How To Clean Infrared Grill Burner

How To Clean Infrared Grill Burner

Infrared grills are susceptible to wear and tear, particularly with frequent use. If not properly cleaned, these grills can gather rust, putting the cleanliness and safety of your food at risk. Additionally, deteriorated components may affect the taste of your meat.

Cleaning your infrared grill after each use, including the heating element, grates, and infrared plate, can help avoid rust buildup and guarantee your grill lasts a long time. Continue reading to learn how to clean infrared grills.

How to Clean Infrared Grills

While cleaning infrared grills is comparable to cleaning other types of grills, additional care must be taken while cleaning the infrared plate and heating element. The burn-off approach and the thorough cleaning method are the two basic ways for cleaning your infrared grill.

Each time you use your infrared grill, you should execute the burn-off method. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is only required when there is a buildup of food waste or ash on the panels to keep your infrared grill in good working order.

Method Of Burning Off

After each usage, clean the infrared grill of any food particles or excess grease. Here are the measures you need to do to get rid of them.

  • Turn on all of your infrared grill burners.
  • Turn the grill’s control knobs all the way up.
  • Put the cover back on.
  • Turn on the burners for 10 to 15 minutes. This is ample time to incinerate and reduce to ash all of the food particles and drippings.
  • Switch off the burners.
  • Clean the grates with a good rake and set the grill aside to cool.
  • Remove any residual food particles from the cooking grate with a nylon brush or grill brush when it has cooled.
  • Using the metal scraper on the backside of a grill brush, scrape away baked-on food residue.
  • Carefully remove the grates and scoop out the remaining dirt and ash from the glass panels.
  • To remove any lingering ash or baked-on particles, gently tape the grilling grates and infrared emitters together.
  • You may not need to remove the glass panels on your infrared grill to clean them. It is sufficient to clean them with a dry or moist cloth since it is not necessary to remove every particle from the glass surface.
  • After cleaning, always gently coat the infrared emitter plates and frying grates with high-heat cooking oil. This gives a layer of protection to your grill, ensuring that your food does not stick to it.

Deep Cleaning To Clean Infrared Grill Burner

While you may always use the burn-off procedure after each usage to keep your infrared grill clean, you should also undertake a full cleaning once or twice a year. Here are the procedures for cleaning your grill thoroughly.

  • If your infrared grill contains glass panels, you may wish to clean them to keep them looking clean and clear. On glass panels, avoid using scouring pads, sponges, corrosive or abrasive cleaners.
  • To clean the stainless steel hood and panels, use any ammonia-based glass cleaner, such as Windex. With a soft towel, gently wipe away spatter and grease. (See our other grill cleaner recommendations here.)
  • It is preferable to use a metal polish to remove the particles baked onto the stainless steel surface. Simply put the polish over the stainless, wait a few minutes, and then rub it off.
  • Check the drip tray on a regular basis and wipe away any oil with the flat end of the grate rake. 
  • A grate rake may be used to clean the grates and remove most of the food.

Infrared Grill Cleaning Tools

When cleaning your infrared grill, you’ll need two basic cleaning tools. The brush and scraper, as well as the grate rake, are examples of these tools.

Before wiping down your grill, use these tools to scrape off any food or oil from the surface.

Cleaning Instructions For Your Infrared Grill

Here are some key cleaning and maintenance suggestions for infrared grills.

At least twice a year, clean your infrared grill. Make sure to clean your grill’s electric or gas heating element using steel wool or a wire brush to remove any food debris, grease, or ash. In the case of gas grills, you may need to clean any blockages from the burner holes.

Remove the cooking grate from your infrared grill to clean it. If it’s constructed of metal, sweep both sides of the grate with a strong wire brush to remove dirt. To avoid etching the surface of your cast iron or porcelain-coated grate, use a grill brush with soft nylon bristles. Apply some elbow grease after cleaning.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Infrared Grills

The biggest advantage of infrared grills is their ability to cook fast and evenly. The heat from the infrared grill gets applied uniformly, which is helpful when cooking a variety of different foods. Not only does this allow for better cooking, but it also ensures that the food doesn’t get overcooked in some places and undercooked in others.

However, there are some cons of infrared grills as well. One issue is that they have a limited cooking surface area. They can only cook smaller items like steaks or fish in particular shapes and sizes. With these limitations, you might not be able to cook everything you want on a single grill. There may be times when you want to cook larger items like an entire turkey or a large pork shoulder at the same time. If this happens and you don’t have enough space on your grill, you won’t be able to use your infrared grill during those occasions.

There aren’t many options with infrared grills as far as accessories go. There are only certain accessories available, so if you need more than one accessory for your grill, you will need to buy multiple grills. Also, the initial cost of an infrared grill may seem high because it typically costs more than other types of grills due to its advanced technology and function.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Infrared Grill

When buying an infrared grill, you may want to consider the following factors:

– Do you need a grill that can sear and grill at the same time?

– What is the most important thing to you when buying an infrared grill?

– How much do you want to spend on your grill?

– Will you be using this grill frequently or occasionally? 

– What type of heat are you looking for in an infrared grill?

– Do you have any particular needs that these grills don’t offer?

– Is it important for your infrared grill to have a lid and a hood?

– Will this be used for commercial purposes or private use only?

– How many people will be using the grill at once?

The Most Popular Models Of Infrared Grills Worth The Money

Infrared grills are a popular and effective cooking method. Some of the most popular models on the market today include the Weber Q1200, the Cuisinart CPK-17, the iGrill, and the George Foreman GR300.

When you buy an infrared grill, there is one thing you need to keep in mind: they can be pricey. Some models range from $100 to as much as $1,800. If you’re looking for a budget model with many features and don’t mind paying more for quality, then consider purchasing an infrared grill like the Cuisinart CPK-17. This model is affordable for just about anyone because it’s priced at about $400. However, this model has only two burners, so it can be difficult to cook on larger meals or get a large surface area without using multiple grills at once.

The other popular brands with high-quality models include Weber Q1200 and George Foreman GR300, which have prices ranging from $500 – $700. The Weber Q1200 has four heating elements that offer a wide range of temperature control options for cooking food using different methods of heat, including infrared grill, conventional ovens, stoves, and electric ranges; it also has convection oven capabilities if desired. It offers an impressive 12 inches of total surface area per grill, which gives it plenty of room to cook multiple meals at once or even cook meat while grilling vegetables on its own


Brush away any food particles or ash from the infrared heating surface, then use a light, non-abrasive chemical cleaning to remove any sticky deposits.


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