What was the First Air Fryer?

What was the First Air Fryer?

Is it possible to make fried food without oil? The answer is yes, and Philips electronics decided to prepare food by using less oil in an air fryer.

The air fryer is an essential kitchen appliance that cooks food just like deep frying. The air fryer makes it easy to whip up frozen foods, and processed food is slightly healthier than deep frying because it uses less oil. The results are much better than deep-frying and baking.

An air fryer is not a significant invention that changes human history. However, it alters the life of many housewives in a better way. The air fryer brings up new cooking styles with health benefits. The air fryer is said to fry delicious dishes by using less oil. Instead, it cooks food by using hot air, which is circulated within its chamber. The air fryer has a fan that helps to circulate the hot air, and a reaction is created, called the Maillard effect. This chemical reaction gives foods a unique taste and attractive appearance and texture.

The Original Air Fryer:

In the 1930s, William Maxon has grown cauliflower in their home garden. After one year, he can produce more than he needs, and he decided to freeze it. He refrigerates it, and when he takes out the leftover food to use, they still tasted just as good as they were fresh. Maxon was surprised, and he started to experiment with other foods, including soft-boiled eggs, French fries, etc. His enthusiasm was big extreme, and it led to some surprising discoveries like the convention oven, the air fryer, and frozen TV dinners.

Frozen foods are heated up in the microwave, but till then, they are not invented. Maxon was interested in finding a way to cook food fast using traditional technology. So he created the oven known as the Maxon Whirlwind oven. It was made up of aluminum and steel, and it heats food using a 120 volt DC motor. This oven could hold six meals at a time and cook in about 15 minutes. The fan is installed at the back of the oven used to cook food by circulating the hot air. Nowadays, this forced convection reduced cooking time in many ways. And the concept is created among researchers to introduce such a device that will cook food faster, cook a healthier meal and reheat the leftover.

Maxon’s ideas go on, and after his death, many companies continue to produce new products based on his original design. Around the same time, the Malleable Company designed a convection oven for home use. The sales were sluggish at the start, and they gradually increased in the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2008 the Maxon idea came back, and a well-known company introduced the Philips air fryer, followed by T-fal, Gowise, and Avalon Bay air fryer. The new technology focused on creating fresh meals, and it can cook steak, chicken, potatoes, and fish in minutes.

First Air Fryer:

Philips unveiled their air fryer at the IFA electronics show in Berlin, where the kitchen tool is inspected and check out the device’s performance. It was featured on television and in magazines and considered among the top inventions in the fair.  This kitchen appliance could have an impact on the world’s obesity epidemic. The air fryer has separate accessories, and it has an air filter to keep the smell under control.

In 2010, Philips Electronics Company introduced the air fryer brand, which uses rapid air technology. The Philips Company claimed that less oil is used for cooking dishes in the air fryer than a convection oven and deep-frying. The air fryers cook dishes and entrees, and desserts such as pizza, cookies, cakes, and much more. The Philips air fryer can do more than fry. It can roast, grill, or even bake. The air fryer has become a one-stop solution for all your meals. Some features of Philips air fryer are given below.

  • The model name is Philips Air fryer, The original air fryer, Fry healthy with 75% less fat white HD9220/5

How Philips Air Fryer brand Expands its Limits?

Philips air fryer had changed their design or features. Philips concentrates on boosting convenience and providing each model at an economical price. Dozens of companies worldwide had tried to replicate the original Philips air fryer, and they invent the latest air fryers with stylish features. The air fryer helps people to prepare food quickly without excessive fats and unnecessary oil. The air fryer can cook nutritious and healthy food with the air fryer.

Benefits of the First Air Fryer:

The most common benefits of the Philips air fryer are given as below

  • Delicious and healthy results
  • Fast, versatile, and family-sized
  • Super easy to use
  • Easy to clean

The Philips air fryer uses hot air to get that crispy taste with less fat. The Philips air fryer is simple than ever to fry, roast, grill, and bake delicious, quick, and healthy meals for your family.

Why the First Air Fryer is preferably used instead of Oven:

  • Maximum taste, minimum fat.
  • Enjoy crispy food from the outside and tender on the inside with maximum taste and rapid air technology do it.
  • Fat removal technology.
  • Fry with less oil or no oil, and you can fry with up to 80 percent less fat.
  • Bake, fry, grill, and reheat your meals, and every bite are delicious as it cooks food uniformly from all sides.
  • Faster than the convection oven, and it is more convenient. However, you will have to turn on the unit and start cooking.

Bottom line:

The question arises, whether the food prepared in the air fryer tastes good. Philips proves it and reports that the taste is delicious, and it keeps lock all the nutrients of the food. In addition, the Philips air fryer uses dramatically less oil when it is compared with traditional cooking. Therefore, using an air fryer to make food is a healthier option and is the best way to do it. So research has been conducted in this area and gains importance on maximizing the benefits of using an air fryer. Many current companies have launched different models of air fryers that have the latest features and functions.

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