How Big is a 2 QT Air Fryer?

The air fryer is one of the most versatile cooking appliances currently. If you are planning to purchase an air fryer, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the air fryer. The air fryers arrive at different sizes and based on the size their capability varies on a large scale. One of the common sizes of the air fryer is 2 QT. Thinking about how big is a 2 qt air fryer? Well, keep reading the article to find your answer.

A 2 QT Air Fryer is suitable for a single or a family of two people. You will find a brief discussion on the air fryer size and capacity below. It would be wise to know all these information before purchasing an air fryer. By doing so, you can be assured of the capacity of the device you are purchasing.

How are Air Fryers are Sized?

While purchasing an air fryer, you will find that the size of the device varies on a large scale. That is because different models of the air fryer is designed to handle different amount of food based on the requirement of the consumer. You will typically find the air fryer capacity shown in the quarts, pounds, or liters. Although all the air fryers arrive with the sizing guideline, they are not absolute and you simply cannot cook that amount of food at once.

How much food you can cook in the air fryer typically depends on the type of food you are cooking. To be more precise, you can cook that amount of food that can be safely fit in the cooking basket of the air fryer. As an example, while cooking steaks or chicken fries or breasts, you will find that only a few pieces of them can be cooked at once. But when to French fries, nuggets, and some vegetables, you can easily cook a lot of them at once.

We can talk about the cooking capacity of the air fryer. There is a model of the air fryer from Phillips that arrives with 2.2 quarts but you cannot cook 2.2 quarts of food in it. You can cook only 1.8 pounds of the food in it. The same goes for the 3.2-quart air fryer which allows you to cook only 2.6 pounds of food.

So, How Big is a 2 QT Air Fryer?

Now let’s talk about the capability of the 2 QT air fryer. Typically, a 2 QT air fryer is considered a small air fryer. It can cook a maximum of two chicken breasts in an air fryer with such capacity. If you are living single, you may be able to cook a large chicken breast in the air fryer along with some potatoes or fries. Besides, when it comes to the snack, you can be able to cook enough of these for two people.

So, if you are a newly married couple or a single living alone in a dorm, a 2 QT air fryer will be an excellent fit for you. If you have a partner along with some kids, an air fryer with 2 QT will not be adequate for you. You better go for an air fryer that arrives with a bigger capacity such as 3 QT or 4 QT. They will allow you to cook 4 to 6 chicken breasts at once. Perfect for small families.

In case you don’t know about the measurement quart, then let us help you. One quart is the same as 1/4 of a gallon. Or, you can take it as 0.94 liters for the US and 1.13L in the UK.

How Do I Choose the Right Size of Air Fryer?

Well, this will depend on how much of the food you want to cook at once. Do you want to cook for a single person or a couple without kids? Go for the 2 QT air fryer to produce enough serve at once. If you have a small family, an air fryer with 2 to 3 QT will be the right pick to prepare the required serves at one cycle.  If you need to cook more than 3 people, a medium-sized air fryer from 3 QT to 5 QT will be an adequate choice.

It will allow you to cook food for around 3 to 6 people Besides, you can also cook larger meals in the medium-sized air fryers without any issues. If you want to cook for more peoples, you will require going for the air fryers that arrives with 5 to 8 QT capacity. They can cook large batches and different sizes of food easily. These air fryers may arrive with a rack or extra tray to cook a lot of food in multiple layers at once.

There are also some extra-large air fryers that allow you to cook food for family gatherings or parties. Their capacity may vary from 6 to 16 quarts or more. That means you can add a bunch of foods to these air fryers without blocking the circulation. These air fryers sometimes also arrive with multiple modes for cooking, roasting, grilling, etc. purposes. While picking the large-capacity air fryer, be aware of their size as they are spacious.

Which Air Fryers Can Cook a Whole Chicken?

It is obvious that you will require a big air fryer for cooking a whole chicken. Typically, an air fryer with the capacity of 6 QT or more should be able to cook a whole chicken or small turkeys efficiently. Note that if you want to cook bigger whole chicken, you may require an air fryer with higher capacity. If you want to roast the whole chicken, consider an air fryer that arrives with the option of roasting.


Selecting the right size of the air fryer based on the serving requirement is very important. You can also use the smaller air fryers for preparing enough serves. But it will take a lot of your time as the food need to be cooked in smaller batches. We hope that the information and data in this article will help you to decide which size of the air fryer is right for you.

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