How to Use Air Fryer Liners?

One of the well-known benefits of the air fryer is they don’t require much cleaning work. However, when it comes to cooking messy foods, the air fryer can become really dirty, and removing the grease and sticky food particles can be hard work. Well, the air fryers liners can be a solution for you. In this article, we will let you know how to use air fryer liners.

Well, you may not know about the air fryer liners as they are not that much used as most ingredients don’t require them. But while cooking sticky foods or the foods that oozes, the air fryer liners can be very useful. Keep reading the article to find out how to use the air fryer liners.

What is the Air Fryer Liners?

The air fryer liners are parchment papers or sheets. They typically arrive with pre-cut or perforated to cook food adequately. The holes in the paper help to circulate the air properly assure that the paper will not block the circulation. You will be glad to know that the air fryer liners or the perforated parchment sheets can also be used for the oven or the bamboo steamers.

While shopping for these parchment papers, you will find them in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. However, most of these come in white colors, where some others are also available in brown colors which are unbleached. While picking the liners, make sure that you are utilizing the right one that comes in the right size with the right properties to offer the best result. They must be fully compatible with your air fryer unit.

The parchment papers or the liners for the air fryer are often marked as unnecessary for the air fryer. While this is partially true, parchment papers can help you a lot while cooking something sticky. By making use of the liners, you can ease the cleaning as the basket will not be affected by the sticky food particles.

How to Use Air Fryer Liners?

There are different types of air fryer liners out there. Based on the types or variations of the air fryer liners, the way of using them can vary a bit. Typically, you need to put the papers in the bottom of the air fryer pan. Then you can put the food on top of the paper. Yes, that’s easy. So, here is what you need to do in a nutshell:

  1. Connect the air fryer to the electricity and then turn it on for preheating.
  2. Preheat for the preferred time and temperature based on the ingredient you are cooking.
  3. When the preheating is complete, take out the air fryer basket.
  4. Now add the preachment paper or the liners on the bottom of the basket.
  5. Don’t cover the bottom entirely as it can block the air circulation required for cooking.
  6. Then add the food on these papers and you can put it back in the basket for cooking.

That’s it; this is how you use the air fryer liners. Note that this is a universal guide for all the available products. Some of the products may arrive with guidelines. We will recommend you make use of the instruction that comes with the liners for the best outcome.

Benefits of Using the Air Fryer Liners

The air fryer liners or the parchment sheets will be very useful if you have one of these appliances that arrives with a wire basket. Moreover, you will also find them very effective for the air fryer that comes with racks. Primarily, they will prevent the stickiness of the food and there will be fewer chances of tearing the food. Let’s see some of the benefits of using the parchment liners while using the appliance:

Stop Sticking

As we mentioned so many times earlier, the main benefits of using these papers liners are they can prevent sticking. Especially, while you use baskets with wire racks or baskets, there are more chances of sticking. To prevent stickiness, you can make use of the preachment papers or the liners. As a result, there will be fewer chances of a messy air fryer after completing the cooking.

Keep Foods from Tearing

Another impressive benefit of the air fryer is it can help to keep your food from tearing. Apart from the taste of the food, preparation is also important. But the food is not going to look great if it tears. This happens mostly while cooking fishes like salmon or other delicate fish. The parchment paper can help you to prevent tearing.

Minimize Need of Cleaning

The liners can make the cleaning of the appliance bizarrely easy when you use the right paper or liners. Moreover, it also helps to keep the air fryer basket in good shape for a long time. As you will require scrubbing less, there will be fewer chances of wear and tear. Moreover, there will be less grease and you don’t need to deal with issues like smoke coming out from the device.

High-Temperature Resistance

One of the impressive things about the liners is they are typically suitable for high heat. So, if you want to cook something on high heat in the air fryer, you can utilize the liners without any worries. Typically, most liners you will find in the market are suitable for heat up to 400F to 450F, while the average maximum temperature of the air fryer is around 400F.

Safe and Affordable

Most of the parchment papers are approved by FDA. However, we still recommend being assured about the approval to be fully secured. They are also available at affordable prices. They come as a batch and buying them will certainly not cut your pocket.


The air fryer liners can be a great way to cook delicate and messy foods in your air fryer. If you have been in confusion about how to use the liners, we hope that the article will help you.

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