Top Rated Large Air Fryer

Best Large Capacity Air Fryers

Air fryers are essentially compact ovens equipped with intense heat sources and robust fans that distribute hot air to cook food. This method allows them to produce crispy fries, wings, meats, and vegetables using minimal or no oil at all.

Air fryers can create a nice fried finish on different foods in ways that are not possible when using a traditional oven. The ability to enjoy your favorite savory, crispy meals minus the calories is more reason to get an air fryer for your home.

If you have a large family or host parties every so often, the best choice for your needs would be a top rated large air fryer.

A large air fryer has a lot to offer, including the ability to make food for everyone in one cook cycle. Also, large air fryers come with multiple cooking functions, giving you more options for preparing meals. With the best one in the market, you only need to select the cook function, set the timer and leave the air fryer to do the rest.

To help make your selection easier, we have listed the best large air fryers in the market below.

Innsky Air Fryer

This is the ultimate meal-making machine. Not only is it an air fryer, but also a rotisserie, dehydrator, pizza grill and oven toaster. With wide temperature range from 150℉ to 400℉, this air cooker allows you to air fry, bake, grill, roast, toast, dehydrate(90℉-170℉) and rotisserie. The 10.6QT extra-large capacity allows you to prepare family-sized quantities while saving on space.

A simple touch pad allows you to choose cooking mode, quick and easy while the 10 presets allow you to air-fry extra crispy chicken wings, rotisserie for savory pork roast, mouthwatering turkey breast, or authentic kebabs without any difficult no matter how novice you are.

It comes with an automatic shut off timer that prevents overcooking and overheating. Use food grade material, a safe countertop convection oven that you can trust.

It also comes with 6 extra accessories, including 2 mesh racks, 8 skewers, 1 rotisserie basket, 1 drip tray that catches fat and oil, 1 rotisserie shaft to jab into the chicken or roast and 1 removal tool. This air fryer can create more types of delicious meals.

Using up to 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods, Innsky air fryer adopts new technology of cooking food by 360°hot air circulation, which can offer you crunchy food with little or no oil, promising you healthy food as well as delicious taste.

Cooking is fast and free from splattering oil vapor all over your kitchen countertop. Made of non-stick material, all removable parts go into the dishwasher and can be dried by hot air after cleaning, which change the tedious work just into a piece of cake.

GoWISE USA GW44801 Deluxe 12.7-Quarts 15-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

The 12.7 quarts of cooking space makes this air fryer one of the largest on the market, while still being compact enough to fit easily on your countertop. 3 rack levels allow you to prepare family-sized quantities, or control how fast and how crispy your food cooks.

Prepare whole roasts, tenderloins, racks of Kababs, and even a whole chicken. Get crispy, tender meats, perfectly blackened fish, and expertly roasted vegetables with the GoWISE air fryer oven’s built-in rotisserie. It is fast, easy, and you’ll love it.

Comes with 10 accessories to make a homemade meal with ease. These include a rotisserie tong, rotisserie rod, oven rack, drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, rotisserie steak cage, shallow mesh basket, and two mesh trays.

Easy to read, simple to use control display with 15 presets takes the guesswork out of cooking times and temperatures. When you are done, the stainless steel interior and remove-able, non-stick drip pan makes for easy clean up.

Your purchase includes a recipe book specifically made for the GoWISE USA air fryer oven. Get started today with 50 step-by-step recipes to explore all that your new kitchen gadget has to offer.

KitchenUp 12 QT Air Fryer Oven Combo

The 12 quarts of cooking space allows you to cook family meals such as a whole chicken or three bags of frozen French fries, yet still being compact enough not to take up much space on the countertop.

KitchenUp-specific HOTurbo technology uses hot air circulation to cook food, which reduces enormous amount of unhealthy fat instead of using hot oil.

Easy to have a glimpse of the food inside by see-through and double-layered glass door with a warm light, you can monitor and enjoy cooking process without overcooking or half-baking.

Two rotating knobs offer easy control of time and temperature with precise mark on them. When the basket is pulled out, the heating suspends automatically. When it is put back, the air cooker will continue working automatically with no need to be set again.

Non-stick dishwasher safe air fryer pot and metal interior, they will ensure there is no plastic odor produced when cooking. Clean up interior just need a quick wipe.

ETL certified for electrical safety. Overheat protection for safety in use. FDA and LFGB compliant for food safety. Overheat protection allow oven to shut off automatically to prevent overcooking.

FAQs for buying a top rated large air fryer

How big is the best large capacity air fryer?

The average capacity of a large sized air fryer comes with a capacity of 6 to 17 quarts. Any air fryer in this range is ideal for a large family or hosting.

What should I look for in the best large air fryer?

The most important considerations to make when choosing a large air fryer is the cooking capacity and cooking options the appliances offers. The best appliances should be able to bake, broil, toast, roast and dehydrate. Also check the temperature controls and the timer feature option to make cooking easy.

Can I clean removable parts in a dishwasher?

Yes, most large capacity air fryers come with dishwasher safe removable parts, making cleaning a breeze.


With a top rated large air fryer, meal preps in your home will change for the better.


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