How to Clean Baked on Grease from Air Fryer

When compared to the other mediums of cooking, the air fryer is something that fewer messes during the food preparation. That is possible because of the well-thought design of the air fryer. However, your air fryer can still become messy if you don’t follow the maintenance steps properly. Below, we will let you know how to clean baked on grease from air fryer.

It is important to keep your air fryer clean to enjoy a long-term performance from the device. Keep reading the article to find an in-depth guide on how to clean the different parts of the air fryer along with the Grease.

Why does the Grease happen?

Air fryer grease is something that you will find very disturbing. They can cause a lot of issues such as producing smokes while cooking the food. However, the worst thing is they can put an impact on the taste of your food. When you have grease inside the machine from previous cooking, it will heat up along with your food. This will put a taunting effect on the taste of the food and sometimes even leave an unpleasant odor.

If you find the food coming out from the air fryer arrives with a funky taste, then chances are high that your air fryer already collected a lot of the grease. Another sign of the grease is smoke coming out of the air fryer while cooking the food. Basically, the smoke is produced by burning grease. The chances of grease production are higher when you cook foods with high-fat content or use too much oil while cooking.

How You Can Clean Baked on Grease from Air Fryer

Well, cleaning the grease from the air fryer is not going to be easier. Below, we will let you know of an effective way to clean the grease from the air fryer. The process is simple that requires a sponge and hot water. You may also utilize a soft-bristled brush or silicon pad along with some bicarbonate soda. Let’s see how you can clean the air fryer baked grease:

Step 1: Begin the Air Fryer Ready

At first, you need to make sure that the air fryer unit is turned off and it is disconnected from the electric source. After that, remove the air fryer basket and tray from the machine. If you have used the device earlier, give it a while to cool down. Once it becomes cool, you can use a paper towel to get rid of the loose grease.

Step 2: Utilize a Damp Cloth

The next thing you need to do is to make use of a damp cloth over the air fryer to remove as much grease as possible. Use the hot water and sponge to soften and release the grease. You may also use a sponge to clean the heating element. Be very careful while cleaning these things and never utilize an abrasive sponge for the cleaning.

Step 3: Use the Bicarbonate Soda

Wiping the tray will remove some of the greases. However, it will not remove all of them. You can use bicarbonate soda to soften the hard greases. Simply put some of the bicarbonate of soda on the sponge and rub. This will create a paste that you can apply to the greases using a bristle brush to release the greases. Release the step as long as it takes to get rid of all the greases.

Step 4: Cleaning the Basket

If there is grease in the air fryer basket, you will require dealing with them carefully. That’s because cleaning in the wrong way can damage the non-stick properties of the component. Use the above-mentioned ways for cleaning the basket but carefully and gently. If there is still grease, you can put it in the hot water for a period to break down the bake on greases.

After cleaning the components of the air fryer, you must air-dry them properly before putting them inside the machine. That’s it; now you should have a grease-free clean air fryer interior.

What are the Other Ways to Clean the Grease?

The above-discussed way is the most appropriate one to clean the greases from the air fryer without causing any damages. There are some other ways to which seems to work effectively. Such as you prepare a hot water and vinegar solution and put the greasy components of the air fryer on it for soaking. The vinegar solution can help to break down the grease quickly for ease of cleaning.

Some users also said about using a power washer to clean the air fryer pans and basket. The grease should come off easily through the power of the pressure. However, you should be careful during the cleaning as the properties of the component can be damaged by the high pressures.

Some peoples also recommend utilizing BBQ cleaners and degreasers for cleaning the air fryer. Moreover, you will find some oven cleaning solutions with chemicals in the market that let you clean the greases effectively. Before using any commercial cleaning solutions, make your research to be assured about their effectiveness and safety.

Can I Clean the Air Fryer Components on Dishwasher?

No wonder that you will want to clean the components of the air fryer on the dishwasher. Dishwashing is effortless and offers an impressive clean of the kitchen items. When it comes to the air fryer baskets and trays, you may utilize the dishwasher for cleaning them. However, we will recommend you to check the specification or user manual of the product. If it is not marked safe for dishwashing, you should never do this.

Some air fryers components are not suitable for dishwashers because of their specific properties such as non-stickiness. You can damage the properties by trying to clean them in the dishwasher.


The air fryer is something that can make your life easier by allowing you to cook things faster and properly with the least effort. The key to getting consistent performance from the air fryer is employing it correctly and keeping it clean. We hope that the article will help you to deal with the baked-on grease that is impacting your cooking.

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