at home. Apart from making patties, you can use grill presses for any type of meat. You can use it to shape perfect fish cakes, make salmon burgers or turkey burgers, and any other type of meat you want to shape. A hamburger press is one of the most essential tools that add versatility to your homemade burgers.

How to choose the best hamburger press for your needs

If you are in the market for the best burger grills press in the market, there are certain factors you need to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Here is what to look for in a grill press for hamburgers.

The quality of the construction

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a burger press is the material used to make it. The best choices should be one made from durable material. This will ensure you can enjoy years of using the press to make burgers before you need to replace it. The material used should be safe for use with food for human consumption. The perfect burger press should come with a non-stick interior. This way, meat residue does not stick to the cooking area and that your burger does not burn while cooking.

Other features to consider when looking for the best burger press are non-slip handles that are removable for easier portability and storage.

Ease of cleaning

When choosing burger presses, you need one that is easy to clean without needing too much cleaning protocol. The best choice is a press that can easily dismantle. This makes cleaning the different parts easier, and it ensures thorough cleaning even of the most stubborn areas. The other idea is to go for a grill press that comes with fewer parts. This makes it easy to dismantle the press for cleaning. It also ensures there is less to put back together, which is timesaving.

Non-stick pressing surfaces in a grill press is also a consideration to make when choosing an easy to clean grill press. Non-stick pressing surfaces are easier to clean because they do not hold on to meat residues. It is also wise to consider a grill press that is dishwasher friendly.

Thickness and size of the patties

If you prefer to break away from the norm of making the stands size burger common in most fast food joints, the size of the pressing surface is an important consideration to make. Most burgers come in a 4-inch standard diameter. You can go for a press that makes it possible to make burgers with large diameters. In terms of thickness of the patty, some presses can make different thickness patties. The best choice should be one that lets you adjust the thickness of your burger to your desired sizes.

Number of burgers

If you plan to be using the grill press to make burgers for many people at once, it is best to go for one that offers the versatility to press more than one patty at a time. This will ease your workload and ensure you keep the burgers flowing for your guests.


For any kitchen equipment, always go for a product that comes with a warranty. This is an indication of the trust the manufacturer has in their product. It also shows that the press is of high quality, highly durable, and is reliable.

How to use a grill press for hamburgers

  • Divide your meatballs into the sizes you wish to make your patties. For each meatball, divide into one big ball and a smaller ball.
  • Place the one big ball into the press dish.
  • Remove the large-cap from the press handle and use the smaller cap to press the meatball. This should create a depression in the meatball.
  • Place your preferred seasoning into the depression created. This can be cheddar, sauce, or spices.
  • Take the smaller meatball and place it to cover the depression.
  • Reinstall the Press cap into your grill press and press. Trim off any excess meatball that forms on the sides of the press
  • Allow the meatball to form while still pressing.
  • You can store the ready patty in your refrigerator if you do not plan to cook it right away.

To cook with the grill press:

  • Preheat your press under direct flame over medium heat. This will take 10 minutes to get it ready.
  • Place the patty on the grill plate and cover the top with your hot grill press. This allows the patty to cook on the hot grill plate and through the heat on the press.
  • A properly heated grill press sears the food from the top as it continues to cook from the heat on the grill. Once you achieve the desired sear, you can remove the grill press from your food. This ensures you do not smash or crush the food when cooking.






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