How To Clean A Weber Spirit Gas Grill

How To Clean A Weber Spirit Gas Grill

How To Clean A Weber Spirit Gas Grill? There are a few better ways to cook food than grilling it on a Weber spirit Gas Grill. It’s straightforward to use and light up in seconds. Grilling food is the best way to bring everyone closer and enjoy the BBQ party. 

Gas grills are in demand, especially during winter vacations. People love to make their holidays even more exciting by cooking grilled food. But after you are done with grilling, there are some after-party tasks to be fulfilled. One among them is cleaning the grill. It’s vital to clean the grill and make it ready to use next time. 

So in this article, we will tell you ways to clean the messy gas grill with minimum effort. So read out this informative article and save yourself from making a lot of effort to clean a grill. 

What Are Weber Gas Grill

Weber is among the top companies that manufacture some of the best grills. They have a variety of grills in all the categories like charcoal grills, gas grills, and electric grills. Considering the convenience of usage, their spirit gas grills are more famous. People have FAQs regarding the frequency to clean them and how to make the task easier. So we have gathered the information for you about how often you should clean your weber gas grills and all the ways you can use them to clean them. 

How Often To Clean A Weber Spirit Gas Grill

The gas grills have burners that provide flames for cooking. As grilled food is likely to drop grease and leftover food on the burners, they will be blocked. So it’s recommended to lean the gas grills after every use. However, if your usage is not much, there is some relaxation in using the grill twice or thrice without cleaning it. 

It all depends on the usage. With regular use, if you see the burners clean and blockage-free, then take off the grates and clean them; however, if there is more grease on the gas burners, cleaning them is essential to maintain a longer grill life. 

However, to keep a long life of your Weber gas grill, you should clean it after every use. It will prevent the grease from drying up and save the grill from rusting. So despite all the situations, keep the gas grill neat and clean after every use. 

Ways to Clean Weber Spirit Gas Grill 

Now when you know how frequently you should clean the weber gas grills, let’s jump to all the methods that would help you in the task. Following are the most effective ways to clean Weber spirit gas grills. 

Use A Wet Cloth To Clean A Weber Spirit Gas Grill

First of all, if you are cleaning the grills right after using them, the grease will be soft and easy to wipe. So using a wet cloth would be enough to clean the grills. Use dishwashing soap mixed with water to clean the grates if you want a pleasant scent. Afterward, use a dry cloth to wipe all the moisture from the grills. 

Use Vinegar To Clean 

If you leave the grill messy for a while, the grease is more likely to dry and stick with the grates. In that case, you can use a vinegar solution. But it’s more straightforward too. All you have to do is spray the vinegar onto the grates and leave it for a while. Then use a microfibre cloth to remove all the grease from the grills. 

Use Baking Soda For Cleaning 

Baking soda is considered one of the best solutions to clean various surfaces. So you can use it to clean your weber gas grill too. Pull off the grill grates and place them on a flat surface. Then moisturize it with water and cover it with baking soda. After a while, rub the grills with dish cleaning brushes and rinse the grates with water. 

Use a Wire Brush to Scratch To Clean A Weber Spirit Gas Grill

Wire brushes are specially made for grills. They are best for cleaning the grates and grease around the burners. Using a wire brush, take the meeting and rub it against the grates to clean the gas grill. It will scratch away all the dried grease and other mess. Do the with the burners, and all of them will be cleaned. 

To light up a gas grill using a match stick, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, move the regulator anticlockwise and decrease the gas supply to a minimum; it will prevent the gas from getting out of the burners with pressure. It is an essential step, or a huge fire balloon will rise once you throw the match stick to the burners. 
  2. Turn on the burners with minimum gas supply and place the match in the burner hole. The first burner will automatically catch fire.
  3. Once the burner is on, turn on the adjacent burners, and they will light up with the first burner. 
  4. Once the grill is lit up, close the lighting hole, and the grill is ready to cook. 


Cleaning the weber gas grill is not difficult when you know the perfect way to do the job. This hack will assist you a lot in cleaning them. To keep a long grilling life of the weber gas grill, make sure that you wash them after every use. Keep them in a dry place and moisturize them using cooking oil before storing them. 

However, if you don’t do mass cooking on the charcoal grill, it’s ok to leave it uncleaned for the next cooking session. However, if you have used it for hours cooking food in large quantities, it’s essential to clean the grill right after using it. 

There is relaxation for you to use the same grill twice or thrice, but it is always recommendable to clean the grill after every use. It will increase the grill’s life and prevent it from rusting. Furthermore, regular cleaning will prevent bacteria from forming on leftover food. So, it is better to clean the grills and keep them neat in the storeroom.

Some people practice letting the grill uncleaned after regular use. However, that reduces the overall grill life because the moisturized grill grates are likely to allow oxidation, resulting in corrosion. The grates will also be smelly when you open the lid for the next grilling session. 


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