Pit Boss Copperhead Smoker Reviews

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If you ask any meat smoker, they will tell you that vertical smokers make the best-smoked meat. A smoker grill offers you the best grilling performance and versatility, whether you prefer to smoke your meat occasionally or as often as you can. The pit boss copperhead smoker is said to give you a bang for your buck. It comes packed with features such as porcelain coated cooking grids, a dual burner system, and stainless steel burners.

This easy to use smoker grill is said to give your food the best tasting smoky flavor. It is also easy to clean when compared to other smokers in the market. The benefit of pellet smokers is their ability to give the right amount of smoke to give your meat the perfect taste. If you are in the market for a smoker, here is everything you need to know about the pit boss copperhead smoker.

The pit boss smoker comes with sufficient Styrofoam protection to ensure it gets to you in one piece. Out of the box, it comes in an impressive design and ready to use ensemble.

Temperature range

This smoker is made with the ability to reach any temperatures between 150°F – 450°F, which is the standard for most smokers. You can adjust the temperature at 25°F increments to get the right one for your food smoking process. The temperature range for the pit box smoker is perfect for anyone who prefers to use the low and slow cooking method. You can use this temperature range to make briskets, pork butts, and ribs.

You can also use this smoker to make casseroles, pizza, and any other food that needs high temperatures.

The hopper shoot

The copperhead smoker comes with an easy to empty 40 pounds capacity hopper system. You can easily empty the hopper and burn the remaining wood pallets using the auger system whenever you use the smoker.

Adjustable food rack

This is one of the best features of the pit boss copperhead smoker. The adjustable food rack can be spaced inside the smoker box to suit your desired outline. This allows you to create extra height when cooking long foods. It also allows you to align the cooking rack to suit your needs when you need to smoke several slabs of meat at one go. This is one of the best benefits of using a vertical smoker.

The digital LED display

If you are looking for an easy-to-operating, state-of-the-art smoker, the pit boss smoker is the right choice for you. It comes with a large LED display that shows you the internal smoking temperature and meat probe temperature. This LED display is next to the temperature control knobs. This gives you complete control of the smoking temperature and smoking process.

The built quality

The smoker’s build can be rated 4 out of 5 stars, making it one of the best conductions in the market.

The door comes well fitted with the frame of the smoker. This ensures the door contacts the rubber seal perfectly, to prevent heat loss when smoking. It also comes with multiple temperature probing tools for your meat. This is one of the best-constructed smokers in the market. Other notable features include the dual valve/dual burner system that provides between 200 to 450 degrees temperature range, eternal access to the pallet drawer and grease tray, and the large viewing window made from high-temperature resistant door seals.

What we liked

Capacity – The 40-pound hopper capacity allows you to smoke continuously for 24 hours without the need for additional pallets. This is dependent on the temperature you are using to smoke. The smoker also comes n s 1659 square inches of porcelain-coated cooking racks and an extra-large cooking chamber. This gives you enough space to smoke large meat quantities at a go.

Adjustability – the smoker comes with adjustable racks to ensure you can set the best cooking layout for your needs. It also comes with easy to use temperature adjustment knobs, giving you complete control of the grilling process. This ensures you can smoke a wide range of foods using the smoker.

The prime button – this is s button that allows you to control the smoking conditions in the chamber. You can use this button to boost smoke temporarily. It can also be used to get the temperature back up faster after temporarily opening the door to check the meat condition.

What we did not like

Low water capacity-while the large 40-pound hopper allows you to smoke meat for up to 24 hours without needing to refill the pallets. This smoker comes with a low capacity water pan that can only handle 4 hours of smoking before you need to refill. The water pan can only hold up to one gallon of water, which will be almost empty after the 4-hour mark. It would have been a better idea to build a water pan that matches the hopper capacity.

How to use the pit boss copperhead smoker

To get your smoker up and running:

  • Check the hopper and add pallets to ensure you have enough for your smoking session.
  • Pull out the water pan and set it aside.
  • Check to ensure the firebox is clean.
  • Plugin your smoker and turn set the temperature using the temperature adjustment knobs.
  • Press the on button and leave the door open to allow air into the firebox
  • The augur and fun will be the first to turn as the heating rod gets hot enough to ignite the pallets.
  • It takes a few minutes for smoke to start getting into the chamber, followed closely by the sound of fire. The smoke can be intense at the beginning as the pallets burn up.
  • Set the dial to your required temperature once the smoke intensity subsides. Leave it to heat the chamber for a few minutes to disinfect it.
  • Fill the water pan with water and replace it into the smoker above the heat shield.
  • Remember to spray your rack with non-stick spray, as this will help prevent the meat from sticking on the rack.
  • Load the mead onto the rack, set your desired temperature, and leave the meat to cook.

He setup process should only take a few minutes. Ensure the water pan has enough water at all times to preserve the moisture in your meat.








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